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Medical negligence Havering

Medical negligence Havering

Medical negligence solicitors in Havering could be able to help you successfully make a claim for clinical negligence. If you have suffered unnecessary harm at the hands of a medical professional, and you can prove this was through error, oversight, or omission, you could have a valid claim.

Suing a large private healthcare provider, or an entity such as the NHS, involves a complex procedure. Therefore you could want the help of experienced negligence solicitors to have the best chance of a positive outcome. We work with a panel of medical negligence solicitors who are based all over the UK, but can cover the Havering area. Call 0800 652 3087 today to learn more.

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Picking A Medical Negligence Solicitor For Your Claim

If you are about to begin looking for a solicitor to process a negligence claim for you, you may be thinking that you don’t know where to start. Luckily, we have a few tips on how to begin your search, such as:

  • Find a review website, and compare a number of solicitors that have been reviewed.
  • Use social media or networking site, to ask your social connections for recommendations.
  • Speak to your family and friends, to find out if they could suggest a personal injury solicitor.
  • Ask your work colleagues whether they can make a recommendation.

These are all good ways to start your search, but they will, of course, still take some effort to action. If you have limited time, we can offer you a simpler alternative. Our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Borough of Havering area, and assist you with your claim. Speak to one of our claim advisors on the number at the end of this page to learn more. They will also discuss the three year claims time limit with you.

Can I Claim With A Solicitor Outside My Local Area?

In the past, using the services of a local legal firm made sense, as it made communicating with your solicitor simple, as you would be able to walk into their office and speak to them. However, in modern times, we have simple, effective communication channels that make dealing with a personal injury solicitor easy, no matter where they are located. Therefore, these days, the answer to the question, must I use medical negligence solicitors in my area? Is no. The main driver when it comes to choosing a solicitor to process your claim, could then be based on how well they will perform the task, making location immaterial.

Medical Exams Are Carried Out By Our Panel Of Doctors

Injuries need to be evaluated and graded before a solicitor can begin to put a potential value on your claim. Therefore, having yourself examined by a medical professional is an extremely important part of the claims process. You don’t need to arrange your own examination, our panel of medical negligence solicitors will ensure to an expert local to you from our our panel of doctors, some of can be found below;

Alba Sanchez MascunanoClockhouse LaneNorth RomfordRM5 3QJ

Will Reviews Help You Choose Who To Handle Your Case?

You might be able to locate an independent website that has plenty of medical negligence solicitor reviews. If you can, this could prove to be a useful resource for starting your search for a legal firm. When you are reading reviews, be sure to compare information such as:

  • How long ago the review was published.
  • What kind of claim the review covers.
  • Whether the review is positive or negative.
  • Whether the claim was a success.
  • How much the legal firm charged.

Facts like this can be used to generate a shortlist. However, it will still take some time to go through all the reviews. If you want a simpler, faster option, speak to one of our claim advisors on the number below. They will go over your claim with you, and explain how you could use our panel of medical negligence solicitors.

Claims Handled By Our Panel Of Clinical Negligence Solicitors

There are many ways that negligence can harm a patient in a way that could leave them in a position to make a personal injury claim. It should be noted though, that a medical negligence solicitor will only be able to process a claim in cases where the victim actually came to harm. Negligence on its own would not be a valid cause to claim. As an example:

  • A mistake during an operation leads to the patient suffering harm in some way.
  • A baby or its mother is injured due to negligence during childbirth.
  • Negligence at a hospital results in an accident that injures a member of the public in some way.
  • The level of care in a nursing home slips due to negligence, resulting in a resident being harmed.
  • A dentist causes an injury to a patient during a dental procedure, due to negligence.
  • A GP fails to deal with a patient properly, leading to a delay in treatment, causing the patient’s medical condition to worsen.
  • A cancer patient is the victim of a misdiagnosis or late diagnosis, leading to a delay in treatment, causing the patient’s medical condition to worsen.

These all show how clinical/medical negligence can occur, in a way that harms a patient, and leaves them in a position to make a compensation claim for the avoidable harm they have suffered.

Surgical Errors Or Malpractice

When we receive treatment in the form of a surgical procedure, no matter whether it is for health or cosmetic purposes, we are aware of the risks involved. However, this is not to say that surgical staff can allow their standards of care to slip, and this subsequently results in unnecessary harm being caused to the patient. Unfortunately, there are many ways that surgical errors can lead to a patients suffering. This could be due to general mistakes that result in a doctor performing unnecessary surgery, or mistakes during surgery such as:

  • A surgeon makes a bad incision, cutting the patient unnecessarily.
  • Errors are made administering anaesthetic, causing the patient to have an adverse reaction.
  • Wrong – sited surgery, resulting in damage to healthy organs or the loss of a healthy limb
  • Lax care after the operation leads to the patient developing an infection.

All of these show how negligence before, after or during surgery can directly lead to the patient suffering harm. In cases such as these, it could be possible for the patient to make a claim.

Birth Or Antenatal Care Negligence

During childbirth, there is always a risk of injury to the mother or the baby. When negligence is added to the equation, these risks become much greater. If a member of staff who has been trained to deliver a baby safely fails to provide a standard of care that is reasonably expected of them and this results in undue harm to mother, baby or both, then a claim for personal injury could be made.  Examples of the types of injuries that can be cause d my the medical negligence of midwives, nurses and pediatricians alike can be found below;

  • To the baby:
    • Hypoxia causing brain damage.
    • Medical conditions such as Cerebral Palsy.
    • Improper use of birthing tools resulting in permanent disfigurement.
  • To the mother:
    • Fractured pelvis.
    • Soft tissue injuries such as preventable torn pelvic muscles.
    • Avoidable scarring.

When injuries such as these are caused by the negligent act of a health care provider, a personal injury lawyer could be able to process a claim for the injured party.

Havering Area Hospital Negligence

We all expect to be treated professionally and effectively when we visit a hospital. Either as an inpatient, or when visiting the A&E Department. A busy hospital, staffed by overworked medical professionals, could on occasion,  put a patient at risk of harm due to negligence, for example:

  • During an MRI scan or X-Ray, the patient is exposed to harmful levels of radiation, causing them to become ill.
  • Poor hygiene levels resulting in the contraction and spreading of super bugs such as MRSA.
  • A patient is administered the wrong medication, causing an allergic or adverse reaction.

All of these demonstrate how various kinds of hospital negligence, can lead to a patient being harmed in some way, leaving them with the possibility of making a private or NHS negligence claim.

Neglect In Residential Care Homes

Every care home operator in the UK, has to perform their legal obligations, related to providing a level of care that will ensure that residents are not placed at risk of harm at any time. When compliance fails, the level of care in a nursing home can drop, and this can lead to a resident developing a health problem, or going without proper treatment for an existing health issue. When this kind of negligent care leads to a resident being harmed, then it could be possible for a medical negligence lawyer to process a claim on behalf of the injured party. Examples of such negligence resulting in harm is a care home are; failure to follow the correct lifting techniques, resulting in the patient falling and receiving avoidable fractures, or failure to turn a bed bound patient frequently, causing bed sores. 

Claim For Dental Malpractice

When a dentist or a dental nurse fails in their duty of care towards their patients, it can result in harm through negligence, causing injuries such as:

  • A damaged or fractured jawbone.
  • Damage to, or loss of healthy teeth.
  • Damaged to the gum or mouth, including infections.
  • Failure to spot the clear signs of oral cancer.

When these kinds of injuries are the result of dental negligence, then it could be possible for the injured party to make a claim for the harm they have suffered.

Claim For Delay In A Cancer Diagnosis

A full recovery from cancer, is often dependant on the patient receiving treatments such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy as quickly as possible. When a negligent mistake leads to a delay in cancer diagnosis, for example, a delayed breast cancer diagnosis, then the patient’s health could suffer further. In cases such as these, where negligence resulted in a delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis, causing the patient’s condition to become worse, or even their death in extreme examples, it could be possible for a claim to be made Please read here for further information regarding negligent cancer care claims.

GP Malpractice Claims

If you visit a GP practice in Havering, and the GP fails in their primary care role, it could lead to a critical delay in your receiving the treatment you need. This delay in treatment could result in your medical condition becoming worse and subsequently harming your health further. In cases such as this, it could be possible for the injured party to make a GP malpractice claim.

Hospital Services In The Havering Area

  • Queens Hospital
  • King George’s Hospital
  • Wanstead Hospital

Data Illustrating NHS Negligence Instances In The Borough Of Havering

The table below presents data related to negligence in the Havering area.

Healthcare ProviderClaims Received (2017/18)Number of Incidents (2017/18)CNST Damages
Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust98716,066,566.

Data for this table was taken from the following online resource:

NHS claims data for 2017/18

What Is A No win No Fee Clinical Negligence Claim?

To answer the question, should I use No Win No Fee lawyer? Then consider that under a No Win No Fee agreement you pay nothing to start a claim or while it is processed, and nothing to your solicitor if the claim is unsuccessful. You will pay a fee (deducted from compensation when the solicitor secures a settlement for you.

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