Gillingham Medical Negligence Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims Lawyers Guide

Medical negligence Gillingham

Medical negligence Gillingham

By Daniel Boimler. Last Updated 7th September 2022. Medical negligence cases deal with what can be a complex area of the law. They could require the help of specialist medical negligence solicitors who are able to confidently navigate the complicated process and difficult medical terminology. As such, you could have found this guide whilst searching for medical negligence solicitors in Gillingham, Kent.

Our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors are not based in Gillingham but they can cover the area and provide an expert solicitor who will have the knowledge base to be able to represent your case effectively for medical negligence. They could handle a broad range of cases such as hospital negligence, dental negligence or even care home neglect.

If you are concerned that the treatment your doctor, dentist, surgeon, nurse, health care practitioner provided you with caused harm, you could contact our team. We are available to discuss your claim seven days a week between 8am and 9pm. Below, you will be able to learn more about choosing a solicitor for your claim and some of the types of cases with which we could help you with.

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How To Find A Solicitor For Your Medical Negligence Case

You may have found this guide whilst searching for solicitors who are able to conduct claims in your area, such as medical negligence solicitors in Gillingham. If you are making a personal injury claim for harm caused by a medical professional we strongly recommend that you do so through a specialist medical claims solicitor. There are steps which you could take to find the right person to handle your claim.

  1. Don’t worry about where the solicitor is based. Their expertise in medical claims counts for more than being “medical negligence solicitors in my area”.
  2. How will your claim be funded? Will they ask you to make any upfront payments, or could you claim via a no win no fee agreement?
  3. Could you look at testimonials from their previous clients? This helps to build a picture of how they could help you.

We shall look at some of these factors in the following sections.

Medical Negligence Solicitors For Gillingham – Do I Need To Stay Local?

If you choose to hire medical negligence solicitors for a Gillingham claim, you are under no obligation to hire local legal help; you are free to hire a lawyer from anywhere in the country. Where they are physically based is not important. Medical negligence lawyers for Kent may not specialise in medical negligence claims or offer their services on a No Win No Fee basis.

Due to modern technology, such as emails and video chats, lawyers anywhere in the country could assist you. The experience of a lawyer is more important than where they are based.

However, some clients may wish to meet their lawyer face-to-face. If you speak to our advisors today, we can arrange for a lawyer from our panel to travel to you so this can happen.

To find out you could be owed compensation due to injuries sustained as a result of medical negligence, get in touch with us today.

Injuries May Be Examined By Our Panel Of Experts In Gillingham And Kent

We recognise that whilst having a medical negligence solicitor who is based in a different area will not affect the outcome of your claim, having to travel a long way in order to have your injury or the effects of an illness examined by a doctor could be prohibitive. This is why our panel of medical solicitors work with a panel of expert doctors who are based across the UK. These include;

Raneesh Mahandru

76 – 78 High Street,

Raneesh Mahandru

Community Healthy Living Centre,

Please note that your medical assessment may be carried out by either a different doctor, or at a different location.

Look At Client Testimonials

Personal recommendations from both family, friends or the previous clients of a solicitor could all help you in deciding who could be best placed and equipped to handle your case. If you do not have any family or friends who have had to make such a claim, medical negligence solicitor reviews may be helpful. Reading reviews could provide you with a good assessment of how solicitors have helped people in the past who may have been in similar circumstances to yours. Once you have narrowed down your search we recommend that you give the solicitors a call get a personal feel for the firm, see if they have good communication channels and you may need to converse with them on many different occasions.

Medical Negligence Cases Our Panel Of Experts Could Represent You In

In the following sections we shall look in a little bit more detail at some examples of forms of medical or clinical negligence. If you are unsure whether the harm you suffered while you received medical treatment qualifies you for medical negligence compensation the easiest way to find out is contact our team the number is at the bottom of this guide.

Remember, the examples below of medical negligence are not exhaustive. In order to be able to pursue a claim for medical negligence a health care provider through negligent care and treatment must have caused you harm in some way, maybe your suffered a further illness, you were caused an avoidable injury or through misdiagnosis your current condition was allowed to worsen.

Surgery Errors And Medical Negligence

Whether carried out by a private practitioner or through the NHS, surgery improves or even saves lives. Surgery in its own right carries risks, but very often the surgery far out weights the potentials risks. If surgery is required a surgeon will meet with the patient and go through any associated and potential risks with the procedure. If in the event surgery does not go to plan it may not always be down to a pre-determined risk, if a surgical error occurs this maybe due to negligence.

If you feel that your surgeon did not fully explain the risks in undergoing a surgical procedure which you may have chosen not to undergo with full knowledge of said risks, call our team and if you have a valid case they could provide you with an expert medical negligence solicitor who specialises in surgical negligence.

Birth And Obstetric Malpractice Cases

At significant moments in our life, we may trust others, such as medical staff, to provide the services which we need. An important step in your life where you really do need to trust in the care of those medical practitioners around you is the birth of a child. If birth negligence occurs although some instances could be minor in others it maybe life changing for both the baby and the baby’s family. If you were harmed in prenatal care, during the delivery of a baby, or during postnatal care, and you are looking for advice and to have your questions answered why not call our advisors the information we offer is free with no obligation at all.

Neglect Claims Against A Nursing Home

If you or a member of your family has been harmed physically or mentally due to negligence care in a nursing home or care home, you may have a valid nursing home negligence case. Some of the most vulnerable people in society need to use the services of a care home as they no longer are capable of looking after themselves and families do not have the specialist training to be able to deal with their needs on a daily basis. However if negligence occurs and the people we love are harmed in the hands of the people we have entrusted is can be devastating for all.

Examples of negligence in a care home may include;

  • A resident or patient being properly fed and their condition deteriorates.
  • Not administering medication correctly or at all which caused them to become ill.
  • Not recognising the signs of an injury or of an illness, no medical care received.
  • Assaults by care home staff.
  • Causing injuries by improperly handling a patient due to no staff training.

Dentist Medical Malpractice

If you have been let down and have been harmed by negligence due to the way in which dentistry has been administered to you as a patient in either the NHS or the private sector, you could be able to claim compensation for the avoidable harm. You could find out more by reviewing our dental negligence claims guide.

Cancer Negligence

Very serious harm could be suffered by a patient if their cancer treatment does not meet reasonable standards. If tests to confirm and diagnosis are not carried out properly or in a timely fashion, an illness may get much worse before treatment begins, limiting either the range of treatment options available or the effectiveness of such treatments. Cancer negligence cases could relate to failures to diagnosis the type of cancer or failing to spot that it was cancer at all.

Medical Negligence And GP Mistakes

Every GP has a duty of care to all their patients to provide a reasonable standard of care so that their needs are met and they are not harmed any further. Failure to carry out this duty could mean negligence may occur which could lead a patient to suffering additional illnesses, injuries or for their current condition to worsen. GP’s at all times must maintain this standard of care so that patients condition cannot deteriorate. In some cases, this standard may not have been met and as a result, a patient may have suffered some form of harm. If this has happened to you, please consult our team to find out if you could make a medical negligence claim.

Malpractice In Hospital Care

Our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors understand that most hospital patients will receive the expected level of healthcare, if this standard is allowed to slip then it may mean patients suffer as a consequence. If you were harmed due to the way in which care or treatment was provided to you in a hospital you may have grounds not just to make a complaint, but to also claim compensation if it can be proven that the treatment that has been received was negligent and that is why the harm was caused. To find out if you could do so, contact Medical Negligence Assist.

Hospitals In Gillingham, Kent

The Gillingham area includes a variety of hospitals and other clinical facilities in the NHS and private sectors. Some of these are listed below for your reference.

NHS Hospitals

  • Medway Maritime Hospital
  • Will Adams NHS Treatment Centre

Private hospital

  • Spire Alexandra Hospital

If you have been harmed due to NHS negligence or through the provision of negligent private care, such as cosmetic surgery errors, contact us today to discuss your legal options.

Data Related To Claims Against NHS Authorities And Trusts In Gillingham

To help illustrate instances of medical negligence or how many cases are brought against NHS trusts in the Gillingham area, we have included information on this using data publicly published by NHS Resolution.

NHS Trust Or Relevant Healthcare AuthorityNo. of claims recievedNo. of reported incidentsCNST Damages Paid
Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust66£671,000
Medway NHS Foundation Trust55*£10,293,657

You can find the full published statistics and data for the year 2017/ 2018 covering all of the NHS in England here.

No Win No Fee Medical Negligence Cases In Gillingham

Making a no win no fee claim means that if the case is lost you will not have to pay your solicitor any monies for their time and service. If the case is won the solicitor will take the agreed amount in terms of a percentage from the compensation awarded and you will be sent the rest.

Contact Our Team

Our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Gillingham area and if you have been the victim of negligent medical care, they could help you. To discuss whether you do have a valid claim and if so, what your legal options are, contact our expert team today. We could help you to learn more about making a claim with a personal injury solicitor as well as understanding medical negligence cases in general.

Contact us by phone on 0800 652 3087, click here to start your claim now online, or fill out our enquiry form on the right-hand side of this page.

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