Manchester Medical Negligence Solicitors – No Win No Fee Lawyers Claims Guide

Medical negligence Manchester

Medical negligence Manchester

By Daniel Boimler. Last Updated 4th November 2022. When you’re making a medical negligence claim, having the right solicitor working with you is essential. They could be the difference between getting the right amount of compensation for your injury or injuries and not getting settlement at all. When the claim you’re making is for medical negligence or clinical negligence, having the right solicitor is essential because these types of claims can be very complex and difficult. It is not important to use local solicitor so even though you maybe searching for medical negligence solicitors in Manchester our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors could still help you.

If you’d like further information you can call us on 0800 652 3087.  If you’d like to know more information about choosing medical claim solicitors, then please carry on reading.

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A Guide To Choosing A Medical Or Clinical Negligence Solicitor

One of the first things to do, when deciding to make a claim for medical negligence, is choosing the right personal injury solicitor.  These types of claims can be complex and sometimes sensitive in nature.

Therefore, using solicitors who have specialist training in medical or clinical negligence claims could be beneficial. Using our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors means you’ll be paired with someone who specialises in your type of claim.

Here’s some advice about choosing the right solicitor:

  • Use online reviews and ask friends for recommendations. You don’t have to use their recommendations though.  Use your own judgement too.
  • The location of the medical negligence lawyer is not always important what is vital though is they have the expertise and knowledge base to succeed in your case.
  • A solicitor who offers to complete your claim quickly, is not necessarily the best solicitor.
  • Look for a solicitor who offers regular updates and clear communication.
  • And always ask how the payment structure works, we advise using a no win no fee medical negligence solicitor.

We’ll provide more information about this advice throughout this guide. As well as this advice we’ll provide information on examples of different medical negligence cases. Furthermore, we’ll explain how using a no win no fee solicitor can be used to claim damages.

Importantly, there is a personal injury claims time limit in the UK. All claims must be made within 3 years of the medical negligence occurring. The only exceptions to this; when the patient isn’t aware immediately of what’s happened. In these cases, the claim can be made within 3 years of the diagnosis. Claims for children can be made by their parents, or within 3 years of their 18th birthday. If you have any questions at all regrading time limits do not hesitate to get in touch.

Medical Negligence Solicitors In Manchester – Do I Have To Stay Local?

When seeking the assistance of medical negligence solicitors, Manchester is not the only option you have. The location where you were injured has no bearing on where you need to hire a solicitor from. You are permitted to enlist the help of a lawyer from anywhere in the country.

In other words, clinical negligence solicitors for Manchester claims do not need to be physically based in the area. All processes involved with making a claim can be carried out remotely. Whilst there is no legal requirement to ever meet your lawyer face-to-face, such arrangements can be made if this makes you feel more comfortable.

There are more important factors than where a legal professional is based, such as their field of specialisation and the experience they have.

To find out if you could be eligible to claim, get in touch with our advisors. They could connect you with our panel of No Win No Fee solicitors for the Manchester area. Whilst they may not be based in Manchester, they could still potentially help you.

Research Medical Negligence Solicitor Reviews

Whatever you do these days, you can read a review first! There are plenty of reviews of medical negligence solicitors too. You can use them to find out what people have to say about the law firm you’re considering. There might be information about how good the communication was, the size of any compensation awards and the general satisfaction levels of previous clients.

You might be cynical about the integrity of reviews, so use them as a guide only and then speak directly with the company to get your own feel for them.

Medical Negligence Claims In Manchester Our Panel Of Solicitors Could Conduct

It might help to define medical negligence at this point. It’s where a patient is injured, caused a new illness harmed in some way or an existing condition is made worse, by substandard care and negligence of a medical professional or care provider. Proving that the care was substandard, or negligent, is the hard part.

Our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors have many years of experience having dealt with many types of medical negligence cases and delivered a successful result. They have the knowledge base to be able to maneuver successfully around any potential medical negligence claim. Medical negligence can be caused by doctors, nurses, surgeons, dentists and care providers when treatment and service is allowed to fall below the expected standard.

We Have A Panel Of Medical Experts In Manchester Who Could Examine Your Injury

We understand that anybody making a claim for medical negligence won’t want to travel too far from Manchester to be assessed by a medical professional. That’s why we have a panel of medical professionals in Manchester. These could include:

Stephen Grant Charlesworth-Jones
2nd Floor Boots the Chemist,
32 Market Street,
M1 1PL.

Mohammed Safdar
Great Bridgewater Street,
M1 5LE.

Jessica Spaulding
Calderbank Medical Chambers,
599 Wilmslow Road,
M20 3QD.

If you contact us about your medical or clinical negligence injuries, you may be assessed by one of these, or another, local medical expert.

Surgical Error Negligence

Before any form of surgery, whether it be to treat an illness or cosmetic procedure, you’re usually warned of any risks. That doesn’t mean you should expect anything less than minimum standards of care while undergoing your treatment. Surgical negligence could include;

  • Wring site surgery.
  • Amputation of wring limb.
  • Surgical instrument retained.
  • Perforation of healthy organs.

If you require surgery, you have to place a lot of trust in the team who perform it. If you believe you’ve been injured during surgery, because of a mistake, accident or other form of negligence, give us a call. We can help you understand if you have a valid compensation claim or not.

Childbirth Or Maternity Care Negligence

Entering a maternity unit to give birth could be one of the most exciting moments in your life. It can also be quite scary. A lot of trust is placed in midwives, doctors and paediatricians to deliver the baby safely.

Birth injuries could happen in cases when the unborn baby or expectant mother are not monitored correctly, the appropriate tests are not carried out or results are not read and interpenetrated correctly. out Some injuries can lead to fatalities or have life-changing consequences. If you need more advice on such instances of negligence do not hesitate to call our advisors the number is at the bottom of the guide.

Care Home Injury And Illness Claims

When a loved one is placed in a care home, you have to have faith that the provider is looking after them properly. In some of the worst examples, care providers that abuse, neglect and allow residents and patients to purposely deteriorate can cause very serious injuries to elderly and vulnerable patients.

Proving negligence in care homes can be very tricky. Gathering evidence to support your claim can be hard. You might suspect negligence or poor standards but how do you prove it? Speak with our team for free advice on what you could do to begin a claim.

Delayed Cancer Diagnosis

One of the hardest pieces of news to deal with is if you a receive a cancer diagnosis.   What’s worse though, is when a delayed diagnosis occurs. Examples of cancer negligence could possibly include;

  • If a GP failed to refer you for tests and in the mean time the condition worsened.
  • The wrong treatment was given which had no effect on the illness and allowed the present illness to worsen.
  • Misdiagnosis, treatment was given for the wrong condition causing adverse effects and possibly allowing the current condition to develop.

In any case of a delayed cancer diagnosis, the consequences can be massive. The delay might mean the cancer worsens, more treatment is required, or, in severe cases, treatment is no longer an option.

Speak to a member of our team if you believe your cancer diagnosis could’ve been made sooner. We’ll assess your options and give you advice on what to do next.

Negligent Treatment By A GP

We all know GP’s are becoming more and more busy. Often, the time they have with patients is a lot less than they’d like. Despite the lack of time available, they still have a duty of care to all patients. Examples of GP negligence may include;

  • Misdiagnosis of an illness causing symptoms to worsen.
  • Delayed diagnosis of an illness resulting in the patient’s health getting worse rather than better.
  • Incorrect medication being prescribed. This can mean the underlying condition worsens as it’s not being treated properly.

To find out if you are eligible to claim for medical negligence call our advisors the number is at the bottom of the guide they will be able to transfer you to our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors if they feel you have a valid case.

Negligent Dental Treatment

Dentists have the same duty of care towards patients as other medical professions. They are expected to carry out appropriate treatment is a safe manner and provide dental care and advice when needed.

If a dentist makes a negligent mistake which causes an injury or illness to their patient, then a dental negligence claim could be made.

Negligence Treatment At A Hospital

When you attend a hospital for treatment, you expect in most cases your symptoms to get better following treatment. Hospitals offer many different types of services to those who are suffering, doctors, nurses, health care workers amongst many others work tirelessly to help those who are in need. On the whole medical professionals do not set out to cause unnecessary harm. However if negligence occurs while a patient is in hospital it could have serious effects not only on a person’s health but also their well being.

Examples of hospital negligence could include:

  • Mistakes made during surgery. This can result in new injuries or the original condition worsening.
  • Misdiagnosis or late diagnosis of an illness. In both cases, the patient may receive the wrong treatment, or not receive any treatment at all and the current condition could develop.
  • Anaesthetic issue causing complications to the patient. It could also lead to pain during surgery if the dosage administered is too low.
  • Incorrect medication prescribed or the wrong dosage. Some medicines can cause very serious problems if the dose prescribed is too high.
  • If the patient contracts MRSA or other super-bugs while in the hospital due to unhygienic practices.

If any of the above has happened to you while in hospital, let our team know. We can offer free legal advice to help you decide if you have a valid claim.

Greater Manchester NHS Trusts – Medical Negligence Statistics

To demonstrate the number of reported medical negligence claims, please take a look at the table below.  It covers the NHS negligence claims in the Manchester area.

Healthcare ProviderClaims in 2017/2018Number of Incidents 2017/2018CNST Damages Paid
Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust100£53,632
Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust16542£27,519,419

Our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Manchester area and could help you to begin a claim for medical or clinical negligence.  Please get in touch to discuss your case today.

No Win No Fee Solicitors For Medical Negligence Cases In Manchester

The legal profession understands that, if clients had to pay up front, then many wouldn’t be able to afford to do so.  This might be because it’d be too expensive or because clients wouldn’t want to risk the money.

This is how no win no fee works:

  • Firstly, a personal injury lawyer will assess your claim. If they think you have a good chance of winning compensation, they’ll prepare a conditional fee agreement (CFA).  This is the legal name for no win no fee agreements.
  • The CFA will state that you don’t pay for any of your legal services if the case is not a sucess.
  • In the CFA, there will be a ‘Success Fee’ defined. This is a percentage of your compensation that pays for the solicitor’s service if the case is won. It’s limited by law to a maximum of 25%.
  • If the case is won, the compensation is sent to your solicitor. They retain their success fee before sending the rest to you.

So, no win no fee services and agreements reduces the financial risk to claimants. It also means you don’t have to fund the solicitor as they are paid directly from any compensation. It is for this reason that our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors operate on a no win no fee basis.

Private And NHS Hospitals In Greater Manchester

Manchester is one of the largest cities in the UK and as such, has a large number of NHS and private hospitals. They provide treatment for the people of Manchester but also surrounding cities too. We’ve provided a list below including the dental, eye and children’s hospitals.

NHS Hospitals

  • Manchester Royal Infirmary.
  • Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.
  • Saint Mary’s Hospital.
  • Wythenshawe Hospital.
  • University Dental Hospital of Manchester.
  • Withington Community Hospital.
  • Trafford General Hospital.
  • Manchester Royal Eye Hospital
  • Altrincham Hospital

Private Hospitals

  • Spire Manchester Hospital.
  • BMI The Alexandra Hospital.
  • Pall Mall Manchester.
  • Oaklands Hospital.
  • The Manchester Private Hotel.

How To Start Your Claim

If you’re looking for medical negligence solicitors to deal with any type of medical negligence in Manchester our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Manchester area.

We offer advice and support before, during and after a claim is concluded, local medical examinations and access to our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors.

To get in touch with Medical Negligence Assist you can:

  • Call today and speak with a member of our team. The number is 0800 652 3087.
  • Fill in our online claim form and we’ll get back in touch at a convenient time.

Please get in touch and let us help you begin a claim.


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