Birmingham Women’s Hospital Medical Negligence Claims Guide – How To Claim Compensation Against Birmingham Women’s Hospital? – Calculate Amounts Payouts

Birmingham Women's Hospital Compensation Payouts Guide

Birmingham Women’s Hospital Compensation Payouts Guide

Within this article, it shall discuss Birmingham Women’s Hospital’s clinical negligence and the different levels of awarded compensation. Suffering at the hands of medical negligence could be a life-altering and costly experience, resulting in a series of potential injuries. This article shall explore two specific case studies in relation to the Birmingham Women’s hospital, and in doing so, shall look at the injuries the patients endured and the compensation amounts that have been awarded.

It is worth highlighting that the case studies discussed in this article are drastic examples of medical negligence. Both studies were publicised by various press outlets and discuss the stories in different ways. When looking at clinical negligence claims, it is worth remembering that such circumstances are unique, and most patients will receive exceptional care. Regardless if you receive private or public healthcare, every medical professional has a duty of care to ensure the safety of their patients. Your recovery and well-being will always be of priority, and the examples within the case studies are extreme circumstances.

Although your healthcare provider will supply you with substantial care, the possibility of medical negligence is an underlying factor. In the event negligence ensues, it could leave you with unexpected damages, medical bills, and aftereffects. So if you have recently endured injury or harm that was inflicted by neglectful actions, you could be entitled to compensation. One of our medical negligence lawyers could provide you with expert advice and legal assistance when making a claim for NHS compensation. To discover whether you are eligible to make a claim, please contact our team today.

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  1. A Guide To Birmingham Women’s Hospital Clinical Negligence Cases
  2. When Could You Claim For Medical Negligence?
  3. Payouts Made By Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust
  4. £18m Paid Out By Birmingham Women’s Hospital For Postnatal Brain Injuries
  5. Midlands Hospital Negligence Compensation Payouts
  6. Could I Claim Compensation If Harmed By Negligence Or Neglect At A Hospital?
  7. Our Panel of Doctors Who Work In Birmingham
  8. No Win No Fee Birmingham Women’s Hospital Clinical Negligence Claims
  9. How Could Medical Negligence Assist Help?
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A Guide To Birmingham Women’s Hospital Clinical Negligence Cases

Within the sections below, this article will aim to cover the relevant information you might need when making a medical negligence claim against Birmingham Women’s hospital. From physical to psychological, medical negligence could cover a variety of neglectful injuries, and they could be performed by a variety of practitioners. Understandably, hospital patients expect a high level of care when being treated. Your health is of vital importance, and when a breach in the duty of care ensues, our medical negligence solicitors could assist you when making a claim. With extensive knowledge, years of experience, and legal guidance, our medical negligence solicitors could provide you with a variety of services. Examples may include;

  • Assessing the validity of your claim.
  • Analysing whether your claim meets the medical negligence claims time limit.
  • Collecting the relevant evidence.
  • Providing you with an estimated compensation figure.

When Could You Claim For Medical Negligence?

In most cases, the personal injury claims time limit is 3 years. The countdown begins from the date in which you suffered the neglectful treatment. Alternatively, the accident claims times limit comes into action when aftereffects of neglect, such as PTSD, have been officially diagnosed. There are further exceptions to the time limit rule, so please do contact us to discuss your circumstances.

If you have been harmed due to neglectful hospital care, you may need a medical negligence solicitor to help you claim compensation. In the event you wish to make an NHS compensation claim, here are some tips you could consider when searching for a solicitor.

  • A solicitor’s experience and knowledge in claims similar to yours could prove helpful to you.
  •  It could be beneficial to look at reviews and opinions relating to the solicitor/firm.
  • You do not limit your search to your local area. The right person to handle your claim could be based in a different location.

When Could You Claim Against A Hospital For Neglect Or Negligence?

As previously stated, there are a variety of ways in which hospital neglect could cause avoidable injuries. When neglectful actions ensue, they could infringe on your physical health, your finances, and your psychological well-being. Despite the measures and procedures that have been set in place, a medical professional could potentially deviate from their duty of care. When discussing hospital neglect, has highlighted several ways in which a healthcare provider could potentially inflict harm. These include;

  • An Incorrect Diagnosis
  • Incorrect Treatment
  • Important Symptoms Have Been Ignored
  • There’s Been An Unreasonable Delay In Diagnosis or Treatment.
  • A Medical Product Has Failed.
  • Lack of Communication.
  • Failure To Provide Appropriate Pain Relief.
  • Failure To Provide Proper Nutrition and Hydration.
  • Clinical Negligence Resulting in Personal Injury.

The examples provided by citizens’ advice were included to illustrate some potential causes of hospital neglect. There are a plethora of ways in which medical negligence could occur, so if the injuries/causes you have endured are not listed above, do not worry. Every Birmingham Women’s clinical negligence claim will inherently differ, as no singular case is exactly the same. Our medical negligence solicitors could cover a wide variety of cases, including examples such as a stillbirth investigation. Alternatively, our solicitors could present a potential claim to a specific department, such as the Birmingham Women’s hospital gynaecology department relating to a birth injury. There are a variety of cases our personal injury solicitors could potentially assist you with, so please feel free to contact us today to discover more.

Payouts Made By Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust

Below you will find a table that outlines statistics of Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust. The information explores the number of successful claims that have been made against the Trust and the value of payments that have been awarded. This information was extracted from a datasheet created by the NHS titled ‘Fact-sheet 5’ and looks at the years  2017/18.

Damages/YearValue of PaymentsName of Hospital or NHS TrustNo. Successful Claims Made Against Hospital/Trust
Birmingham Women's and Children's NHS Foundation Trust48

£18m Paid Out By Birmingham Women’s Hospital For Postnatal Brain Injuries

The first case study that we are looking at involves a young boy who was left with severe brain injuries due to neglectful care. The incident occurred due to medical misdiagnosis during birth, leaving the young boy with life-altering implications. During birth, the midwives at Birmingham Women’s Hospital failed to identify and treat the young boy’s jaundice.

Due to the neglect the boy endured, he now requires around the clock care for the remainder of his life. The care he receives is in relation to the quadriplegic dystonic Cerebral Palsy, a hearing impairment, and development delay. The family of the young boy were awarded 18 million pounds in compensation.

Midlands Hospital Negligence Compensation Payouts

The first case study explored the specific injuries and implications of one medical blunder. The second case study shall look at medical negligence in a broader sense, exploring the costs and effects on a broader scale.  The Heart of England NHS Trust, which runs several different hospitals such as Solihull, Good Hope and Heartland’s had the biggest bill within the region. It was highlighted with the study that between the years of 2013/14, the Trust paid £13.9 million in medical negligence damages.

Within the case study, it highlights how one particular incident almost caused collateral damage. The study discusses how one young mother required an urgent hysterectomy after Heartlands hospital discharged her. The urgent surgery was caused by a series of neglectful steps that ultimately led to an untreated infection, which ultimately influenced her health and well-being, as she later entered a coma. Her body was taken over by bacterial infection, as the hospital staff failed to acknowledge several complications, despite the red flags that were present.

The deputy chief executive and executive medical director of the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust, mentioned that the hospital is taking steps to ensure safety procedures are being met. In doing so, he hopes that this shall reduce of cost of medical litigation. However, the West Midlands spent £45 million in just one year on clinical negligence claims.

Could I Claim Compensation If Harmed By Negligence Or Neglect At A Hospital?

Medical negligence that has been caused by malpractice could result in a variety of different injuries. Like previously outlined, negligence could affect your physical health, your finances, and your psychological well-being. If you have encountered avoidable injuries due to the actions or omissions of a medical professional, you could be awarded for the damages and /or suffering that you have endured. There are just a few steps that you could consider if you wish to begin your potential claim. These include;

  • Getting in touch with our expert team.
  • Discuss the validity of your claim and whether it meets the medical negligence claims time limit.
  • Be matched with a medical negligence solicitor from our panel who best fits your style of claim.

Our Panel of Doctors Who Work In Birmingham

When making a Birmingham Women’s Hospital clinical negligence claim, you will be required to undergo a medical examination. This is a necessary step in the evidence collection process, and it shall be performed by an impartial doctor. The assessment shall detail the injuries you suffered from a medical blunder, and the collected evidence shall be used when making your hospital injury claim. The report shall detail the severity of the injury, its prognosis, and it shall outline any future impact it may have. We work with a panel of doctors who would perform your necessary examination. Our panel of medical experts within the area of Birmingham include;

Kashif Aziz,
Birmingham Broad Street,
2nd Floor Quayside Tower, 252-260 Broad Street,
B1 2HF

Rajeev T Jahagirdar,
Birmingham Soho Hill Centre,
Jacob House 180, Soho Hills,
B19 1AG

Sohaib Yasin,
Regus Office 43 Temple Row,
B2 5LS

No Win No Fee Birmingham Women’s Hospital Clinical Negligence Claims

When making a clinical negligence claim, you might be concerned with the potential legal bills that are involved. Understandably, the financial risk involved with a medical negligence claim could appear daunting, which is why our medical negligence solicitors could offer you a no win no fee agreement. A conditional fee agreement is a common funding option for those wanting to pursue a medical negligence claim, as it reduces any financial risk. This essentially means that should your claim be unsuccessful, you will not be liable for your solicitors fees.

How Could Medical Negligence Assist Help?

If you are unsure as to whether or not you are eligible to make a compensation claim, why not contact us today? Our expert advisers can offer you a free no-obligation consultation regarding your potential claim. We pride ourselves on being knowledgeable, so if you have any questions in relation to a Birmingham Women’s hospital clinical negligence claim, give us a call on 0800 652 3087. Alternately, you may submit an online form and someone from our team shall get in touch with you.

References And Guides

If you wish to read the case studies that were discussed within this online guide, you can find the links for those articles here;


We hope that this article has proven useful in your search for a medical negligence solicitor. Suffering avoidable injuries can be a difficult journey, as nobody prepares for the aftermath of medical negligence. It is an unexpected and costly occurrence, but we hope that this information has provided you with some knowledge and understanding of the claims process. In addition to our article, we have provided some additional materials that could be of use. You can find these materials located below.

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