Gravesend Medical Negligence Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims Lawyers Guide

Medical negligence Gravesend

Medical negligence Gravesend

On this page, you will read a guide to medical negligence solicitors in Gravesend who could help you make a negligence claim. Within this guide, you will learn about many of the forms that clinical negligence can take, and why you could be eligible to make a claim if negligence causes you harm.

If you have unanswered questions once you have finished reading this guide, you can speak to us on 0800 652 3087. Our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Gravesend area, and one of our claim advisers will be happy to answer any questions that you have, and can explain how our claims service could be the perfect vehicle for having your medical negligence claim processed.

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How To Find Solicitors For A Gravesend Medical Negligence Claim

Finding a good legal team to handle your negligence claim, may, at first, seem a difficult proposition. This is especially true for people who in the past, have never had dealings with a solicitor. Luckily, there are a number of things you can do that will make the process a little easier, such as:

  • You could ask the people you work with whether they have any recommendations
  • You could talk to your family and friends, and find out if they have any recommendations
  • You could use social networking sites such as Facebook, to ask for recommendations
  • You could use an online reviews website to make a list of possible legal teams to use

All of these are entirely valid ways to begin looking for a solicitor. However, we can offer you a shortcut by using the telephone number at the bottom of the page. One of our expert advisers will explain how our claims service can hook you up with an experienced legal team. Our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors can provide you with critical information such as the medical negligence claims time limit, and also an estimate of how much you could claim in medical negligence compensation, even if you already have a rough idea having used an online personal injury claims calculator.

Where Should My Solicitor Be Based?

To address the question, do I need to use medical negligence solicitors in my area? The answer is no. There are no legal requirements for you to use a local legal team. In fact, location is a tertiary consideration at best. Far more important, is whether the solicitor you choose has the best possible chance of processing your claim successfully. As an example, our claims service is available to people across the UK, and we specialise in personal injury and negligence claims. You can keep in touch with us via email, SMS, by phone or webchat. Meaning where you are located doesn’t really make a difference.

We Work With A Panel Of Doctors Who Could Conduct Your Medical Exam

Something you can do, that your medical negligence solicitor will probably recommend, is ensure you have a medical examination to prove the severity of the harm you suffered through the medical negligence of a third party. We can arrange for you to have a free medical examination in the Gravesend area, from the following medical professionals:

Raneesh MahandruTuppence House, Brickfield Farm, Main Road, LongfieldKentDA3 7PJ
Muhammad Ather48 Church Street, MaidstoneKentME14 1DS
Kashif Aziz26 Kings Hill AveKentME19 4UA
Kings Hill
West Malling ME19 4UA
United Kingdom

If you wish us to arrange this for you, please speak to one of our claim advisers.

Contrast And Compare Solicitors Who Handle Medical Negligence Claims

You could use a website that publishes medical negligence solicitor reviews to make a shortlist of possible legal firms that would suit your needs. If you do, make sure you compare information across a number of reviews, such as:

  • What kind of claim does the review cover?
  • Was the claim successful or not?
  • How much did the solicitor charge as a fee?
  • Did the reviewer recommend the solicitor?
  • Is the review fresh enough to still be useful?

Comparing this kind of data would help you make a list of the best solicitors. However, this is still going to take some effort. If you don’t have time to go through this process, speak to a member of our claims team on the number below. They will go over our claims service with you, and explain why it could be a simpler way to get the compensation you may be entitled to.

Gravesend Medical Negligence Claims Our Panel Of Solicitors Could Handle

There are many ways that negligence can harm a patient for which a personal injury lawyer may be able to process a claim. A distinction must be made here though. The negligence must have caused harm to a patient in order for a claim to be valid. Negligence alone is not a valid reason to claim, it must have had a negative impact on the patient. For example:

  • Negligent hospital care, leading to accidents involving patients
  • Mistakes made in an operating theatre, harming the patient
  • Errors or delays in the diagnosis of serious illnesses such as cancer, that caused the patient’s medical condition to get worse
  • Errors during a birthing procedure harming the mother or baby
  • Lax or negligent care in a home which leads to a resident being injured or becoming ill
  • Mistakes made by a GP in their primary care role that caused the patient’s medical condition to get worse
  • Injuries sustained by a patient undergoing a dental procedure, caused by negligence

All of these are examples of negligence causing harm to a person, that could be a valid basis for making a claim. If you are unsure whether your negligence claim would be valid, please contact a member of our team who would be happy to assess this for you.

Medical Blunders In Hospital Care

If you come to harm as a patient at a hospital in Gravesend, medical negligence may have been the cause. Every member of the hospital staff has a duty of care to ensure a patient never comes to harm. When they fail in this duty in some way, such as administering the wrong treatment, or failing to treat a medical condition effectively, it could be possible for the injured party to claim compensation. Examples of medical negligence within a hospital could be a patient contracting MRSA due to poor hygiene standards, or staff failing to turn a bed-bound patient which results in pressure sores and subsequent avoidable infections.

Hospitals In Gravesend And Kent

Below we have created a list of some hospitals in the area of Gravesend and Kent;

  • Gravesham Community Hospital
  • Darent Valley Hospital
  • Queen Mary’s Hospital

Negligence During An Operation

If you come to harm during an operation, whether in a private or NHS facility, then you could be able to make a claim if negligence can be proved. Mistakes made when administering aesthetic, surgical mistakes and lax post-op care leading to infections, are all examples of ways a person can come to harm due to errors made by theatre staff which could entitle them to file a medical negligence claim.

Cancer Misdiagnosis Cases

An example of something that could, in the worst case, be fatal Gravesend hospital negligence, is the misdiagnosis, or late diagnosis of a life-threatening disease such as cancer. When treatment is delayed, causing the cancer to become worst, it could make it more difficult to treat, or even result in the death of the patient. In this instance, if negligence was the cause of harm to a patient, then either the surviving patient, or the dependants of a deceased patient, may be able to file a medical negligence claim.

Negligent Birth Injuries

A medical blunder at Kent hospitals can take many forms, including mistakes made by a midwife, or attending nurse at a birth. Childbirth negligence can cause harm such as:

  • To the baby:
    • Serious illnesses such as cerebral palsy
    • Fractured bones
    • Cuts and bruising
    • Permanent scarring
  • To the mother:
    • Perineal tears
    • Damaged pelvic muscles
    • Cuts and bruising
    • Internal haemorrhaging

If a mother or baby suffers any harm due to a negligent act during childbirth, then it could be possible to make a claim for compensation.

Incidents Of Negligence In Care Homes

Every care home operator in the UK must comply with all legislation and Health & Safety guidelines that apply to the nursing or care home sector. These rules and regulations are in place to protect residents from harm. When compliance fails, this can result in a resident coming to harm. Should this be the case, it may be possible for a solicitor to process a medical negligence claim on behalf of the resident.

Gravesend GP Negligence

You GP is your first port of call when you are ill. You expect your GP to either diagnose your medical condition and provide treatment, or perform an initial diagnosis before referring you to a specialist for treatment when necessary. When a GP fails to do this effectively, treatment can be delayed or even denied, causing the patient’s health to worsen. If this is the case, it could be that the patient has grounds to file a medical negligence claim for compensation.

Dental Clinical Negligence

When you visit a dentist, you should be provided with a level of care that is the same as if you were undergoing surgery in a hospital. All medical professionals, whatever their specialisation, have the same duty of care. Negligence on the part of a dentist can lead to injuries such as:

  • A fractured or damaged jaw
  • Loss of, or damage to healthy teeth
  • Gum infections
  • Cuts, lacerations and facial scarring

All of these  injuries, if caused by negligence, could be the basis of a claim that a medical negligence lawyer could process.

NHS Data For Medical Negligence At Trusts In Kent

The table below shows NHS negligence complaint data for the Gravesend region:

Healthcare ProviderClaims Received (2017/18)Number of Incidents (2017/18)CNST Damages
Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust66671000

Data for this table was taken from the following online resource:

NHS claims data for 2017/18

No Win No Fee Claims For Incidents Of Clinical Negligence In Gravesend

If you have been the victim of Darent Valley Hospital negligence, or any other medical negligence, our No Win No Fee claims service can provide you with a personal injury solicitor which is financially risk-free. There is no fee charged to start your claim, no fee as we process your claim, and no fee if we don’t win you any compensation. We only deduct our fee (success fee) from your compensation settlement if we are successful, and pass you the remainder of the money you are awarded.

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Have you been the victim of medical negligence in Gravesend? Do you think you have valid grounds to file a medical negligence claim? If so, speak to our clinical negligence team on 0800 652 3087 today or fill in our online form.

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