Jarrow Medical Negligence Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims Lawyers Guide

Medical negligence Jarrow

Medical negligence Jarrow

You may have found this guide whilst searching for medical negligence solicitors in Jarrow. If you did, you could find out how our nationwide panel of solicitors could help you to make a personal injury claim for harm caused at a healthcare facility.

From general NHS negligence to specific cases of clinical negligence by a midwife or cancer treatment negligence, clinical negligence could be caused in many different ways. Before we start to look at the process of finding a solicitor and some of the more common reasons for making such a claim, we should first establish what clinical or medical negligence is.

Medical healthcare or clinical treatment may be considered to be negligent if it could be shown that the actions of the person administering the care have fallen short of those standards which should and could be expected. The independent doctor who conducts your medical examination could be able to show that negligence has taken place and caused you harm.

Learn more about how our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Jarrow area and how they could help you.

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Steps To Select A Clinical Negligence Solicitor

Choosing who will conduct your clinical negligence claim is one of the most vital and important steps in the whole process of seeking compensation. Having the right person conduct your claim could be the difference between you being awarded the best possible settlement and not winning your claim at all. You only have one chance to make your claim, so, how do you find the best person to conduct your case?

  1. Don’t limit your search to where you live or work. The best person for the job may be based elsewhere.
  2. Make a short list of solicitors or law firms who you think could help you.
  3. Check out reviews of their service.
  4. Talk to their team and see how they could help you claim.
  5. Ask whether you could make you claim under a conditional fee agreement.

In the next sections we look at two of the most important steps you can take, not limiting your search area and the value of testimonials and reviews.

Should You Look At A Solicitors Testimonials Or Reviews?

Perhaps the best endorsement of any product, service, or service provider are testimonials written by current and former clients. When looking at which washing machine to buy or where to take your next holiday you may consult online reviews written by people who have purchased a similar device or been on such a holiday before. Medical negligence solicitor reviews could help us to be better informed at to what to look at when considering who to conduct our case or what to expect when first getting in contact with a solicitor.

Whilst reading and even comparing testimonials could help to better inform your choice we do also recommend talking to our team. A review may not be able to give you information about the solicitors experience in conducting such claims and it may not show how they could help you. This is why we also recommend talking to our team to find out how our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors could help you.

Should I Limit My Search To The Local Area?

Should I claim compensation through medical negligence solicitors in my local area? This is a question which you may be thinking about or searching for the answer to. It is entirely reasonable to think that you either could only or that you should only claim compensation through a solicitor who is based in your area. However, this does not have to be the case. Even just a few years ago there may have been advantages to working with someone based close to you. Communication with someone based in a different region or part of the country may have taken longer than someone situated closer. Today this does not have to be so. Many claims can be started and dealt with online and you can always be kept up to date by phone call other communication channels. The important thing to note is that no matter whether the person conducting your case is just around the corner in Jarrow or across the country, there will be no effect on the outcome of your case.

Could I Have A Medical Exam Close To My Area?

When making a medical negligence claim your solicitor will need to have medical evidence. Your solicitor will take a two-fold approach to this. Firstly they will obtain a copy of your current (case relevant) medical records. This will help to establish what happened to you and when. Secondly, they may ask you to undergo a medical examination. This will then provide additional evidence of how you have been harmed. Medical exams for claimants in Jarrow could be carried out by our panel of doctors, based as follows.

Ian Watson
The Axis Building
Kingsway North,
Team Valley
NE11 0NQ

Rizwan Shafiq
Gateshead Regus Office,
The Axis Building,
Kingsway North,
Team Valley,
NE11 0NQ

Kamran Shafiq
Regus Gateshead,
Grainger Park,
Kingsway North,
The Axis Building,
NE11 0NQ

Note. the doctor carrying out your specific examination may differ, as may the location at which the exam may be conducted.

What Medical Negligence Claims Could People Make?

Whether you have been harmed by NHS negligence or were harmed by a private healthcare provider, you could make a personal injury claim. Whilst in this guide we look in some detail at a few of the more commonly seen types of medical negligence, there are other reasons for which you could make a claim.

Examples of other different medical negligence claims include;

  • Cosmetic surgery injury or illness claims.
  • Urology or gynaecology negligence claims.
  • Pharmacy negligence claims.
  • Accident and Emergency claims.
  • Private healthcare provider negligence.

Read on for further information about frequently seen types of clinical negligence which our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors could handle.

Care Home Staff Negligence

People require nursing care in their own home or need to enter into residence at a nursing home or a care home for a variety of different reasons. People may have specific medical, healthcare or mental health care requirements or simply need much more assistance in their day-to-day life. A loved one, or indeed yourself, may need to enter a care home because of a disability or for other reasons. Those residing in care or nursing homes are entitled to minimum levels of care. If care standards are not met, people could be harmed through,

  • Abuse in a nursing home.
  • Injuries caused by errors, blunders and neglect.
  • Illness or other ill-effects caused by neglect.
  • Pressure sores (bed-sores) claims.

Our panel of different solicitors may be able to help you to claim on your behalf or on behalf of someone else harmed in a nursing home.

Negligent Surgical Procedures

Negligence in operations (surgery) takes place in a small minority of surgical procedures across the UK and if undergoing surgery at an NHS or private facility, you can usually be sure that things will go right. But at times things do not and those involved in your operation may make a mistake. Avoidable mistakes which could be made in an operation could include,

  • Surgeons performing surgery on the wrong site (part of your body).
  • Performing the wrong/ incorrect procedure.
  • Carrying out an operation which is not necessary.
  • Delaying a procedure unduly.
  • Failing to remove a foreign object from the body during an operation.

If an operation is inadequately performed it could also lead to you suffering additional injuries such as perforations to an organ or suffering an infection from improperly sterilized equipment. Any of the factors above could have caused a lot of harm and impact your future health.

Obstetrics And Birth Injury Negligence

Whether you are pregnant, delivering your baby or a new parent you expect that the health service will care for you and provide you with the medical treatment you need at this critical time. Unfortunately the expected level of care is not always met and you could be harmed as a result. There are a range of prenatal, labour and antenatal injuries which could happen. These include,

  • Mothers being injured during the birth of a child.
  • Cerebral palsy injuries caused during birth.
  • Screening not being appropriately being carried out.
  • Injuries to a mother or baby after the delivery.

Hospital Negligence Cases

Because hospitals are expected to provide you with a plethora of different medical treatment and healthcare services each claim or request for hospital negligence advice will be different. Some of the different reasons for which a person may need to claim compensation from a hospital are,

  • Infections such as MSSA or MRSA.
  • Delays to an operation.
  • Delays to screening or tests.
  • Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis.
  • A&E negligence.
  • Not providing fluids.
  • Not providing the right medication or medication at the right time.
  • An error of omission.

A personal injury lawyer or specialist medical negligence lawyer could help you to claim compensation.

Cancer Treatment Negligence

Cancer needs to be detected and treated as soon as possible. The most common ways in which negligence could affect the treatment of your cancer and thus your over all health (and even prospects of recovering and living) could include your diagnosis being delayed or your illness being misdiagnosed. If this has happened to you it may have been necessary to undergo much more aggressive treatments, with serious side-effects. The harm suffered in these treatments and which was caused by the delay overall could have been avoided by your being diagnosed correctly. As such, you may be able to start a claim.

Dental Negligence Compensation

Whilst dental negligence can present in many different ways, there are some forms which are seen more often than most. These could include,

  • Infections being contracted during a dental procedure.
  • Negligence caused by general carelessness by a dentist.
  • The wrong tooth being taken out.
  • A dental illness (such as oral cancer) being misdiagnosed.
  • The wrong procedure being carried out.
  • Inadequate procedures being carried out.

Dental negligence compensation amounts do vary according to what harm you experienced. To find out what you may be eligible to claim, talk to our experts today.

Doctors Negligence

Have you been harmed by medical negligence at a GP practice? There are many different ways in which you could have been injured or made ill. Some of the most common of these may be,

  • Not referring a patient for testing or treatment by a specialist.
  • Issuing the wrong prescription, causing you harm.
  • Misdiagnosing an illness or even failing to diagnose an illness at all.
  • Not fully or properly examining you and your illness, leading to an illness/ injury getting worse.

Hospitals And Clinical Care Services In Jarrow

As with any larger town in the UK, there are a variety of different clinical, medical and healthcare services treating people in the area. There are also social care services as provided by the local authority. Details of and links to some of these services are included at the bottom of this article. Directly below we have also listed some of the medical and healthcare service providers in this area with whom your claim may be made against.

NHS services

  • Palmer Community Hospital.
  • South Tyneside District Hospital.
  • Mayfield Medical Group.
  • East Wing Surgery.

Private healthcare services

  • Nuffield Health Newcastle.
  • Spire Washington.

If you have been harmed by care at any of these or other facilities in this area, talk to our team about your potential claim options.

Statistical Data For Rates Of Medical Claims Made Against Jarrow Area NHS Trusts

Jarrow sites on the River Tyne and has an approximate population of just over 43,000 (according to the 2011 census). NHS medical services for the town and suburban area provided through the wider South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Trust. People in the local area may also be treated under the care of the Newcastle Upon Tyne NHS Foundation Trust.

In the following table we take publically available data from NHS Resolution and present the volume of claims made against and payments made by these NHS Trusts for medical negligence.

NHS Trust Or Relevant Healthcare AuthorityNo. of claims recievedNo. of reported incidentsCNST Damages Paid
County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust1086£12,124,044

The data displayed can be found at this link – https://resolution.nhs.uk/resources/factsheet-5-trust-and-authority-claims-data-2017-18/

Fund Your Claim With A No Win No Fee Agreement

If you have been harmed by a healthcare or medical professional and are looking to claim for medical negligence talk to our team about the different ways you could fund your case. Whilst there may be different options open to you, one of the most popular ways to make any type of personal injury claim is to do so through a no win no fee (also called a conditional fee) agreement.

You may have heard those terms used a lot by solicitors in accident claims guides or on TV adverts, but what does it mean? It is a type of contract which is made between someone making a claim and their personal injury or medical negligence law team. As well as setting out the services which will be provided by the solicitor it will clearly state that the solicitor is only paid on the condition that the claim is successful. It will also include what the solicitor can expect to be paid. This is all agreed upfront, so there are no nasty surprises.

To learn more about how this type of claim works, speak to our team today.

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If you have been harmed in any of the ways discussed above, or suffered injury through any other form of medical or healthcare negligence our team could help you. Our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Jarrow area and are well versed in this type of personal injury claim and could help you to get the settlement you are entitled to.

To discuss your options for making a medical negligence claim or to find out more about funding options, contact us using one of the methods below.

We are here 24 hours a day to listen to your case.

Helpful References And Local Medical Services

This guide will have taken you through what medical negligence is, how you could claim compensation through a medical negligence solicitor and why you do not need to claim with a medical negligence solicitor in Jarrow. Whilst we are not located in this area, our panels of doctors and solicitors could help you as easily as if we were. In the additional resources below you can learn more about healthcare in this area and other types of claim you could make.

Palmer Community Hospital
Wear Street,
NE32 3UX
Website: www.nhs.uk/Services/hospitals/Overview/DefaultView.aspx?id=RE9GF

South Tyneside And Sunderland NHS Trust
This is the larger NHS body responsible for administering care services at facilities across the South Tyneside area.

Social Care Support In South Tyneside
Find out more about social care services and support for adults in the South Tyneside area.

Our Guide To GP Negligence Claims
This is our more detailed guide on how a personal injury solicitor could help you claim compensation from a GP.

MRSA Illness Claims
How to make a claim if you contracted MRSA whilst at a hospital due to their negligence.