Coatbridge Medical Negligence Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims Lawyers Guide

Medical negligence Coatbridge

Medical negligence Coatbridge

Choosing a medical negligence solicitor is no easy job. You will want to choose the best one for your claim but how do you work out which one suits you? This guide will provide advice about the sorts of things you should be asking or looking for when making your choice.

Our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors all offer a no win no fee claim for any cases they take on.  While they are not based in Coatbridge, they can cover claims in the Coatbridge area and could be able to help you with your claim so please get in touch today, by calling 0800 652 3087, if you’d like to discuss your options.

If you’d prefer to find out more about making a claim first, please carry on reading this guide.

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Picking A Solicitor For A Clinical Malpractice Case

There are a few things you should check before you decide whether to hire a personal injury lawyer to make a medical negligence claim:

  • Have you received treatment from a medical professional which could be deemed dangerous, substandard or negligent?
  • Did that treatment cause your condition to get worse, make you ill or cause you to suffer a new injury?
  • And was the treatment within the last 3 years? There are, however, some exceptions to the rule. Please contact us to find out more.

If you’ve answered yes to all 3 questions you may need to look for a solicitor to take on your claim. We’ll provide advice on how to do so throughout this guide, but you could simply give us a call and explain what happened to you so that we can assess your claim, for free, and provide free legal advice on your circumstances.

Testimonials And Reviews

If you read reviews when making a purchase for a new product or service, then you’ll find you can read independent medical negligence solicitor reviews too.

They can provide you with information about:

  • The overall professionalism offered by the solicitor’s firm.
  • How often they updated previous clients throughout their claim.
  • And if the client was happy with the amount of compensation they received.

However, they won’t tell you about how the solicitor would handle your claim, what compensation they hope to achieve for you or what success fee the solicitor will charge you.

Therefore, to gain all of the information you require, we recommend you speak directly to the solicitor prior to entrusting them with your personal injury claim.

Will I Need To Use A Local Solicitor?

Some people still think that they need to look for local solicitors to take on their medical negligence claim. In fact, we feel, this could be reducing your chances of finding the best solicitor for the job.

Rather than concentrating on their location, you should look at what experience a solicitor has in making medical negligence cases, how many claims they’ve taken on that were similar to your own and, of course, how many of those they won.

Will I Need A Medical Assessment?

If you do go on to contact us and ask us to help with your claim, we’ll make sure you don’t have to travel far to complete your medical assessment. We can do this because we have a panel of doctors across the country who could perform your assessments. The specialists in and around Coatbridge that we might use include:

Mohammed Ahmed
The Lorne Hotel,
Glasgow, G3 7TQ.

Sumeet Vohra
1 Blytheswood Square,
Glasgow G2 AD.

Coatbridge Medical Negligence Claims Which Could Be Made

To help you see what types of personal injury claim a medical negligence lawyer might attempt to take on, we’re going to provide some examples of negligent acts in the coming sections. Remember, in order for you to make a valid claim you need to have suffered clinical negligence less than 3 years ago, from a medical professional which caused you to suffer an injury or illness.

Doctor Malpractice Cases

You may not have considered the broad range of knowledge that your GP has but they literally have to deal with thousands of different health complaints every year. Some are minor and some are very complex but the GP, very often, is able to diagnose the problem, treat it or refer the patient to a specialist all within a 10-15 minute appointment.

However, on some occasions, things could go wrong. If a GP makes a mistake, which causes a patient to suffer, then a claim for doctor malpractice could be launched for compensation.

This could be because the GP’s mistake caused a delay in treatment meaning the patient suffered more or because they were prescribed the wrong medicine which could’ve had an adverse effect.

Hospital Surgeon Malpractice

If you need to or choose to undergo surgery (including cosmetic surgery), you will be told about any risks associated with your procedure. You may even be asked to complete a waiver or a consent form. You should be aware that, even though you signed the form, you could still claim compensation if the surgeon is negligent in any way which causes you to suffer.

Here are some examples of surgical negligence which might lead to a claim:

  • When the surgeon damages or injures any internal organs during surgery.
  • If you wake up, because of an anaesthetic error, and feel pain during surgery.
  • Complications following surgery because a medical clip was defective and leads to further surgery.
  • If any item of surgical equipment is left inside you.

Malpractice In Childbirth

The delivery of a baby can go relatively smoothly and quickly, or it could lead to a labour which lasts many days and results in surgery such as a C-Section to deliver the baby safely.

This is why all medical staff involved with the delivery of a baby are trained in following the correct procedures and spotting problems that might occur. If they fail to spot a problem, react incorrectly to a problem that occurs, or fail to follow the correct procedures during the delivery then a compensation claim could be made if either mother or baby suffers and injury or becomes ill following the negligence.

If you, a loved one or your baby have been injured before, during or after the delivery of your baby, please get in contact so we can help you decide whether you could claim compensation or not.

Cancer Misdiagnosed For Other Illnesses

You’ve probably heard how cancer research has improved the survival rate for many cancers. In most cases, the chances of survival increase the sooner treatment begins which means early diagnosis is essential.

A late diagnosis which causes a delay to treatment commencing could mean that the cancer advances. If this happens the treatment required might be more severe and may require surgery to remove the cancer physically, which can be a lot more painful and still require further treatment to battle the cancer.

In cases where the delay in treatment was caused because a medical professional failed to spot the cancer or thought it was something else altogether, then a claim for compensation for misdiagnosed cancer could be made.

Malpractice In Hospital Care

When you attend a hospital, for either emergency treatment or a planned procedure, you have to trust that hospital staff will look after you and attempt to make you better in a safe way.  All hospitals have safety procedures, guidelines and hygiene processes that all staff should follow to protect the patient.

If they breach any of the procedures or processes and that causes the patient to suffer, then it may be possible to claim against the hospital.

Some examples of hospital negligence could include:

  • Injuries caused by surgical errors or mistakes.
  • Illnesses caused because the patient contracted a superbug like MRSA.
  • Suffering adverse effects following the wrong medicine being used.

Dental Malpractice

Dental malpractice solicitors are sometimes required when a patient suffers at the hands of a dentist or their staff. They have a duty of care to ensure that patients are safe and well cared for while receiving treatment. This is done by ensuring all equipment is well maintained and fault-free, following all necessary safety measures and ensuring hygiene standards are high.

If they fail to accomplish this, and the patient is injured or made worse than when they arrived, then a compensation claim against the dental practice might be possible.

Signs Of Nursing Home Abuse Or Negligence

Choosing a nursing home can be a worrying task. There have been many stories in the news about abuse in nursing homes, so how do you choose a safe one that will look after your loved one? It’s probably best to visit and speak to the management and find out how they implement the health and safety regulations required for care homes. All staff should be trained in providing the right level of care and following the right procedures to ensure your loved is safe and as comfortable as possible.

Some cases of care home negligence which might lead to a claim include:

  • Injuries caused by falls because staff didn’t lift the patient properly.
  • Illnesses caused by medication not being dispensed.
  • Pain and suffering from bedsores because the patient wasn’t moved often enough.
  • Any suffering from care or nursing home abuse.

Lanarkshire NHS Medical Negligence Statistics

We’ve provided the table below to show the number of claims made against NHS services in the Coatbridge area and how much compensation was paid out during the 2016/17 period:

Healthcare ProviderNumber of PaymentsCNORIS Payments
NHS Lanarkshire39£3,889,967

The data comes from this NHS Scotland report.

Coatbridge Hospitals

Hospitals close to Coatbridge can be seen below;

  • University Hospital Monklands.
  • Coathill Hospital.
  • University Hospital Wishaw.
  • New Stobhill Hospital.
  • Glasgow Royal Infirmary.
  • Nuffield Health Glasgow.

We could help you begin a claim for NHS negligence at any of these hospitals or any the medical facility in the Coatbridge area.  Please get in touch and speak with an advisor to discuss how we could help.

No Win No Fee Medical Malpractice Claims

We know that many people worry about the cost of making a personal injury claim which is why our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors all offer a no win no fee claim service for any claim they take on.

Making a no win no fee medical malpractice claim means:

  • That you don’t need to pay anything upfront.
  • If your solicitor doesn’t win you any compensation, you don’t pay them anything at all.
  • And if they do win; you won’t need to find the funds to pay them as their success fee is taken directly from your compensation (success fees, by law, are limited to 25% of the compensation).

Using no win no fee for malpractice clinical cases reduces the financial risk involved and, in doing so, makes the whole claim a lot less stressful for you.

Start Your Claim

We hope that you’ve gained enough information from this guide and would like to discuss how we could help you begin your own claim today.  If so, you can contact us on 0800 652 3087. Alternatively, we can arrange for a specialist to call you back at a convenient time if you fill in this form.

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