Dunfermline Medical Negligence Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims Lawyers Guide

Medical negligence Dunfermline

Medical negligence Dunfermline

By Lewis Morrison. Last Updated 30th November 2022. If you are looking for medical negligence solicitors in Dunfermline then this guide is here to help you make informed decisions when it comes to making a medical negligence claim in Dunfermline. You could be entitled to make a claim if you have suffered from medical negligence by a GP, dentist, surgeon, midwife, consultant or any other medical profession. Our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Dunfermline area.

You may be looking for a personal injury claims calculator to work out how much you are entitled to. However, as every case is unique, therefore a compensation calculator cannot provide you with a specific amount. For a most centralised estimation please call our advisors through the number at the bottom of this page.

What may be classed as medical negligence? Medical negligence can be any case where a medical professional has made a negligent mistake, or their duty of care has dropped below reasonable standards and thus resulted in harm to the patient. You must have been harmed through illness or injury as a result of this negligence in order to claim compensation. In general, the medical negligence claims time limit to make a claim is 3 years from the date of the negligence. There are exceptions to the rule please call our team for more specific information.

Sadly, there are far too many who experience medical negligence and don’t receive the right advice as to what actions to take. However, our panel of expert medical solicitors can provide you with the right advice for your case.

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Getting The Right Clinical Negligence Solicitor For Your Claim

The first and certainly one of the most important steps to take in making a successful personal injury claim is to identify a suitable medical negligence solicitor or lawyer. Your choice of legal representative could determine how far your personal injury claim progresses, the size of your medical negligence compensation or losing the case entirely.

We therefore recommend that you take into consideration these primary factors when choosing a personal negligence lawyer:

  1. Look further afield than solicitors in Dunfermline, you don’t have to be tied down to your local area.
  2. Consider the experience they hold. Where some negligence lawyers are more experienced, others may have specific knowledge to your claim.
  3. Clarify what funding will be used for your case. Is it the best possible deal or could you secure a no win no fee settlement?

You can even speak to family members to ask for recommendations or read online medical negligence reviews and testimonials to ensure you feel comfortable with your personal injury solicitor.

Dunfermline Lawyers – Do They Have To Be Local?

You may be concerned that you are limited to Dunfermline lawyers to make a medical compensation claim for harm caused in Dunfermline. However, lawyers in Dunfermline are not your only option. Lawyers based anywhere in the country could help you.

Our panel of medical negligence solicitors are available to talk to you no matter where you are based in the UK. You won’t have to concern yourself with meeting them face-to-face as they can contact you via phone, email or video call. However, if you did want to meet with your lawyer in person, this could also be arranged.

Get in touch for free legal advice on medical negligence claims and to check your eligibility to claim. The solicitors on our panel have years of experience and could help you with a wide range of topics, including medication error claims and claims relating to dental negligence.

Your Medical Exam May Be Carried Out In Your Area

You may be asked to undergo a medical assessment of your injuries in question, as this is a vital factor to ensure your claim is dealt with correctly. The doctor who conducts your assessment will provide an impartial medical report detailing the specifics of your injury or illness which has been affected by medical negligence. The evidence gathered by the specialist will be used as a crucial part of your case. Our panel of medical negligence solicitors who cover Dunfermline will use the medical report to calculate the amount of damages you will receive. You may be offered further treatment as a result of the examination and the assessment could even uncover additional injuries or illnesses.

The physicians below may be available to you for your medical assessment:

Rohanta Perera
Edinburgh Osteopathic Surgery,
187 Dalkeith Road,
EH16 5DS

Sumeet Vohra
187 Dalkeith Road,
E16 5DS

Mohammed Ahmad
Waterside House,
19 Hawthornbank Lane,

Please note that your medical assessment could be conducted at a different location or by a different doctor subject to your injury or illness.

Testimonials And Personal Recommendations

At the moment we’re constantly looking to others for recommendations and reviews of what service is the best to use.

But while this can be useful, you cannot compare it to the knowledgeable advice from a legal expert, especially from medical malpractice lawyers. You are by no means limited to to just using medical malpractice lawyers in Scotland, our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors can cover the Dumferline area.

The advice you receive from our panel of hospital negligence lawyers will steer your claim in the right direction and put your mind at ease.

If you would prefer to check case specific reviews of the personal injury solicitors offered to your medical negligence complaint, you should take care in considering whether the experience your medical solicitor lawyer has is relevant to your case, have those similar cases been successful, were the clients happy with the treatment they received, and so on. All of these factors should be considered whether you are looking for medical negligence solicitor reviews or Dunfermline solicitor reviews. These questions can all be covered with online views.

Medical Negligence In Dunfermline Which Could Be Conducted By Our Panel Of Experts

There are a variety of medical negligence cases which may be similar to yours. This guide and the following examples could be used to illustrate whether you are eligible to claim for compensation and who could be liable. By law, medical negligence means the hospital or practice has failed in that duty of care and caused injury or harm to you.

Other forms of medical negligence which have not been covered by this guide are listed below. If you feel that they are similar to your own condition, then you may be eligible for a claim.

  • Errors in cosmetic surgery which has caused disfigurement or scarring.
  • Misdiagnosis of medical conditions; where a condition is completely undiagnosed or where an incorrect diagnosis is made allowing the existing condition to worsen.
  • Wrongly prescribed medication or dispensing incorrect medication to a patient which causes health complications.
  • Hospital negligence including; negligent surgical injuries, negligent birth injuries, MRSA due to poor hygiene.

Queen Margaret And Other Hospital Negligence Claims

Have you been a victim of medical negligence while at Queen Margaret Dunfermline A&E? If so, you may be entitled to make an NHS Fife negligence claim. You would expect to be treated with the upmost of care during your time in hospital. If patients were to receive treatment below acceptable or substandard treatment and this resulted in their existing condition worsening or created a total new condition or new illness that could have been avoided had the right procedures been in place, it may be deemed as negligence.

It doesn’t matter if the negligence you experienced occurred while a patient of Queen Margaret Dunfermline A&E or any other practice in Scotland. Our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Dunfermline area and take on NHS Fife Negligence claims.

Operation Negligence Claim

If a surgeon or medical professional makes a negligent mistake during your operation, both surgical and cosmetic, which results in further problems or injuries, then this could be a matter of operation negligence. This may include operations performed on the wrong body part, foreign objects left after surgery, over/under injection of anesthetic, short/long-term cause to nerves or organs.

Nursing Home Negligence Compensation

A patient who has suffered from negligent care at a nursing or care home could experience illness, physical injury, or even psychological harm. In cases where the care they receive falls short of the minimum expectancy, and they suffer as a consequence the patient may be entitled to a medical negligence complaint. To ensure you or someone close to you can make a claim, your medical negligence solicitors will need evidence to prove that the treatment received was not of acceptable standards and resulted in injury or illness. This can include bed sores due to not being moved, incorrect medication prescribed causing ill health, malnutrition due to failure to feed the patient or resident.

Birth Negligence Compensation

Our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Dunfermline area for compensation claims involving birth injuries to a mother or child. You may have stumbled across this guide while searching “medical negligence solicitors in my area” for advice about your clinical negligence claim. If you feel that you fell victim to negligence at various stages of your pregnancy, during the delivery of your child or immediate after care that caused preventable injuries then a medical negligence lawyer maybe able to help you.

General Practice Doctor Negligence

If a patient suffers due to substandard or negligent treatment from their GP that causes further or unnecessary suffering it may be considered as clinical or medical negligence. An example of this type of negligence can be the GP failing to refer a patient for specialist treatment if needed meaning their condition maybe allowed to worsen due to going untreated. If you have suffered from medical negligence in Dunfermline, contact our staff today.

Late Diagnoses Of Cancer

Another form of negligence could be late or misdiagnosis of cancer. If you feel that you have suffered more than you need to due to a negligent late cancer diagnosis or because of medical negligence during a smear test cancer diagnosis then you might be searching for personal injury solicitors in Dunfermline.

If you are unsure as to whether you are eligible to make a claim for medical misdiagnosis call our team they can answer your questions and queries.

Dentist Negligence Claims

Dental negligence covers any avoidable injury, preventable illness or unnecessary worsening of a current condition being caused through a dentist or their team being negligent. These forms of negligence can arise both in the private sector and public sector of the NHS when health standards fall below reasonable standards.

Dental negligence covers injuries, illnesses and the worsening of current conditions that are allowed to happen due to negligence. Dentist, dental nurse, hygienist and any dental practitioner that provided substandard care may be responsible for negligence that causes unnecessary harm to a patient. If you are looking for medical negligence solicitors in Dunfermline then our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors can help you.

Data To Illustrate Rates Of Clinical Negligence In Fife

The table below illustrates the sheer amount of claim payments made during 2016-17 alone. You don’t have to feel restricted to searching for ‘medical negligence solicitors in my area’ or ‘medical negligence solicitors Scotland’ to make a successful claim. It’s clear to see that 34 people have successfully claimed compensation for medical negligence from the NHS Fife Trust. 

NHS BoardValue Of Payments -£Number Of Payments
NHS Fife4,679,01134

Information of the following table can be found here.

Fife And Dunfermline No Win No Fee Medical Negligence Claims

When you contact our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors your case will be handled under a no win, no fee agreement if the case is valid. This can also be known as a ‘conditional fee agreement’. It’s a simple as it sounds, if your case is not successful you do not have to pay for your solicitors time and service.

However, if your medical negligence claim is successful, you will only have to pay your personal injury solicitor for their time and service through what is called a ‘success fee’. Fortunately, most no win no fee have high success rates as solicitors will only take on cases that have winning merits.

When you contact our team, we will provide you with impartial advice on how a personal injury solicitor can assist your claim. You won’t have to use medical malpractice lawyers in Scotland if you do not wish. Our panel of expert clinical negligence solicitors can cover the Dunfermline area. We will then discuss your claim and what percentage of the claim will be set aside for your settlement if you do win. Although we are not based in Dunfermline, our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors can cover Dunfermline and will be able to provide the right information to help your medical negligence claim.

NHS And Private Hospitals In Fife

Dunfermline is a former Royal Burgh and parish in Fife, Scotland. The town is currently the most populous locality in Fife with a population of 50,380. As the 11th most populous district in Scotland. We have provided you with some medical facilities within the vicinity below.

NHS Facilities

  • NHS Fife
  • Lynebank Hospital
  • Queen Margaret Hospital, Dunferline

Private medical facilities

  • St Andrews Community Hospital
  • Spire Murrayfield Hospital, Edinburgh
  • Fife Travel Clinic

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If you feel that a form of negligence mentioned in this guide is similar or the same as a type of negligence you have suffered within the past three years then you may be eligible to claim no win no fee compensation. Although we are not based in Dunfermline, our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Dunfermline area. If you wish to discuss you claim with our expert team then why not give them a call today:

  • Call our team on 0800 652 3087 to discuss your options
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Our team are here to help you from 8am to 9pm every day.

Additional Reference

We hope this guide has given you the right advice with how to handle your medical negligence claim. The information given is there to show you that you do not have to limit yourself to the Dunfermline area to claim compensation for medical negligence. If you require any additional resources to help make a claim made by you or a loved one, there are references below to further your search.

Queen Margaret Hospital
Whitefield Road,
KY12 0SU
Web: www.nhsfife.org

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