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Medical negligence Cambridgeshire

Medical negligence Cambridgeshire

If you believe that you have been the victim of medical negligence and you are looking for medical negligence solicitors in Cambridgeshire, then this article can tell you much of what you need to know about medical negligence claims and what our panel of medical negligence solicitors and legal advisors can do for you.  Our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors offer no win no fee claims for any case they take on and are able to cover claims in the Cambridgeshire area.  If you’d like to discuss how we could help you claim today, call us on 0800 652 3087 and speak with a specially trained advisor.

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Choosing A Solicitor For Your Cambridgeshire Medical Negligence Claim

A medical negligence solicitor is a personal injury lawyer who specialises in making claims for medical negligence. It is important that you pick the right solicitor for your medical negligence claim. If you choose a medical negligence lawyer who is inexperienced with dealing with claims like yours then you may harm your chances of success.  We urge you to consider the suitability of potential solicitors by reading medical negligence solicitor reviews which you can find online. If you know people who have made medical negligence claims in the past, talk to them about their experiences with their claim and their personal injury solicitors.

Will I Have To Claim Through A Medical Negligence Solicitor In Cambridgeshire?

You are not limited to medical negligence solicitors in Cambridgeshire. If you make a medical negligence claim with a medical negligence solicitor   you may not have to meet said lawyer in person. You can communicate with your medical negligence lawyer via text, phone calls and email. You are free to choose a solicitor from across the UK who has the experience and capabilities best suited to your case.

We Work With A Panel Of Doctors To Carry Out Medical Examinations

We work with a panel of doctors who  are able to assess claimants from the Cambridge area by performing an impartial medical assessment.  A medical assessment can be carried out in order to properly assess how much damage to your health has been caused by the incident(s) of medical negligence, this provides the personal injury lawyer with medical supported evidence to support your legal claim for medical malpractice. Below are some of the doctors our panel of medical negligence solicitors  could work with in the Cambridgeshire area.

Sajive Bansal
The Coach House clinic, Anstey Hall
Maris Lane,

Asef Zarfar
Vision Park,
Chivers way,
CB24 9AD


Should You Check Reviews Of A Potential Solicitor?

There is a lot you need to consider before choosing a medical negligence solicitor. To have the best chance of making a successful claim and receiving compensation you will need a solicitor who has the most experience and expertise in dealing with claims most similar to yours. Reading medical negligence solicitor reviews are crucial to finding out which personal injury solicitor’s best meet these requirements. Remember that you aren’t limited to medical negligence solicitors in Cambridgeshire and prioritising their expertise above location gives you a better chance of succeeding with your medical negligence claim. You can also get any legal advice you may need from our team as they can answer any questions you may have, for example which medical negligence claims time limit applies to my case?

Are There Are Different Examples Of Clinical Negligence?

Clinical negligence could occur across all sections of the healthcare sector if medical professionals allows their level of service to drop below what is expected. Our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors can  assist you in any medical negligence claim you may need to make against both private and NHS negligence.  Below in the following sections are different examples of types of negligence.

GP Malpractice & Negligence

GP doctors are obligated by a set of professional values and are expected to deliver at a certain level when working in the UK. GP’s are bound by a duty of care and a code of practice to provide their patient with an appropriate level of care. Not all mistakes made by GP’s will mean a breach in this code of duty, but if negligence is presence and a patient is harmed unnecessarily, it may be a case of GP negligence.  If you believe you have suffered harm to your health as a result of a GP failing to correctly diagnose your illness when it would have been reasonably expected for them to do so,  resulting in a failure to provide you with suitable treatment, or otherwise  properly carrying out their duties, then our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors could possibly help you make a claim for GP malpractice.

Negligence In A Birth

It is the doctors responsibility to closely monitor your health and the baby for any signs of foetal distress during the labour process. Failure to do so could result in potentially serious health issues getting overlooked such as Hypoxia. Childbirth could  be a difficult and complex process at times  for you and your baby. If there is negligent treatment during the delivery of a baby, in worse case scenarios it could potentially lead to life changing illnesses such as Cerebral Palsy. Injuries that could be caused to a mother during a negligent child birth may include, retention of placenta, internal damage or Postpartum bleeding or postpartum hemorrhage (PPH).

Surgical Negligence Case

Surgical negligence cases are medical negligence cases in which the patient has been harmed by the improper or negligent carrying out of surgery. Due to the complicated and physically invasive nature of surgery a surgical negligence case could have a severe impact on a patient’s health. In relatively minor cases doctors may improperly close up the patient’s body after surgery resulting in avoidable scarring and infection or damage to organs and surrounding tissues. In more extreme cases doctors may carry out an operation and surgery different to what was intended for the patient, or leave surgical instruments inside the patient’s body after  the procedure is finished.

Residential Care Negligence

Negligence towards residents and patients in a residential care home is classed as a form of medical negligence and thus falls under the types of claim that our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors could cover. Patients and residents in residential care homes could be harmed by neglect causing deterioration of health  if staff fail to properly monitor their food and fluids intake, fail to attend to needs for cleaning and changing bedsheets and clothes and fail to provide them with adequate supervision to prevent falls and accidents. If you have a loved one who you believe has been harmed by negligence in a care home then our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Cambridgeshire area and assist you in making a claim.

Dental Negligence Cases

Our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors can cover dental negligence cases in Cambridgeshire. While dental procedures and health problems resulting from dental negligence are rarely a matter of life and death, their effects could be traumatic and life affecting, in the short term at least. Dentists may commit negligence by damaging teeth and gums during a procedure or allowing teeth and gums to become infected afterward due to taking insufficient care during dental surgery. The long term effects of dental negligence could include chronic pain, cosmetic damage and difficulty talking and chewing. If you have been the victim of dental negligence and you want to make a dental negligence no win no fee case then please get in touch with us right away.

Hospital Negligence Claims Against The NHS Or Private Healthcare Services

Hospital negligence claims can be made against both NHS and private hospitals if you have been harmed by the hospital and/or its staff failing to uphold their duty of care. Hospital negligence claims could involve patients not being administered the correct medication, not having their vital signs monitored, not having their food and fluid intake monitored and not being turned and moved while lying in bed.  If it can be proven that you have suffered an  illness or harm to your health as a result of negligence in a hospital, then you may have grounds to make a claim against a hospital.

Negligence Claims For Cancer Treatment

If you have suffered from cancer and you believe that your illness was allowed to progress due to negligent cancer care, or if you have lost a loved one to cancer who’s cancer was negligently misdiagnosed, then our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors may be able to help you make a claim. If a doctor has not correctly diagnosed  cancer symptoms without good cause and resulted in you suffering more than you needed to then you may be able to make a claim for negligence in cancer diagnosis.

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Trust Reported Instances Of Clinical Negligence

We have included these statistics of medical negligence claims in Cambridgeshire NHS trusts to give you an idea of how often claims are made and how much money is awarded for them. Here is a link to the information for the rest of the UK.

NHS trustCNST No' of claimsCNST No. of incidentsCNST damages paid (£)
Cambridgeshire & Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust8*135,185
Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust*042,115
Cambridge University Hospitals Foundation Trust63*14,883,259

Cambridgeshire Hospitals

  • North Cambridgeshire Hospital.
  • Addenbrookes Hospital.
  • Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust.
  • Nuffield Hospital Cambridge.
  • Spire Healthcare Cambridge.

No Win No Fee Medical Negligence Claims

Our panel of medical negligence solicitors can offer you a no win no fee medical negligence claim. This means  if you choose from our panel of expert solicitors, they will not charge you for their services in the event of an unsuccessful claim and will take their fees from your compensation fee should you claim be successful. The use of no win no fee means that you do not need any financial funds to start a claim.

Talking To Our Team

Our phone line operates 24/7 so you can call our team at any time about making a medical negligence claim or to seek out advice from our team of legal experts. Call us at 0800 652 3087 or fill out our contact form

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