High Wycombe Medical Negligence Solicitors – No Win No Fee Lawyers Claims Guide

Medical negligence High Wycombe

Medical negligence High Wycombe

When you’re searching for a personal injury solicitor to help you make a claim, choosing the right one can be a tricky choice to make.  It’s important to get it right though as it could make a difference to how much compensation you receive and whether you win the claim or not.  If you’re searching for medical negligence solicitors in High Wycombe, we may have an alternative solution for you as our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the High Wycombe area.

Broadening your search location may mean that you are guaranteed to appoint a medical negligence specialist who has the experience aswell as knowledge and expertise to represent you in your case. Our panel of medical negligence specialists can cover the High Wycombe area and therefore could help you with your claim.

If you’d like to discuss your negligence claim, then call today on 0800 652 3807 and speak to a specialist advisor.  If you’d like to know more before contacting us, then please carry on reading.

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How Do I Find A Solicitor To Help Me Make A Medical Negligence Claim?

Before hiring a medical negligence lawyer, it’s best that you know the definition of malpractice or clinical negligence.  Essentially, if a medical professional provides any form of substandard care which causes you an injury, to become ill or your original condition becomes worse, then you could be eligible to seek a medical negligence payout. Your medical negligence solicitor may want to prove that another medical practitioner of similar ability would have not proceeded in the same way causing unnecessary harm in order to establish if you have a valid case.

To help you choose a personal injury lawyer, you might ask a colleague or a friend for a recommendation.  You may even read reviews of clinical negligence solicitors.  These are both fine and act as a good starting point.  In this guide, we’ll provide further information, so you know what you really need to find out before choosing the best solicitor for your medical negligence claim.

As with other personal injury claims, there is a medical negligence claims time limit in the UK.  This means you have 3 years to make your claim from the date the injury or illness was sustained or from the date you found out about it. There are exceptions to the rule so please call our team to find out more.

We’d recommend you don’t leave your claim to the last minute though.   Our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors have the experience to file claims for all types of medical negligence cases, but it can take time to gather the supporting evidence and medical reports.  Therefore, give us a call as soon as possible to discuss whether you could make a claim or not.

Should You Claim With A Medical Negligence Solicitor In Your Area?

Some people think that, “I should use medical negligence solicitors in my area”, but in reality, it’s better to find clinical negligence solicitors who specialise in neglect cases and have experience in your type of claim, regardless of where they’re based.

Solicitor’s very often contact their clients via email, telephone and the postal service. Our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the High Wycombe area so they could help with your claim.

As well as this, to ensure you don’t have to travel far, our panel of expert solicitors have a panel of medical specialists and doctors up and down the UK to undertake any medical assessments required.  We’ll provide a list of High Wycombe specialists later in this guide.

How Helpful Are Reviews Of Clinical Negligence Solicitors?

If you’ve ever read a review online, you’ll know that some are helpful while some are less so.   We recommend using reviews to narrow down your choice of solicitors before actually speaking with and questioning potential solicitors yourself.

We also recommend that you leave your own reviews when your case is finished.  In the same way that you might’ve been helped by a review, your information could help somebody else with their own claim.

Types Of Clinical Negligence

In next section we’ll provide information about the medical specialists in High Wycombe and also cover examples of some common negligent acts which could lead to a compensation claim.

Medical Experts Who Could Assess Your Health In This Area

As mentioned earlier, here is a list of medical experts in the High Wycombe area who can conduct any medical assessments that are required as part of your claim.  Here are a sample:

Asef Zafar
Kingsmead Business Park,
Frederick Place,
High Wycombe, HP11 1LA.

Ahmed Touheed
Aston Court,
High Wycombe, HP11 1JU.

Hassan Mehdi
Crest Road,
High Wycombe, HP11 1TL.

Childbirth Injuries

When a parent enters the maternity ward to give birth it can be exciting, exhilarating and scary all at the same time.  The medical professionals on the ward such as midwives, doctors and paediatricians are all there to try and make sure everything happens as normally as possible and any risks or problems are dealt with to ensure the safety of both the mother and baby.

However if the expectant mother or unborn child do not receive the appropriate standard of care then potential harm could be caused. If it can be proven that a medical professional has acted in a negligent or careless way they may be liable if the patient goes on to suffer an illness or injury as a direct consequence.

If you or your baby have suffered a childbirth injury due to negligent treatment and care then please call our specialists to discuss your case.

Surgery And Operation Negligence Claims

When you are admitted onto a hospital ward and need to be taken to surgery, you’ll usually be told what’s going to happen and if there are any associated risks.  Even though you sign a consent form, if the surgeon strays from procedure or is negligent in any other way, and you suffer harm as a result you may be entitled to claim compensation following your operation. Each and every individual circumstances are different so without knowing details it is difficult to give a definitive answer but if you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact our team.

Examples of surgical negligence could include;

  • A member of the surgery team left foreign bodies inside of you.
  • You suffered pain because of a mistake with the anaesthetic dosage.
  • There were injuries to other internal organs following surgery.
  • Wrong site surgery.

Medical Claims Against A Hospital

Even though a hospital environment can be fast-paced, and staff are dealing with many patients, patients can still expect a duty of care to ensure they are safe, and their treatment is performed following recommended procedures.  In cases where a patient becomes ill (such as super bugs), suffers an injury (including surgical injuries) or their original condition becomes worse, because of some form of negligence, a claim might be possible against the hospital.

If you feel you have suffered because of hospital negligence, please speak with our team to discuss whether you could claim or not.

Negligence By A Doctor

GPs have to have a broad range of knowledge when it comes to dealing with numerous illnesses and ailments every day.  They only have a short appointment time with each patient to try and diagnose the problem and to recommend the right treatment as well. As a GP is the first point of call if they make a mistake in the initial stages it could have huge knock on effects, as the patient may not receive the correct diagnosis which means they may not get the right medication or treatment, they may not be sent for further testing, they may not be sent to see a specialist or they may receive treatment for an incorrect diagnosis so they may not only be ill due to medication they do not need their current condition may worsen due to no treatment.

Examples of negligence by a doctor could include:

  • If the GP misdiagnoses a problem. This can lead to the patient’s condition worsening as they won’t have been treated for the correct problem.
  • Errors in prescriptions can lead to illnesses or bad side effects.
  • When a diagnosis isn’t made at the first opportunity which leads to the patient suffering more.

Neglectful Care At A Nursing Home

Placing a loved one in the care of a nursing home can be a hard decision.  It can be made easier if you know that the nursing home staff will meet their duty of care to treat and care for the patient properly.  In cases where they breach their duty of care and avoidable harm is caused you could claim compensation on behalf of your loved one for their injuries.

Examples of neglect in care homes include:

  • Injuries sustained while a patient is being moved or lifted due to poor staff training.
  • Any illness caused because the care home failed to dispense the prescribed medication correctly.
  • If a patient suffers from pressure sores (bed sores) because they’ve not been moved regularly.

Cancer Diagnostic And Treatment Malpractice

The best way to beat cancer, in many cases, is for it to be diagnosed early and for treatment to begin quickly.  If a doctor or cancer specialist delays the treatment because they fail to spot the symptoms of cancer or misdiagnose it as something else altogether, then the patient could suffer immensely.

Stage one cancers could escalate to higher stages after a relatively short delay in treatment which can reduce the chances of the treatment being successful.  If you think you or a loved one suffered because of a misdiagnosis, please speak with our team today the number is at the bottom of this guide.

Negligent Dental Treatment

Dentists, hygienists and dental nurses all have a duty of care to ensure any patient in their care receives the correct treatment and is not harmed by it.   Mistakes made during dental procedures can cause both physical and psychological injuries which, if caused by negligence, could lead to a compensation claim.

Examples of negligent dental treatment include:

  • When a procedure is performed that wasn’t needed.
  • If the patient suffers pain because the anaesthetic levels weren’t right.
  • Where a patient suffers an infection following surgery because of poor hygiene.
  • If a dentist causes negligent damage to the gums, nerves or other teeth during treatment.

High Wycombe NHS Trust Medical Negligence Statistics

For your information, we’ve provided the table below which outlines all of the compensation payments made by the NHS trust that covers High Wycombe in the 2017-18 period.

Healthcare ProviderClaims in 2017/2018Number of Incidents 2017/2018Damages Payments
Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust467£4,225,347

Source: NHS Trust and Authority Payments 2017-18

No Win No Fee Medical Negligence Claims In High Wycombe

Many solicitors offer no win no fee agreements to help people claim for medical negligence.  This is good because it means you don’t need to find any funds to pay for the solicitor.  This is because, if they lose you don’t have to pay them at all and if they win, the solicitor is paid a success fee straight from the compensation.

Using no win no fee makes claiming compensation a lot less worrying.

Hospitals Treating Patients In High Wycombe

Here is a list of some of the hospitals in the High Wycombe and surrounding areas:

  • Wycombe Hospital.
  • Amersham Hospital.
  • Wexham Park Hospital.
  • Harefield Hopsital.
  • Harlow House.
  • The Shelbourne (BMI).

Any of our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the High Wycombe area so could help with negligence claims at any of these hospitals.

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Now that you’ve read this guide, hopefully you understand that our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the High Wycombe area and that they offer a no win no fee service for any claim they take on.

To discuss a claim with us you can contact us today on 0800 652 3087 or fill in this online form so that we can call you back.

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