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Medical negligence Barry

Medical negligence Barry

If you have landed on this page as you were searching for medical negligence solicitors in Barry, Wales, you may be wondering whether or not you are going to be entitled to compensation. There are different ways that medical negligence in Barry could happen. This could be anything from birth negligence and dental negligence to mistakes made during surgery or care home neglect. To be able to make a medical negligence claim the medical negligence solicitor will want to ensure the harm that you suffered to your health was the result of negligent treatment or care by a medical professional. If you feel that you have a valid medical negligence claim our panel of expert solicitors may be able to assist you with your case. In this guide, we will take a look at different examples of clinical malpractice, as our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Barry, Wales area. If you have any questions or you want to speak to our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors, you will find our contact details at the end of the post. Please do not hesitate to give us a call.

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Finding A Solicitor  To Conduct Your Barry, Wales Medical Negligence Claim

There are a lot of different factors that might need to be considered when you are looking for a personal injury solicitor for your case. After all, there are so many solicitors to choose from and with new advances in communication technology there is no longer a need to use local solicitors, therefore you have the whole of the UK to choose from. You might need to have an effective approach for narrowing down your search though. So, how could you make sure that the solicitor you select is right for you? The first thing you might need to do is look at their level of experience. You might need to make sure that they have worked on many different cases over the years, and have the know-how to cover your case confidently.

Medical negligence cases can be very complex to say the least, combining both medicine and law may mean you need a knowledgeable solicitor when it comes to such cases. In addition to this, you might want to make sure that the medical negligence solicitor in question has a good success rate. They should also be easy to communicate with too. Aside from this, it could be imperative to choose a personal injury lawyer that is willing to work to a No Win No Fee payment scheme. If you are unsure regarding what this means, you will find all of the details you might need at the end of the guide where we will explain exactly what a  No Win No Fee means for you in further detail.

Should You Use Local Medical Claims Services?

A lot of people might well assume that their only option is to work with medical negligence solicitors in Barry, Wales if they have been injured in this area, so they will simply search for solicitors specialising in medical evidence in that area.  However, this could not be further from the truth. You are free to work with solicitors based anywhere in the UK  – as much of the work is done over the phone and by email and this is how our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Barry, Wales area.

 If You need a Medical Examination – It Could Be Conducted By Our Panel of Approved Doctors

While you don’t need medical negligence solicitors in Barry, Wales, you may need to see a medical professional in your area. This is something that our panel of solicitors could assist with. They have connections with medical experts throughout the country, including…

Simon Wearne

Parkwood Chiropractic

93 Cathedral Road


CF11 9PG

How Helpful Are Testimonials?

When looking for the right medical negligence solicitors in Barry, Wales or anywhere in the UK, medical negligence solicitor reviews might be very helpful. They could give you a great insight into the service you will benefit from. If you do go ahead and make a claim, it might be good if you could leave comments too, helping others in your position in the future.

Clinical Negligence Cases In Barry, Wales Our Panel Of Solicitors Could Conduct

There are lots of different types of negligence cases that our panel of solicitors could handle. Read on to discover some examples. If your specific situation is not covered in the sections below, then do not assume you won’t be able to make a claim – we could not cover every eventuality within this guide, so by calling us, you can explain your specific circumstances and we could then tell you if we feel you could claim.

Harm Caused By Surgical Errors

You may be able to make a claim for compensation with our panel as an alternative to medical negligence solicitors in Barry, if you have been the victim of surgical negligence. While there is no denying that all surgeries come with risks, this does not mean that negligence causing you further ill-health or injury should be accepted. For example, if the surgeon in question did not operate on the correct limb, you could have grounds to make a claim. Other examples could include situations involving retained surgical instruments and also cases whereby operations have not been executed properly according to procedure. If  it possible that you have been the victim of a surgical error, all you need to do is give us a call to find out more.

Harm Caused By Birth Errors

Birth injury claims could be possible if you or your baby are injured during child birth due to negligence and the injuries that you suffered could have been prevented had the right procedures been in place. This could be anything from an infection to severe brain injuries. These cases could also involve the mother, the baby, or both. Sometimes, these sorts of incidents could happen because the midwife has failed to notice that the mother or baby is in distress. However, there are different scenarios too, for example, the midwife failing to ensure all the placenta has been delivered which results in a preventable infection, or where the birthing staff fail to act when the unborn baby had secreted within the womb also causing an unnecessary infection.

Harm Caused By Care Home Staff

Care home negligence is another area that our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors could help you with. Unfortunately, there are many examples of this. There have been instances whereby abuse in care home homes  have documented in the press. For these cases, the standard three-year time limit does not always apply, so please do not let this put you off from giving us a call. Examples of care home negligence could include; poor standards of care which leads to patients health deteriorating, residents not receiving their medication when needed causing ill health, bed sores due to lack of movement, malnutrition and dehydration, physical injuries due to being moved and lifted incorrectly, care home abuse and neglect etc.

Harm Caused By Negligent Oncologist / Cancer Treatment

For many cancers early intervention is key so that the sufferer can recover completely from the illness. Cancer negligence could happen in a number of different ways. An example could include if the disease has not been diagnosed properly, for example, it may have been diagnosed as a different condition or it could have been missed altogether by a doctor who would have been expected to identify with the symptoms and act quickly. If the patients condition worsens more due to the delay in diagnosis this could be considered a negligence.

Another example is when incorrect treatment is given. In both scenarios, the consequences could be very severe. This is because late or  incorrect treatment could cause the cancer to spread to other parts of the body. At best, this might mean that more treatment is needed. At worst, this could be fatal. If you or a loved one has suffered more than you would have done had the diagnosis been given at the earliest opportunity and the correct treatment started when needed call our advisors and they will be able to assess your case.

Harm Caused By A Dentist’s Negligence

This could relate to cases whereby your dentist has made a negligent mistake that has caused you an injury or illness – or caused an existing condition to get worse – and you would not have experienced this if they were not negligent. There are different ways that dental negligence could occur if health and safety policies as well a proven procedures are not followed. For example, you could suffer negligence if your dentist extracts the incorrect tooth by mistake or if he or she damages a healthy tooth while carrying out a procedure. Further examples  where you may be able to make a claim are if negligent dental advice might have led to your oral health getting worse or failing to notice the signs of oral cancer and allowing the condition to progress.

Harm Caused By A GP’s Negligence

When someone is not feeling very well, one of the first things they might do is to book an appointment with their doctor. We all rely on GP’s as first point of call to either tell us what is wrong if anything is and treat it, or send us for more tests, or to see a specialists. If mistakes are made, it could result in serious consequences because it could mean that you do not get the treatment that you might need. To make matters worse, you may end up having treatment or medication that is not right for you due to a misdiagnosis.

Harm Caused By Hospital Negligence

You may be able to make a claim with our panel of expert solicitors instead of medical negligence solicitors in Barry, Wales if you have been avoidably injured or suffered a preventable illness while in hospital due to medical negligence. This could be a private or an NHS hospital. Examples of hospital negligence could include; negligent surgical injuries, negligent birth injuries, avoidable harm caused in A and E department, prescription error claims.

Vale Of Glamorgan Hospitals

There are many different hospitals in the Vale of Glamorgan, including…

  • Nuffield Health The Vale Hospital
  • Royal Glamorgan Hospital
  • Barry Hospital
  • University Hospital Llandough

Data For Medical Claims In Vale Of Glamorgan And Wales

To get a better understanding of the number of clinical negligence cases, please refer to the table below. Please note this is only for NHS trusts. Private hospital data is not available.

Healthcare providerValue of payments 2017/18Number of settled claims 2017/18
Cardiff and Vale University Health Board£22,155,456.00 151

No Win No Fee Claims In The Vale Of Glamorgan

Earlier in this guide, we spoke about the importance of choosing No Win No Fee solicitors such as our panel of medical negligence solicitors when looking for the right person to work on your case. A No Win No Fee solicitor is a professional that is going to be willing to accept payment terms whereby you will only need to pay legal fees to them if your case is a success.

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Our panel of medical negligence solicitors cover the Barry area. If you have experienced medical negligence in Barry call to speak to our experts to discuss  potentially making a  claim.  You can reach us any time of the day, any day of the week, on 0800 652 3087.

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