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Medical negligence Cheshire

Medical negligence Cheshire

Have you suffered from a medical professional failing to uphold their duty of care? If you are looking for medical negligence solicitors in Cheshire then this guide will detail some information that you could find useful when pursuing your claim. We will go through different examples of cases of medical negligence and most importantly what you could do about choosing a solicitor and how we can help you with this process. Our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors can cover the Cheshire area and are experienced in dealing with medical negligence claims.

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Finding A Solicitor To Make Clinical Negligence Claims

If you are looking for a medical negligence solicitor there are a number of things you might want to consider first before you decide. You could benefit from reading online medical negligence solicitor reviews and speaking to people you know who may have made medical negligence claims in the past. It may also benefit you to look for medical negligence solicitors who specialise in cases like yours. You will also want to take into consideration the 3 year time limit for claims of personal injury. However there are exceptions to this rule, for example in cases where a child has suffered from any type of personal injury then the three year time limit does not begin until after they have turned 18. If you would like to discuss the personal injury time limits in further detail then please contact our advisors the number is near the end of the guide.

Do I Have To Use Medical Negligence Solicitors In Cheshire?

One of the most frequently asked questions here at Medical Negligence Assist is “should I only search for medical negligence solicitors in my area to help with my claim?” and our answer will always remain the same; you aren’t limited to medical negligence solicitors in the area that you live in. You could search further afield and perhaps look at expertise over locality. Our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Cheshire area and it is perfectly possible to conduct a medical negligence claim without meeting your solicitor face to face, instead you can simply communicate via email and telephone.

How Helpful Are Reviews Of Cheshire Solicitors?

You could benefit from reading online medical negligence solicitor’s reviews, they will help you make your decision in choosing a medical negligence lawyer who is best suited to you and your case. You might want to read reviews to find out which solicitors have the most experience and best track record of successful claims in cases similar to yours. Another idea could be to find out which medical negligence solicitors are the most positively rated by their previous clients. You could also discover which medical negligence solicitors are prepared to offer you a no win no fee claims agreement for your medical negligence claim. Remember, our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover Cheshire, so be sure to broaden your search to further than your own local area. We also suggest that when your claim is over, whether you have been awarded compensation or not, leave a review of your own about the solicitor you have worked with as this could help other people to find a medical negligence solicitor best suited to their own circumstances.

Your Health Could Be Assessed By A Doctor From Our Expert Panel

One of the first steps in making your medical negligence claim is to undergo a health assessment by an impartial doctor. This assessment will form the basis of your claim and your solicitor will use this to value your compensation. Your solicitor will arrange this for you, and if you choose from our panel of medical negligence solicitors, they could use a doctor from our panel of medical experts that cover Cheshire area. You can see a list of just some of the doctors used below;

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The Crown Hotel,
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Andre Brittain-Dissont
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Claims For Medical Negligence In Cheshire Our Team Could Handle

Medical negligence could occur in any part of the healthcare sector if healthcare practitioners allow their standards to fall below what they are expected to be. This could possibly include;

• Dental negligence
• Surgical negligence
• Hospital negligence
• Nursing and care home negligence
• GP negligence
• Cancer misdiagnosis negligence.

We will go into more details about the different types of claims below. Medical Negligence Assist, our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors and our panel of doctors can help in clinical negligence cases against both private practices as well as in cases of NHS negligence.

Surgical Negligence Cases

It is important to remember that the majority of surgeries performed in the UK are successful and do not have complications, despite the fact that all surgical procedures do not come without risk.

Claims for surgical medical negligence could be hard to establish, however our panel of expert solicitors could be able to help you make a claim if it can be proven that the surgeon performing your procedure has failed to provide reasonable care and caused you to suffer unnecessary harm as a result of their actions or omissions. In order to make a claim for surgical medical negligence it must be proven that the treatment you have received was below the minimum expected standard and as a consequence you have suffered an illness or injury that could have otherwise been avoided. Examples of which can be found below;

  • Wrong-site surgery, such as amputating the wrong limb.
  • Damage to organs during surgery;  and Improperly executed surgeries.
  • Performing the incorrect procedure.

This is not an exhaustive list, so if think that you have suffered from medical negligence during a surgical procedure in the Cheshire area, then please do not hesitate to contact us using the information at the bottom of this guide.

Hospital Negligence In Cheshire

The vast majority of people will experience a high standard of care when being provided with treatment in hospitals in the Cheshire area. In a minority of cases however, if hospital staff fail to adhere to their duty of care, and their standards slip below what is reasonably expected of them, it could result in a patient suffering avoidable harm. An example of medical negligence in hospitals could include failure to provide a hygienic environment  causing a patient to contract MRSA. This breach of duty could cause further unnecessary suffering of the patient or in some circumstances, life long suffering. If you have suffered an illness or there has been a preventable death of a loved one as a result of hospital negligence in Cheshire, you could have a valid claim for medical negligence against a trust or a private hospital located in Cheshire. Please call us today to discuss your options.

Negligence In Childbirth

Childbirth is one of the most exciting, yet worrisome times of your life, and unfortunately, it does not come without risks. We are blessed with one of the best medical health systems in the world and paediatricians, doctors  and midwives are trained to deal with the most complex of childbirths. However, if avoidable and negligent harm occurs as a result of a medical professionals actions falling below their expected standards which has therefore lead to injury or harm being caused to mother, baby or both it could be a case of negligence. An example of the type of medical negligence that you could claim for is the failure of medical staff to correctly diagnose health problems during pregnancy, such has misdiagnosing pre-eclampsia resulting in unnecessary complications to mother and baby and causing adverse suffering. Sometimes, there can be severe and lasting effects of medical negligence by medical professionals during child birth and this could include PTSD like symptoms for the mother after a particularly difficult and traumatic birth and long term health issues for the baby such as Erb’s Palsy. You can find out more about childbirth negligence here.

If you or your baby have suffered any unnecessary and avoidable health problems as a result of negligence in pregnancy and childbirth and want to make a personal injury claim against the East Cheshire NHS trust or any other provider in Cheshire then get in touch today.

Nursing Home Negligence Claims

When staff are employed at a nursing home, they are trained to deal with the needs of all residents, no matter how complex. If staff have failed to provide the standard of care that is legally required when looking after residents and this has resulted in injury and illness that could have been avoided, then you could make a claim on behalf of yourself or a loved one for medical negligence in a care home. Patients in care homes can suffer falls and accidents due to a lack of supervision, they can suffer infections and hygiene issues due to not being washed and having their clothes and bed sheets changed by staff properly.

If you have an elderly or disabled relative who has suffered from abuse and neglect in Cheshire while living in a care or nursing home then please get in touch with us immediately.

Cancer / Oncology Negligence

Cancer is one of the most devastating illnesses that you could suffer with, and finding out that you have it is a shock to the system. It could be even more shocking to find out that the diagnosis could have been made earlier and your treatment could have began sooner. It could also be upsetting to find out that the treatment you have received has been incorrect, meaning that you have suffered the exhaustive side effects of treatment and you have to undergo them again. In order for you to have a valid claim for Cancer or Oncology negligence, it must be proven that the professionals involved in the diagnosis, care and treatment of your illness had failed to provide the level of care expected of them and this has caused you further harm and suffering. If you have suffered from the effects of cancer that could have been avoided, or you have suffered an avoidable bereavement, then contact Medical Negligence Assist today to see if you are eligible to begin a claim.

Claims For Dental Negligence

Claims against a negligent dentist or staff within a dentist surgery must involve harm to your health as a result of substandard dental care. You could make a claim for dental negligence regardless of if the dentist worked either under a private dentist firm or a dentist within any of the NHS trusts based in the Cheshire area. While it is true that your dentist often carries out the majority of dental treatment, you can also suffer harm at the hands of an orthodontist, dental therapist, dental nurse or hygienist or anyone else within the surgery who provides you negligent dental care causing avoidable injuries. Negligent dental practice could result in damage to teeth and gums, infection of teeth and gums and in worse cases significant cosmetic damage to your mouth, causing adverse effect on your daily life. If you have suffered harm due to of dental negligence then call or contact us today.

GP Negligence

For many of us, we attend the GP as soon as we start to feel unwell, or if we have persistent, and worrying symptoms. It is the duty of a GP to have a wide knowledge of different types of illness of injury so that they can correctly diagnose and administer treatment. In cases where a patients symptoms do not fall within the expected area of expertise of a GP, then it is vital that they are referred to the correct specialist without delay. If your GP has provided you with substandard care, and breached their duty by not performing their expected role and this has caused you adverse health effects then you could be eligible to make a claim for medical negligence caused by your GP. Further examples of such negligence can be found here.

Statistics For Claims Against NHS Trusts In Cheshire

The table below provides the number of claims made against medical authorities in the Cheshire area and the amount of damages paid in 2017/2018.

NHS TrustNo. of ClaimsNo. of incidentsPayments made (£)
Cheshire & Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust50481,053
Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust50*11,535,928
East Cheshire NHS Trust23*7,211,096
Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust3959,230,405

No Win No Fee Claims With Medical Negligence Solicitors Covering Cheshire

We suggest that you find and work with a solicitor who is willing to offer a No Win No Fee agreement.  A No Win No Fee agreement provides you with the guarantee, that should your claim be unsuccessful you will not pay your solicitors fees. It also means that you do not have to pay anything to start your claim. Our panel of medical negligence solicitors all offer No Win No Fee services, contact our legal advisors below for more information.

Private And NHS Hospitals In Cheshire

  • Leighton Hospital (NHS)
  • Spire Cheshire Hospital (Private)
  • Countess of Chester Hospital (NHS)

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