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Medical negligence Brighton

Medical negligence Brighton

If you have been harmed due to negligent medical care in the Brighton and Hove area and are searching for medical negligence solicitors in Brighton, our panel of solicitors could help you to claim compensation.

In this article, we look at what medical negligence is, how to choose the right solicitor for your claim and look at some of the different ways in which it could be caused. If after reading this guide you still have any questions or if you are ready to begin the claims process you can contact us for further information using the number at the bottom of this guide.

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How To Choose The Right Solicitor For Your Medical Negligence Claim

Choosing the best lawyer for your medical negligence claim could mean the difference between successfully claiming compensation or not. It could also be crucial to getting the highest settlement that you are entitled to. After suffering medical negligence people may feel that they need to be able to trust the person conducting their claim and for them to be someone they are comfortable handling the case. The more experienced a solicitor or a lawyer is the more knowledge and experience they may have to conduct your case.

Factors which you may wish to take into consideration when looking at different solicitors, lawyers or law firms could include,

  • How much relevant experience do they have?
  • How will they communicate with you?
  • Are your settlement expectations realistic?
  • Look at reviews of solicitors who could handle your claim.
  • Do they work on a No Win No Fee basis?

Are Medical Negligence Solicitors Reviews Helpful?

Should you read medical negligence solicitors reviews and can they be helpful? When you are choosing between service providers (such as solicitors covering Brighton) you can often find a lot of information about what services they could provide to you through their website. What claims guides or articles may not tell you is the experience that previous clients have had. Reading reviews can help you to better understand the way in which a solicitor may provide their services to you. Reviews can help you to get a better picture of whether previous claimants have been happy with the service provided and the settlement they received.

However, whilst reviews may be helpful talking directly to our team can also help you to best understand how we could support you and how the medical negligence claim process works.

Should I Use Medical Negligence Lawyers Near Me?

You may have found this article when searching for ‘medical negligence lawyers no win no fee near me’ or for ‘medical negligence solicitors in Brighton’ and people may believe that they need to use medical solicitors near them to handle their claim. However today you are not limited to just using solicitors which are based in your area. In most cases, you and your solicitor will not need to meet in person. You will be able to discuss your claim over the phone and then be kept updated by phone or by post. The best lawyer for your medical negligence claim may not be located in your area so why limit yourself? The only part of the claims process which may need to be carried out in your area is having your injury assessed. This could often be carried out close to you by a doctor who is on our panel. We shall look at this in more detail later in this article.

What Medical Negligence Claims In Brighton And Hove Could Our Panel Of Experts Conduct?

Making a medical negligence claim can seem a daunting task if you are not someone who has a background in the law. There may be lots of technical medical or legal terms which have to be used. Choosing a medical negligence solicitors could be key, as they will have the ability and competency to understand the process of successfully making a clinical negligence case.

There are different forms of medical negligence. Later in this article, we shall look at the different types of potential clinical negligence. Before we continue we should note that there are personal injury claim time limits which you need to be aware of. You can find these time limits discussed in this guide.

We Have A Panel Of Doctors Who Could Assess Your Injury In Brighton

Part of making a personal injury claim could be having a doctor examine your injuries. There are several reasons why clinical negligence experts may ask you to undergo an assessment of your injury.

  1. Your health is your first priority and it is important to make sure that your injuries have been fully recognised and the correct treatment is being carried out.
  2. That we have documented the injuries with an expert who can tell us exactly what injury and impact you have sustained.

This information can then be used to help our panel of personal injury lawyers and solicitors to better estimate how much you could stand to claim in compensatory damages. Some medical experts that could be used may include;

Ali Al-Bahrani
Brighton Clinic,
17 Jubilee street,

Salman Baig
Sundial Clinic
111 Queens Road

Muhammad Ather
18a Clermont Road

Cancer Medical Negligence

Cancer negligence could mean that your condition has been allowed to worsen due to negligent treatment. This could come in the form of misdiagnosis, if cancer is not diagnosed as soon as the symptoms are presented the illness can progress unnecessarily.  Your claim could compensate you for the psychological and physical effects upon you.

Nursing Home Negligence Claims

Legally, nursing homes and care homes owe all of their residents and their users a duty of care. This duty of care extends to a duty to ensure that residents are kept safe, are cared for, are free from harm and are kept as comfortable as possible. Whilst residents are owed a duty of care under the law the levels of care are not always met or made. In some instances, a care or nursing home may lack the facilities, staff or training necessary to meet the person’s needs. As a result, a resident could be harmed by neglect or negligence. If an elderly resident has been negligently treated they could be injured physically or could even suffer from adverse effects to their mental health. Our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors could help residents of a care home or their family to claim compensatory damages for the harm which has been caused. Talk to an expert solicitor today about claiming compensation for nursing home medical negligence.

Surgical Errors Medical Negligence

Whilst most operations or surgery performed in the UK will be successful, if in some instances, errors are made things could go wrong. Mistakes could be made in preparation for surgery, during the procedure itself and during surgical aftercare if the standard of care and service that is being offered falls below the expected standard. Examples of surgical errors could include;

  • Wrong limb amputation.
  • Surgical negligence leading to nerve injury or brain damage that is not ab associated risk.
  • Injuries caused by surgical objects being left at the operating site (inside a patient).
  • Not identifying perforations or internal bleeding caused by surgery.

Failing to properly identify these things or making such errors could have a serious and in some cases life-long effect on a patient.

Birth Medical Negligence Cases

Birth medical negligence cases may deal with injury or illness which has affected either the mother or the baby. The negligent actions or errors could have happened whilst the mother was pregnant, during the delivery of the child, or in the immediate aftercare for both mother or child. Negligence could involve not taking action when it was required, or making mistakes in treatment which is needed. Negligence could have happened during poor quality antenatal or neonatal care. Birth medical negligence cases could involve instances of harm such as;

Harm to the mother

  • Perineal tears to the mother.
  • Mismanagement of pre-eclampsia.
  • Organ damage caused by negligently performed caesarean section.

Harm to the baby

  • Cerebral palsy.
  • Not intervening when the baby is distressed causing injury or illness.
  • Harm caused by delivery through forceps.

Dental Negligence Causing Injury Compensation Cases

Regardless of if you are receiving treatment under the NHS or private treatment if your dental treatment has caused you unnecessary harm due to a negligent or substandard service you may have the right to make a dental negligence claim.

Unfortunately, negligent dental care could cause you pain or suffering which otherwise could have been avoided. In some instances, this may also mean that you have to have further treatments or even surgeries to correct the initial mistake and the original dental complaint. This delay in getting the right treatment or need for corrective procedures could also result in side effects causing further suffering of which may be painful.

GP Negligence Causing Injury

When we visit our GP surgery for a checkup or treatment, we have to put our trust in the hands of the GP’s and any nursing staff at the practice. GP’s have a huge responsibility as they are the ones who must distinguish if a patients’ condition needs additional treatment of a specialist or any testing. In fact, 83.8% of patients rated their experience of using a GP as good or very good (see here).

If doctors do sometimes make mistakes and if an instance of malpractice or negligence does occur, the effects could be devastating to a patient. Doctors do not deliberately set out to cause patients harm nor would they want any patient to suffer unnecessarily but as humans mistakes can be made and although many who go on to make medical negligence claims may not always want to the fact that the negligence has had a huge impact on their lives has made them feel they may have no other choice.

Negligent Care At A Hospital

What is hospital negligence? Types of hospital negligence have already been mentioned above such as, surgical negligence, birth injury negligence, misdiagnoses which could happen at a hospital. In basic terms hospital or medical negligence may happen when a patient is harmed, caused an injury, illness had their current condition worsen due to the negligent treatment or service that has been provided by a medical professional or health care provider.

Negligent care in a hospital could involve,

  • An incorrect diagnosis or misdiagnosis of an illness and the current condition is allowed to worsen.
  • Mistakes made during treatment such as medication errors which have caused the patient harm.
  • Patients developing an infection such as MRSA due to unhygienic practices.

Brighton And Sussex NHS Trusts Medical Negligence Statistics

To help illustrate instances of medical negligence in this area we have included the following table. In this, we have taken data which is published by the NHS (you can find it here) on reported instances of medical negligence claims against NHS trusts. We have also included the value of damages which were paid out in that same accounting period.

Name of NHS trustNumber of claims recieved 2017/ 18Number of reported incidents 2017/ 18CNST Damages Paid
Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust74*21,822,640
East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust5996,461,497
Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust48*10,412,084
Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust110168,688
Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust5*174,700

Our panel of clinical negligence experts could help you to claim compensation if harmed in facilities managed by any of these NHS trusts which cover the wider Sussex county area.

No Win No Fee Medical Negligence Solicitors Covering Brighton

We believe that no matter your financial position you should be able to access the best possible legal services to help you to claim compensation. That is why our panel of medical negligence solicitors who can cover the Brighton and Hove area could be able to conduct your claim through a no win no fee agreement. This type of agreement removes any financial risk in starting your claim with a medical negligence solicitor.

If you are offered a conditional fee agreement (the technical name for this type of contract) it will mean that you will not have to pay for any services provided by the medical negligence lawyer, solicitor or law firm if they do not secure a compensation settlement for you. If they do secure you a compensation settlement, any fees due for legal services can be deducted from this, meaning that whatever the outcome of your claim, you do not need to worry at all about how to pay your solicitor.

Brighton And Sussex Hospitals

Hospitals in the City of Brighton and Hove serve the city itself as well as both the wider metropolitan area and local parts of Sussex. The city and surrounding areas are home to both NHS and private hospitals as well as different clinics in both sectors.

Below we have included a list of both the major NHS hospitals and facilities in this area as well as those operating in the private healthcare industry.

NHS Hospitals And Clinics

  • Royal Sussex Country University Hospital.
  • Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital.
  • Princess Royal Hospital.
  • Sussex Eye Hospital.
  • Sussex Orthopaedic Treatment Centre.
  • Park Centre For Breast Care.

Private Healthcare Services

  • Nuffield Health Brighton Hospital.
  • The Montefiore Hospital.
  • Brighton Health Centre – Bupa.

If you have been negligently harmed by a medical practitioner whilst under the care of any of these, or indeed other medical facilities, in the wider Sussex area we could help you to get the compensation you could be entitled to if you have a valid medical negligence case.

How Do I Begin My Claim?

At Medical Negligence Assist our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Brighton and Hove area, helping people who have been harmed due to substandard medical care.

For further advice about how our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors could help you, please contact us today on 0800 652 3087.

Further Information And Advice

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