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Medical negligence Portsmouth

Medical Negligence Portsmouth

Medical negligence is where medical practitioners fail to uphold their duty of care to their patients resulting in them coming to harm of some kind, physically or mentally. All medical professionals have a duty of care to their patients to provide medical care in a safe manner and safe environment and to ensure that they do everything they possibly can to prevent any harm coming to their patients. Cases of medical negligence can occur due to a number of reasons and happen in various ways. A few examples of medical negligence could include, performing a surgical treatment without due care and attention resulting in an injury to the patient, or failing to inform the patient fully of the possible risks and side effects that may result from having a particular surgery, making a wrong diagnosis or negligently failing to diagnose an illness which potentially could be life threatening or prescribing the wrong medication. If you are left injured, or your health has been made worse by medical negligence, you will likely have a valid reason to claim compensation.

Claiming compensation can be a complex process and having an experienced lawyer who specialises in medical negligence claims pursuing your claim for you can be not only a huge relief but it may give you a better chance of succeeding in your claim and being awarded the maximum amount possible for your individual case. However, with so many personal injury firms around, it can be difficult to decide who to hire, and so this is where we can help. Just contact us at Medical Negligence Assist on 0800 652 3087 and we will be happy to help. Read on for more information about compensation claims for medical negligence.

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Choosing A Solicitor For Your Medical Negligence Claim

With so many medical negligence solicitors across the UK, it can feel overwhelming trying to decide who to hire to conduct your claim on your behalf. There are a few important factors that you should consider before making your decision, these include:

  • Experience – You want a solicitor who has a plentitude of experience in medical negligence claims so that they know best how to conduct the claim to get the best results.
  • Recommendations – Do friends or family know of any good solicitors that they have dealt with and would happily recommend? Solicitors who are recommended by trustworthy sources are good as you will know first hand who has been happy with their service.
  • Reviews – Have the medical negligence lawyers you are considering got plenty of good reviews? Reading reviews can be really helpful as you are seeing how previous customers have found their service to be.
  • Payment of Fees – It is really important to look at how the medical negligence solicitors expect to be paid and when. Some solicitors want an initial payment upfront with regular payments throughout the claiming process, some prefer to be paid by the hour and some offer a no win no fee payment agreement. No win no fee agreements are financially the safest, this is because payment is only made after the claim has been concluded and only if the case wins. We look at no win no fee further on in the guide.
  • Success Rate – Have the solicitors got a high success rate? Obviously, you want the solicitors you hire to pursue your claim to have a good rate of success as this shows that they are competent in their job and will have a better chance of making your claim a success too.

If you still feel confused and a bit worried about who to choose, speak to us at Medical Negligence Assist and we can connect you to an expert solicitor who specialises in medical negligence claims.

Do I Need To Use A Medical Negligence Solicitor In My Area?

The great thing about modern technology and communication systems is that they allow us to connect with medical negligence solicitors all over the UK and therefore provides an opportunity for you to work with a solicitor best suited to your particular case no matter where they are located. With the use of telephones, email, skype and the internet etc., you do not have to use a solicitor in your area, instead you could use one from the other side of the country if that is where the most appropriate solicitor for your needs is based. Getting the right solicitor for you and someone that you can develop a good professional relationship with is much more important than where they are located.

Should I Read Reviews Of Different Medical Negligence Solicitors?

Yes, most definitely. By reading the reviews of other customers, you are getting an honest overview and opinion on how good the service is that the solicitors provide such as, what their customer service is like, if they are reliable, if they are quick and efficient or not, if the result was as good as the customer was expecting, if there are any downsides to their service or what the best parts of their service are and so on. If you choose to hire the solicitors firm, leaving a review yourself can then help other potential clients too. As well as reading the reviews, by talking to Medical Negligence Assist can be really useful also as they will be able to provide extra information.

Medical Negligence Claims

Our panel of medical negligence solicitors handle claims for all types of medical negligence from surgical error negligence, to negligent care during pregnancy, to neglect at a hospital, or neglect in elderly care for example, and so on. We look at some of the more common types of cases we deal with later in the guide.

Our Panel Of Doctors In Portsmouth And Hampshire Could Assess Your Injuries

Our panel of medical negligence solicitors can arrange a medical that is at a convenient location for you so that your injuries can be assessed in order to make sure that the compensation amount you claim for is relative to the type and severity of the injury you have sustained. By having a medical, you can also be reassured that you are receiving the correct treatment in order for you to recover.

Some of the medical experts we use local to Portsmouth include:

Bhaswati Majumdar,
Hotel Ibis,
Portsmouth Centre,
Winston Churchill Avenue,
PO1 2LX.

Ana Quintano Ruiz,
Queen Street,
PO1 3HS.

Ayubur Rahman,
Lakeside North Harbour,
Portsmouth Western Road,
PO6 3EN.

Surgical Error Negligence

Surgeons need to be extremely skilled in their profession and be precise in their actions, one wrong move could have huge consequences to the patient they are operating on. Having surgery, be it medical or cosmetic, generally is planned in advance and the patient should receive pre-operation care and advice in order for the operation to go as smoothly as possible, this will also include the necessary health checks to ensure the patient is fit for surgery. The patient should also be made fully aware of any risks or side effects the surgery they are having can cause. Of course, in the case of needing emergency surgery, health and safety protocol should be in place for these types of cases. The patient should also receive the appropriate aftercare as well.

If the medical staff fail to inform the patient of any possible side effects or complications or fail to provide the correct pre-care and aftercare treatments, or the surgeon makes a mistake through carelessness or through not being appropriately trained for example, and the patient suffers an injury or more ill health as a result, the medical staff could be found in breach of their duty of care and so liable for compensation.

Pregnancy And Birth Injuries

Our panel of medical negligence solicitors has also helped with cases where injuries have occurred to either the mother, or the baby, during pregnancy or during and after the birth, due to the medical staff taking the wrong course of action, or taking no action at all when it was needed. The medical staff could be deemed negligent and you could be entitled to compensation where both physical and psychological harm is taken into account.

Hospital Neglect Or Negligence

Can you sue a hospital for lack of care? In short, yes! Regardless of whether the neglect or negligence occurred in an NHS hospital or a private hospital, if you have been injured due to being neglected in a hospital or suffered an injury due to the medical staff’s negligence, you may be eligible to compensation. Hospital negligence can occur in a number of ways from surgical mistakes, to getting food poisoning whilst in hospital for example. If you have been harmed because of someone else’s negligence, you may have a valid claim and no matter whether it happened in an NHS or private hospital, our panel of medical negligence solicitors can help you to pursue a claim for the compensation you deserve.

Misdiagnosis Or Delays To Cancer Treatment

Being misdiagnosed, or having delays to cancer treatment could result in fatal consequences or cause someone to have aggressive treatment, which had they received treatment or been diagnosed sooner, might not necessarily of had to have. If your health has suffered more than necessary or someone you love has died because of a negligent misdiagnosis or negligent delay in treatment, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Medical Negligence Assist to claim the compensation you are entitled to.

Care Home Or Nursing Home Negligence

Putting a loved one into a nursing or care home is not a decision that’s made lightly and you expect them to be treated compassionately and with the care and attention they need. If someone you care about has been mistreated, or neglected in any way, they may have cause to claim compensation. Mistreatment and neglect could involve residents being bullied by staff, not being having their basic needs met such as being washed or taken to the toilet, or sadly even being rough handled. Injuries such as cuts and bruises and fractured limbs can result from negligence in a care home as can depression and anxiety and many other physical and psychological injuries.

Dentist Or Dental Services Negligence

Dentists operate in both NHS and private settings where unfortunately medical negligence can also occur. From filling or pulling out the wrong tooth, to administering anaesthetic incorrectly, or misdiagnosing a dental problem, many types of negligence can occur. If you have sustained an injury due to dental negligence, you can claim compensation for damages.

General Practice (GP) Negligence

When you become ill, the first point of call is your GP. However, if your GP negligently fails to recognise your symptoms and misdiagnoses your illness, or if they fail to act quickly enough resulting in your illness becoming worse, possibly even fatal, you or your loved ones will have cause to claim compensation. Medical Negligence Assist can help you with this by finding you the right solicitor for your unique case.

Portsmouth And Solent NHS Trust Medical Negligence Statistics

Most people when considering making a compensation claim like to know how much they can expect to receive in damages, but as each case is dealt with individually, it is impossible to predict how much you would receive exactly as there are a number of variables that make up the final settlement amount. However, we can look at the healthcare trusts in the Portsmouth area to see how many claims have been made and how much in total has been paid out in compensation.

Healthcare providerNumber of claims 2017/18Number of incidents 2017/18Compensation Awarded
Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust95
Solent NHS Trust7*£402,324


No Win No Fee Medical Negligence Solicitors

No win no fee, in our opinion, is financially the safest way to hire legal help to make a compensation claim as you only have to pay the legal fees of the medical negligence solicitors if they win the case for you, if they lose, you do not have to pay them anything. By using a no win no fee solicitor, you do not have to pay for any services upfront or during the claims case. If the case is successful, the solicitor’s fees will be paid by means of a small percentage of the awarded amount of compensation.

NHS Hospitals And Clinics In Portsmouth

Listed below are some of the NHS hospitals and clinics that serve patients in the Portsmouth area:

  • Queen Alexandra Hospital
  • St Mary Hospital
  • Railway Triangle Clinic
  • St Mary Clinic

Private Hospitals And Clinics In Portsmouth

Listed below are some of the private hospitals and clinics in the Portsmouth area. Medical Negligence Assist help claimants to claim against private hospitals and clinics as well as the NHS ones all over the UK:

  • St Mary’s Treatment Centre
  • The Acupuncture Clinic Trafalgar Square
  • Pollard and Gilchrist Dental Clinic
  • Active Health Chiropractic Clinic

Contact Medical Negligence Assist Today

Medical Negligence Assist can deal with any medical negligence case, offering both help and advice. We are also able to connect you to experienced medical negligence solicitors covering Portsmouth that will be able to expertly deal with your case getting you the highest amount of compensation possible for your injury. Just contact us on 0800 652 3087 and we will give you the help and guidance you need.

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