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Medical negligence Haringey

Medical negligence Haringey

When medical care is below the expected standard and we are injured or become ill as a result, we could be eligible to claim for compensation, depending on the circumstances. In order to make a successful claim, liability needs to be proven and although in some instances this may be easy as liability is obvious, sometimes liability isn’t always as easy to prove. If you were to blame for your own injury or illness, then you cannot make a claim, however, if you were partially to blame, you may be eligible to make a claim for a smaller amount of compensation relative to the involvement you had with sustaining your injury. If you came to this page looking for medical negligence solicitors in Haringey or for solicitors who specialise in cases similar to yours, then we have created this guide to help you.

Medical staff have a duty of care to provide a good standard of care to their patients to ensure their health, safety and well-being at all times as best they can. However, when standards have slipped enough that someone becomes injured, they could be found in breach of their duty of care and deemed responsible and so liable if a claim is brought against them. If this has happened to you and you wish to pursue a claim, our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors who are not based in Haringey but can cover this area can help you to successfully make for compensation, just call Medical Negligence Assist on 0800 652 3087 to find out more.

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How Best To Choose A Solicitor To Conduct Your Medical Negligence Claim In Haringey

Once you have decided to opt for legal guidance and representation, the next step is to find the right medical negligence solicitor for your case, which due to the many personal injury firms around, can initially seem an almost impossible decision to make. However, there are a few things you can do which will help to narrow your search and these include:

  • Recommendations – Ask family or friends for recommendations of a solicitor they may have used themselves, or know of someone who has used one recently. They may be able to advise of a good solicitors, or even suggest ones to avoid if they have had a bad experience.
  • Reviews – Have a read through the medical negligence solicitor reviews for useful feedback on the different personal injury firms from a customer’s point of view. This will give an insight into their customer service, efficiency, work ethic and more.
  • Payment Schedule – It is important to consider the way in which the solicitor expects to be paid. Some will offer a no win no fee service, others prefer a regular payment method with final payments being made regardless of the outcome of the case.
  • Experience and Success – It is really important to look at how experienced the personal injury solicitor is as in most cases, the more experienced they are, the higher the chance of a successful claim. Also, if they have a good success rate, this is also a good indicator as to how good they are at their job.
  • Ask for Professional Help – Contact a firm such as Medical Negligence Assist to help you find the right solicitor as we can connect you to a suitable solicitor as our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Borough of Haringey area and all over the UK.

Compare Haringey Clinical Negligence Solicitors

As mentioned previously, reading through the reviews when considering hiring a medical negligence lawyer can be really helpful as you will be able to gauge how well the solicitors treat their clients, if they work efficiently, if they are easy to communicate with, if they keep the clients sufficiently informed as the case progresses, how successful they are, and how time efficient they are. Any solicitors that have received recurrent bad reviews might be ones you want to avoid.

A helpful thing that you could do after you have made a claim might be to leave a review of your own, regarding the solicitor that you have used as it might help future clients in making their decision.

Do I Have To Use A Solicitor In The Borough Of Haringey?

We are really lucky nowadays as with all the modern communication methods. A benefit of modern technology means that it doesn’t matter where the solicitor you choose to hire is based, as long as they fit the criteria you require. Our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Borough of Haringey area, and all over the UK, and so if you contact us, we can help to connect you to a solicitor that specialises in medical negligence cases such as yours.

What Is A Medical Exam And Could I Have One In My Area?

In order to make a claim for personal injury you are required to undergo an independent medical assessment with a doctor. This will form the base of your claim and your solicitor will use this, among other factors to value your claim for compensation.  Although, as discussed  you don’t need to use clinical negligence solicitors based in Haringey, you will most defiantly, what to undergo your medical assessment somewhere local to you. If you choose to go through our panel of medical negligence solicitors, they will use our panel of doctors who work within the Borough of Haringey, one of which is included below;

  • Mohammed Ahmed, 1st Floor, 507 Green Lanes, Haringey, N4 1AL.

What Instances Of Medical Negligence Could You Claim For?

Our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors deal with all kinds of medical negligence cases. Some of the types of cases we have dealt with include:

  • Cases involving failures to diagnose a condition or misdiagnosis
  • Clinical negligence NHS cases
  • Surgical errors
  • Dental negligence cases
  • Nursing and care home negligence cases
  • GP malpractice cases

Regardless of whether the negligence occurred in an NHS medical setting or a private medical setting and it has resulted in the victim becoming injured, our medical negligence solicitors in Haringey or across the UK, can help you to pursue a claim for personal injury compensation.

Diagnostic Errors In Cancer Treatment

Any delays in treatment for cancer can have devastating consequences, and in the worst cases, fatal ones. Diagnostic errors in cancer treatment can result in a delay in treatment which often means that the patient then has to endure a more aggressive and extensive treatment to counteract lost time, for some unfortunately, even with treatment, it can be too late. If you or someone you love has suffered due to  diagnostic errors in cancer treatment, you may be eligible to make a claim for compensation. Speak to Medical Negligence Assist for further advice.

My Surgeon Made A Mistake Which Caused My Harm

Surgical errors are a common cause for a medical negligence case to arise, but are equally as difficult to establish, this is because, all surgeries come with risks. Having said that, surgical staff are trained to deal with a number of complexities to avoid or minimise known risks, but unfortunately if they provide substandard care that results in negligent and avoidable harm causing further injury to the patient then this will be classed as clinical malpractice. Surgical errors can include:

  • Unnecessary level of scarring.
  • Operation on wrong site leading to damage to healthy organs.
  • Infections due to hygiene carelessness or lack of after surgery care.
  • Patient being insufficiently informed of possible risks and side effects.
  • Surgical dressings being left in the wound that cause infections.

If you have been injured due to a surgical error, or been made ill, regardless of whether the surgery was for medical or cosmetic reasons, or performed in an NHS or private hospital, you may be eligible to make a claim.

Maternity, Birth And Paediatric Negligence

There are many injuries that may occur to either mother or baby during birth, some just happen and are unavoidable, but many are because of careless actions or mistakes made by the maternity team. Compensation claims can be made for injuries to the baby, the mother, or both and may consist of a physical injury or psychological injury. To find out more about the different types of birth negligence claims, read here.  If you or your baby was injured due to the negligence of the maternity team, speak to Medical Negligence Assist and we can connect you to a medical negligence solicitor who will be able to advise you on the best course of action to take to get you or your baby the compensation you deserve.

Hospital negligence In Haringey

On a daily basis there are many different medical checks, tests, and treatments that happen in a hospital and so it stands to reasons that an act of medical negligence in a hospital could happen due to staff failing to uphold the standards that are reasonably expected of them. It is worth mentioning that negligence alone, does not warrant a claim for compensation, it must be proven that avoidable harm has been brought to the patient. Typical examples of medical negligence could include; improper hygiene standards resulting in the contraction and spreading of MRSA, which can have fatal consequences for patients who already have a weakened immune system and the failure to tend to a bed bound patients pressure sores and this leads to Septicemia or Osteomyelitis. However it occurred and regardless of whether it was whilst in an NHS or a private hospital, a compensation claim could be made if liability is proven.

Our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors can help you to make a claim against a hospital if you have been a victim of medical negligence and suffered an injury or become ill as a result. Call us at Medical Negligence Assist today for expert help and advice.

Neglectful Nursing Home Care

Our panel of medical negligence solicitors are also very familiar with compensation claims made for neglectful treatment in nursing and care homes. Care staff have a duty of care to their residents to ensure their health, safety and well-being is considered at all times and as such are trained to deal with a manner of complexities. Unfortunately, negligence could happen in many ways in a nursing home, such as, incorrect medication being given, symptoms of injury or illness being ignored, incorrect lifting techniques being used, and so on. If you or a loved one has suffered from  medical negligence in a care or nursing home, speak to Medical Negligence Assist to find out more about pursuing  a claim.

Negligent Treatment By A Dentist

Medical negligence can also occur in a dental surgery, whether it is an NHS or private facility.  If the dental surgeon or the dental team make a mistake causing you be become injured, you may have a cause to make a claim for compensation. Negligence in a dental surgery may include incorrect dosage of anaesthesia used, the wrong tooth being extracted, damage to other healthy teeth or gums, a wrong diagnosis of oral cancer and so on. Call Medical Negligence Assist to find a solicitor suitable for a dental negligence case to tell you what step you need to make a successful claim.

I Was Harmed By GP Malpractice

We trust our GP to help us when we are feeling unwell or have an injury that needs medical attention. In the majority of cases, GP’s are able to diagnose, treat, and/or make a referral in order to make the patient better, but sometimes things go wrong which can cause an injury to occur, and its often because a GP has allowed for their standards to drop below what is reasonably expected of them and this has resulted in further harm being caused to the patient. Examples of GP Malpractice may include the wrong medication being prescribed, casing adverse side effects and prolonged suffering, a lack of action when required, failing to recognise symptoms of illness and not referring to a specialist for further investigation.

Selected NHS Medical Negligence Claims Data For North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust

In the table below, you can see the number of claims and incidents that have occurred over the course of one year for the NHS trusts serving the area of Haringey.

NHS Trust Or Relevant Healthcare AuthorityNo. of claims recievedNo. of reported incidentsCNST Damages Paid
North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust59*£11,107,431

You can find the information and statistics for the number of claims made here.


No Win No Fee Medical Negligence Claims Explained

One of the main things that put people off of pursuing a claim is the cost of legal fees. However, thanks to the No Win No Fee agreement making a valid clam couldn’t be simpler. This is because it is financially a risk free way of hiring legal help and requires no payments upfront or throughout the legal process, instead the fees are paid as a single payment once the claim has concluded, and this is only if it was successful. The payment is paid as a small percentage of the awarded amount (up to a maximum of 25%) and therefore has no negative impact on your current finances at all. If the case is unsuccessful however, no fees are to be paid at all.

The no win no fee policy offers those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford legal help, the opportunity to have legal representation.

Hospital services In The Borough Of Haringey

There are a number of different hospitals and clinics that serve people in the Haringey area, these include:

  • North Middelsex University Hospital NHS Trust
  • Highgate Private Hospital
  • Laurels Healthy Living Centre

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