Merton Medical Negligence Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims Lawyers Guide

Medical negligence Merton

Medical negligence Merton

There is no denying that healthcare professionals are in a position of trust and that they play a critical role in society today. When we are not feeling very well, we might depend on those working in the medical sector to be able to provide us with the help and assistance that we need to get better. We depend on them to diagnose the problems we are experiencing and to ensure that we get the right treatment so that we return to full health. While this is usually what happens, there is no denying that negligence does happen from time-to-time. If you have been the victim of such an incident, you might well be considering the prospect of making a claim for compensation.

In this guide, we will reveal everything that you could need to know about doing so.  This includes information on how to find the most appropriate solicitors, as it can be a difficult task especially when you are not restricted to just medical negligence solicitors in Merton. We will also provide an insight into the service that we provide too. If you have any queries by the time you finish reading this guide, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for some more information. You will find the contact details you need at the end of the guide, as well as information on the services provided by our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors who can cover the Merton area, and could assist with your claim.

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Picking A Medical Claims Solicitor Covering Merton

There are so many different factors that might need to be considered when looking for the most appropriate personal injury firm to work with you on your claim. It is advisable that you consider your options carefully because the firm in question is effectively going to have your chances of compensation in their hands, and so you may need someone with a good track record who is easy to work with. You may wish to start by making sure that the person has plenty of experience. This does not merely mean a medical negligence solicitor who has a lot of years behind them but it may mean someone who has worked on a lot of medical negligence cases before as well. You may wish to also make sure that he or she has a good track record. It could be important to make sure that the personal injury solicitor is UK based and that they are easy to get in touch with and communicate with. Aside from this, it is vital to select someone who is willing to work to a no win no fee payment scheme. You can find more information on what this means towards the end of the guide.

Should I Claim With A Merton Medical Negligence Solicitor?

A lot of people assume that their only option is to work with medical negligence solicitors in Merton if they are to make a claim for negligence that has occurred here. It is understandable why you would assume that this is the case. However, you can, in fact, work with a medical negligence lawyer anywhere within the United Kingdom. This is because the technology has advanced rapidly in recent years and so claims could be handled via email and telephone. Therefore being based locally to your solicitor is not so important anymore. This is how our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Merton area meaning you are not restricted to looking just for medical negligence solicitors in Merton specifically.

We Have A Select Panel Of Doctors Covering Merton Who Could Assess Your Injuries

In order to make a claim for personal injury, you will need to attend an appointment with an impartial doctor who will comment on the injuries you have sustained as a result of the medical negligence. While you could work with solicitors based anywhere in the UK, including our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors, you will want see the independent medical expert locally. We work with a panel of doctors who are located close to Merton some, who can be seen below;

Sanjay Lakhani

Back on Track Healthcare

9 Merton Park Parade



SW19 3NT

Kashif Aziz

Regus London


10 Greycoat Place



Peter Hard

Flat 1

107 St. George’s Square



How Helpful Are Reviews Of Different Solicitors Services?

In addition to all of the pieces of advice that we have provided earlier about finding a personal injury solicitor, it could also be a good idea to read medical negligence solicitor reviews that have been left by others. This might be important because it may give you a good insight into what other people who have worked with the solicitor think about the service that they received. This would enable you to get a better understanding as to whether this is someone you may wish to allow to handle your case or not. Once you have made a claim, it would be good if you could leave comments too, so you could help others in your position.

Examples Of Negligence Which Could Happen At Medical Centres In Merton

In order to have a valid claim for medical negligence, you cannot have only suffered negligence. It must be proven that you have suffered an avoidable illness or injury as a result of the negligent actions or omissions of the healthcare professional. Below, we take a look at some examples of medical negligence that could be handled by our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors to help you get a better understanding.

Cancer Treatment And Diagnosis Negligence

There is no denying that cancer is arguably, one of the most talked-about and researched diseases today and this is because it is serious. One of the main issues with cancer is the fact that in some cases, it spreads so quickly. It is important that any signs that reflect the illness are picked up as soon as possible so that treatment can start. If symptoms are not recognised and therefor further tests are not done to determine the diagnosis which leads to the illness not being treated a patient could deteriorate quickly. It is vital that medical practitioners always ensure that any symptoms that hint at the possibility of cancer are checked thoroughly.

Negligence In Hospitals In Merton

There are a lot of hospitals covering the Merton area. If you have experienced negligence at any of them and it has caused your health to deteriorate, you could possibly make a claim.  Of course, we have looked at some specific examples, for example, surgery and birth negligence. However, there could be different cases too for example, the contraction and spreading of MRSA, whereby people have became ill because of poor hygiene levels.

Dental Negligence Solicitors

Have you suffered negligence at the hands of your dentist or a member of staff at your dental surgery?This could occur because your dentist has failed to spot signs of oral cancer, for instance, leading to the condition worsening unnecessarily, or it could be because your dentist has carried out treatment on the wrong part of your mouth, which has had a negative impact on your oral health. Other examples of claiming with dental negligence solicitors could include a healthy tooth being damaged during treatment, negligent oral advice leading to worsening dental health, and cases whereby the dentist could have extracted the wrong tooth.

Surgical Clinical Negligence

There are always going to be risks associated with surgeries, no matter whether this is a cosmetic surgery or a surgery that is required due to a medical emergency. However, this does not mean that negligence during surgery on the part of the surgeon and/or their team should not lead to a claim. If you have been the victim of a surgical error, there could be a chance you could claim with our panel of medical negligence solicitors who cover the Merton area. Examples could range from retained surgical instruments to an operation being carried out on the incorrect limb. Even poor administration of anaesthesia could cause harm, which could lead to health issues, meaning you could possibly make a claim for compensation.

ChildBirth Medical Negligence

What is classed as negligent treatment of the mother or baby during childbirth? This could be when a mistake is made during childbirth because staff are negligent and this causes the mother or baby, or both, to suffer an injury. This may happen because medical staff have failed to notice that the baby or mother are in distress. Injuries as a result of failure to notice distress could include Hypoxia. However, there are other ways this could occur, for example, if the incorrect birth assisting tools are utilised or if a caesarean section is not called for when needed. Negligence by any member of the healthcare team that has directly resulted in harm to you or your baby could potentially lead to a claim.

Care Home Negligence And Neglect

You may also be able to make a claim if you have experienced care home negligence or someone you love has encountered this. There are a lot of different ways that this sort of negligence could happen and plenty of different ways it could cause harm. This could range from medication mix-ups leading to someone having an overdose of medication which could harm their health, to cases of care home abuse. Although rare, these incidents have happened and it could be possible to launch a claim for historic care home abuse in some cases. Other cases may involve negligence where good standards of care are not kept, and a person suffers severe dehydration, or bedsores that they would not have suffered if staff had not been negligent.

GP Negligence

Last but not least, you may also be thinking about making a claim if you suffered GP negligence. When we are not feeling very well, we may attend an appointment with our local GP or doctor to get to the bottom of the problem. If they do not diagnose our illness correctly, when they would have been reasonably expected to do so, this means that we could end up receiving the wrong treatment and that the treatment we may really need could be delayed. Our GP could also fail to refer us to specialists and this could result in prolonged, unnecessary suffering.

NHS Statistics For Reports Of Negligence In London Trusts

To get a better understanding of the number of medical negligence incidents in some London NHS Trust, please refer to the table below. Please note this is only for NHS negligence. Private hospital data is not available.

Healthcare providerClaims received 17/18Number of incidents 17/18Damage payments
Central London Community Healthcare6*£24,615
South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust**£39,780

(*Indicates less than 5).

Medical And Clinical Negligence No Win No Fee Claims

Earlier, we discussed some of the different factors that you may wish to consider when you are looking for the most appropriate solicitor to work on your case. One factor that we discussed is that you may need to look for someone who is willing to work to a no win no fee payment scheme. You may be wondering why this is and what this actually means. A no win no fee personal injury lawyer is one that will only charge you legal fees if your case is a success. If compensation is not awarded, then you are not going to need to pay anything to your solicitor for the service provided. All our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors work to this payment scheme.

Hospitals In The Borough Of Merton

There are a number of different hospitals and medical clinics in this area, including…

  • The Wilson Hospital
  • The Nelson Health Centre
  • St George’s Hospital Atkinson

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If you have any queries or you are ready to get started with making a claim, you could speak to our experts today to find out more information about how to make a personal injury claim. You can reach us any time for legal advice, any day of the week, on 0800 652 3087. Our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Merton area.

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