Surgery Medical Negligence Claims

Those living within the territory of the United Kingdom are proud to be living in a nation that has an excellent healthcare system. The medical system in the United Kingdom, in fact, is considered to be the best healthcare system in the whole of Europe. In spite of having a top-drawer medical system, the instances of medical negligence are not uncommon in this country. The doctors and surgeons have their own excuse to offer. They can say that they are human beings and can make mistakes. However, such an excuse would not alleviate the pain and suffering of the patient who has suffered at the hands of these medical practitioners. The number of surgical errors is rising day by day. If you have sustained a surgical error due to the acting surgeons’ negligence, you have the right to file surgical medical negligence claims.

Surgical Negligence: A Common Medical Error in the UK

Surgical negligence is one of the common forms of clinical negligence in the United Kingdom. All sorts of surgeries, minor or complex, have their own risks. Before conducting a surgical procedure, the surgeon needs to inform the patient about the risks involved in the surgery. He should seek the patient’s consent before executing the surgery. If a surgeon fails to explain the surgical risks or the patient’s approval before the procedure, conducts the operation and the patient undergoes pain and suffering, the victim can file surgical error claims against the surgeon.

Common Surgical Errors

‘Surgical mistakes” happen to be an umbrella term covering all sorts of negligence that have lead to the pain and suffering of the patient during a surgical process. It is important to point out that not only the mistakes committed at the time of operation but also the post operative complications come in this category. Some of the common surgical errors have been listed below:

• Wrong surgical process
• Improper administration of anaesthetics giving rise to irrecoverable medical issues coupled with prolonged unconsciousness
• Retention of surgical devices within the body
• Damage caused to nerves, muscles and tissues
• Perforation of other organs at the time of operation
• Inability to dress open wounds appropriately
• Inability to inform the patient and his family members about the risks involved in the surgical procedure

You can approach our clinical negligence solicitors to know if your case falls into the category of medical negligence and if you can make claim for compensation after a surgical error case.

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