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Medical negligence Birkenhead

Medical Negligence Birkenhead

When we see a medical professional, it is usually because we have a health complaint of some kind. We expect to be treated with care and to hopefully get to the bottom of our health complaint and treated accordingly in order to get better. Any medical tests or treatments we require, including surgery, we trust are what is needed and that we will be treated in the appropriate manner by professionals with expertise in their practising medical field. In most cases, the medical professionals who deal with us do so with great care, professionalism and compassion, if in some cases, they act negligently it could cause the patient to be injured or suffer mental trauma.

If you have suffered because of medical negligence, give us a call at Medical Negligence Assist on 0800 652 3087 and we can help you connect to an experienced medical negligence solicitor to get your claim started. Our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Birkenhead area and all over the UK and so we can match you to a solicitor best suited to your case.

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A Guide To Choosing A Clinical Negligence Solicitor

There are many clinical negligence solicitors across the UK and choosing the right one for you is important. The type of things you should consider when looking for a solicitor to pursue your medical negligence claim on your behalf include:

  • Experience – How experienced are they in claiming compensation for medical negligence.
  • Success Rate – Have they a high success rate in making negligence claims against doctors, surgeons, dentists and any other medical professionals or medical organisations. Obviously you want a solicitor who has a high success rate.
  • Reviews – Look at the clinical negligence solicitor testimonials to get to know more about them from a customer’s point of view.
  • Recommendations – Ask friends and family if they know of a medical negligence lawyer that they would be happy to recommend, maybe they, or someone they know, has had successful dealings with a particular local medical negligence solicitor or even one further afield.

Am I Restricted To Claiming Through A Local Medical Negligence Solicitor?

With the advances in technology over the years, there are now many forms of instant communication and so it actually doesn’t matter where your solicitor is located. What’s more important is the solicitor’s experience and success rate and the relationship you build with them. Communication between you and your solicitor is certainly a key aspect in pursuing a compensation claim and if they are easy to reach, are approachable, and are reliable, you will find pursuing the claim runs smoother regardless of their location. It is far better to find a solicitor far away that you get on with than hire a solicitor local to you that you struggle with.

Should I Research Different Clinical And Medical Negligence Solicitors?

Before choosing a lawyer, it is always helpful to look at the lawyer’s reviews from past customers to really get an unbiased view on how well they do the job in hand, what their customer service is like, how successful they are, if they are easy to communicate with and so on. Reviews will also flag up any noticeable recurring issues which you may want to avoid.

Once you have decided on a solicitor, it is also then helpful to others if you also leave a review on how you found them to be.

Examples Of Different Clinical And Medical Negligence Claims

Medical Negligence Assist has dealt with all sorts of claims due to some sort of medical negligence over the years. There are many reasons as to why a medical negligence claim may be brought against the medical professionals or organisation involved and we discuss the more common reasons further on in this guide.

Our Expert Panel Of Doctors Could Assess Your Injuries Close To Birkenhead

Our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors work with many healthcare professionals across the UK including the following in Birkenhead:

  • Mark Middleman

Whetstone Lane


CH41 0DD.

  • Jayne Holland

161 Park Road North


CH41 0DD.

Medical Negligence Claims Against Doctors

Your GP is the first person you would normally visit if you are unwell or have a health or cosmetic complaint to seek diagnosis, advice and treatment. Medical negligence involving a GP can occur in a number of different circumstances such as the GP making a diagnosis error, giving the wrong medical advice, not acting quickly enough, prescribing the wrong type of treatment or making an error with prescribing medication, and so on. If you have suffered due to the medical negligence of your GP, get in touch with Medical Negligence Assist to see if you could claim compensation.

Medical Claims For Negligent Cancer Treatment

Cancer is a terrible illness that causes many people to lose their lives, or loved ones, every year. Prompt diagnosis and action for treatment are paramount in giving the best chance of beating this terrible disease. If someone suffering cancer is undiagnosed or receives an incorrect diagnoses, they may possibly have to undergo harsher treatment and for a longer period of time, and can suffer devastating consequences. Medical professionals need to ensure patients receive the right type of treatment for their cancer and that it is prescribed and administered correctly. Negligently failing to correctly diagnose and treat the patient as needed as soon as possible could be deemed as medical negligence and so those responsible for the patients care could be sued for compensation.

Medical Negligent Claims Against A Hospital

Some of the most common compensation claims for medical negligence are against hospitals. Medical negligence may occur in all sorts of ways in a hospital from being misdiagnosed, to receiving the wrong treatment, being neglected whilst on a ward, or being the victim of surgical errors for example. If you have been injured due to medical negligence, you may be able to claim compensation. It makes no difference if the negligence occurred in an NHS hospital or private hospital, if you have suffered due to private or NHS negligence, you may be able to claim compensation.

Malpractice During Surgical Procedures

There are surgical procedures happening everyday across the country, some routine, some planned such as cosmetic procedures, and some as an emergency, and in most cases, things turn out with the expected result. The surgeons and surgical team are trained specifically to carry out surgical procedures in the safest way possible and to professional standards at all times, but if, an act of negligence occurs resulting in the patient coming to harm you may be able to claim compensation. It may be that their health problem is made worse, or further health problems occur due to this negligence, but in either case, if it was the fault of the surgeon or surgical team, they can be, held accountable for their actions.

Medical Claims For Birth Injury Compensation

Our panel of medical negligence solicitors has been involved with cases involving claiming compensation for avoidable harm coming to the mother or baby during pregnancy, birth or post-birth. We look at cases for both physical and psychological injuries if the medical and midwifery staff have acted in a negligent manner such as failing to act when necessary or making the wrong decision for the course of action they should take causing injury to the mother and/or baby. In some cases, making negligent errors during childbirth can result in devastating consequences.

If you or your child have been injured due to negligence during childbirth, contact Medical Negligence Assist and we can help you to get the compensation you deserve.

Medical Claims Against Care Or Nursing Homes

Care and nursing homes are supposed to be safe and caring environments where the residents are looked after and their personal care and medical needs are attended to by the staff. In most cases, someone who lives in a care home needs looking after and extra help so that they do not come to any harm or suffer health problems due to not being able to fully look after themselves. However, if they are neglected or the staff act negligently causing the resident to be harmed in some way, then they can be held accountable and a claim may be made.

Medical Negligence Claims Against Dentists

Our panel of medical negligence solicitors has dealt with many cases involving occurrences where patients of dentists have suffered due to their dentist acting negligently. Examples include; situations where the dentist has pulled out the wrong tooth, causing damage to healthy teeth and gums, incorrectly diagnosed a dental problem, or incorrectly treated a problem and so on.

If your dentist has been medically negligent and you have suffered as a result, you could be eligible to claim compensation, just contact Medical Negligence Assist for further help and guidance.

NHS Data And Statistics For Rates Of Clinical Negligence In Birkenhead

When making a claim for compensation, it would be nice to know how much you may be awarded in damages, but unfortunately, due to each case being unique and circumstances being different in some way from case to case, it is impossible at this stage to predict the outcome. However, we can show you the number of claims made against the healthcare practices in Birkenhead and the total amount paid in compensation to at least give an idea of how much you could possibly be awarded.

Healthcare providerClaims received 17/18Number of accidents/incidents Compensation awarded
Wirral Community NHS Trust**£141,372
Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust74*£11,481,151


Birkenhead And Wirral Hospitals

Our panel of medical negligence solicitors has helped many people make successful claims against hospitals and clinics, both NHS and private, for medical negligence across the whole of the UK. Some of the hospitals and clinics that serve people in the Birkenhead and Wirral area include:

  • St Catherine’s Hospital
  • Windsor House
  • PDS Medical – Pall Mall Hospital
  • Victoria Central Hospital
  • Clatterbridge Hospital
  • Springview
  • The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre (Wirral)

No Win No Fee Birkenhead Area Medical Negligence Claims

No monies for legal fees are expected to be paid to the solicitor before or during the claiming process, and in fact, are only paid if the case is successfully won with the payment being paid as a small percentage of the awarded amount. If the case is unsuccessful, no fees are to be paid to the solicitor.

Medical Negligence Assist only works with medical negligence solicitors that offer a no win no fee service as we want to give everyone an equal opportunity to have expert legal help regardless of their financial situation.

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If you’d like expert guidance on making a claim for medical negligence, just call Medical Negligence Assist on 0800 652 3087 and we will be happy to help as best we can.

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