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Medical negligence Rugby

Medical negligence Rugby

If you’re considering beginning any form of personal injury claim, then picking the right legal representation can have an affect on whether you win the case or how much compensation is awarded.   With any form of medical claim, the right solicitor could be important because of the complex forms of evidence which is sometimes required to prove the claim.  If you are looking for medical negligence solicitors in Rugby, this guide will provide guidance in regards to picking the most efficient solicitor for your case.

Our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Rugby area so could help you by offering a no win no fee service.  If you’d like to discuss this option, please get in touch on 0800 652 3087 today and speak with a specialist advisor.

If you’d prefer to find out more about choosing a medical lawyer, then carry on reading this helpful article.

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How Do I Choose The Right Medical Negligence Solicitor?

When making an important decision like choosing a medical negligence lawyer, many people will turn to friends or family for recommendations.  They sometimes read medical negligence solicitors reviews too.   These could both be helpful and might offer a good starting point, but there are other things you should look at which this guide will explain.

For your claim to have any chance of being successful, a medical negligence lawyer would want to prove that:

  • You were owed a duty of care by a medical professional or health care provider,
  • This duty of care was breached, possibly by substandard treatment or negligent care,
  • This breach in duty caused an injury, illness, or a current condition to worsen.

Also, you should be aware that there is a medical negligence claims time limit.  This is 3 years from the date you suffered an injury or from the date a doctor diagnosed your illness. There are exceptions please call to find out more information. Our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors always try to build as tight a case as possible and gather as much supporting evidence as is required to back up your claim.  So, even though 3 years seems like a long time, don’t delay too long before contacting us.

If you have further questions, after reading this guide, please don’t hesitate to call us as we can offer free legal advice to help you decide whether to claim or not.

Reviews Of Solicitors In Rugby Could Help You Choose Who To Handle Your Claim

We’ve mentioned already that reviews could be a good place to start when choosing a personal injury solicitor.  Use them as a basis for your selection but then, contact the solicitor’s you’ve shortlisted and discuss your claim with them.  Find out what they can do for you, how often they’ll provide updates and what experience they have in cases similar to yours.

Does It Matter If My Solicitor Is Based Elsewhere?

We’ve often heard statements like “I need to use medical negligence solicitors near me, don’t I?”.  In fact, there’s no need.  By widening your search, you’ll give yourself a much bigger choice of solicitors.  It’s much better to choose a solicitor based on the solicitor’s experience and the fact they specialise in medical negligence claims rather than where they are physically located.

You won’t need to meet your solicitor face to face as correspondence is carried out over the phone and email mainly and sometimes in the post.  You will need to meet a medical assessor though which is why we have a panel of medical specialists across the UK, including in the Rugby area.

An Assessment Of Your Injuries Could Be Carried Out Locally By Our Panel Of Doctors

Here are a sample of our panel of medical specialists that you could visit if you require a medical assessment in the Rugby area:

Anthony Blissett
48 Queens Road,
Coventry, CV1 2LD.

Sohail Rehman
Pilgrim Physiotherapy Practice,
71 Mayfield Road,
Coventry, CV5 6PL.

Saeed Malik
KB Therapy Clinic,
400 Pavilion Drive,
Northampton, NN4 7PA.

Clinical Negligence And Malpractice Claims Our Panel Of Solicitors Conduct

Over the coming sections of the guide, we’re going to provide examples of negligent acts which might mean a personal injury lawyer or malpractice attorney could begin a claim.  We can’t list all types of negligence here so don’t worry if yours isn’t listed, we could still help so please call us to discuss your claim.

Doctor And GP Negligence

Your GP is usually the first place you’ll visit when you have a health worry.   They don’t usually have too long to assess, diagnose and offer treatment but often they manage to resolve issues within the first appointment.

Failure to diagnose a patient correctly could mean that a patients condition worsens more than it should have had the right diagnosis along with the treatment been offered as soon as the doctor was presented with the symptoms.

If you think you’ve suffered because your GP has made a mistake which led to a delay in receiving treatment which caused you to suffer more than you should have, then please contact us to discuss your options.

Surgery / Surgeon Negligence

Surgeons carry out some of the most complex procedures in medicine.   They will usually explain to the patient what’s going to be done and what risks are associated with the treatment and will ask for a consent form to be signed.

That doesn’t cover them though if they injure the patient during surgery due to any form of negligence. It is vital that at all times surgeons and the surgical team maintain high standards as if mistakes are made in surgery due to complex procedures they could be catastrophic.  Examples of surgical negligence could include:

  • If the patient wakes during surgery or suffers pain due to an anaesthetic mistake.
  • If items of surgical equipment are left inside the patient and lead to pain, suffering or complications which require more surgery.
  • If the patient suffers any injury to un-associated internal organs.
  • Or if the patient suffers because a medical clip or suturing is ineffective and requires further surgery to replace it.

Hospital Medical Malpractice

Any medical professional within a hospital has a duty of care to ensure their patients are treated according to the correct procedures and they are not put at risk wherever possible.  In many cases patients are treated and the outcomes are as expected with the condition either being cured or managed as planned.  If negligent mistakes are made because the service that has been provided is poor and below the standard it should be, if a patient is harmed or is caused physical or mental damage then it maybe deemed as negligence.

If a medical professional deviates from the correct procedures, provides negligent treatment which causes avoidable harm they maybe liable for the harm suffered.

Some examples of hospital negligence might include:

  • A late or misdiagnosis of a condition which leads to a delay in treatment which causes the patient’s condition to worsen.
  • When a patient becomes ill with a condition like pneumonia because they contract MRSA (or other super bugs) while in the hospital due to unhygienic practices.
  • If the wrong medication is prescribed which causes the patient to suffer side-effects or their condition to worsen to due to lack of the right treatment.
  • Or if the patient is injured because of any negligent surgical mistake which causes injury.

Trauma And Injuries During Childbirth

Medical staff that are involved with the delivery of a baby including midwives, doctors, nurses and surgeons are all trained to deal with normal births as well as complex and problematic births.   That means that if something goes wrong, there are strategies in place and procedures that staff should follow to try and ensure the safety of both mother and baby.

In cases where they fail to spot a problem or don’t react in the correct way when they do spot a problem then traumatic birth compensation might be possible if the neglect caused either mother or baby to suffer an injury.

If you think you, your baby or a loved one suffered because of a mistake during pregnancy, labour or post-birth, then please contact us to discuss whether you could begin a claim or not.

Negligence In A Care Home

Putting loved ones in to care facilities is no easy task especially with the never ending stories of care home residents receiving standards of care that are far below the expected and residents being abused and neglected by care home staff. Very often residents of care and nursing homes are some of the most vulnerable people in society and require services around the clock to ensure they remain as safe and healthy as possible.

Here are some examples of negligent acts in a care home where a claim might be possible:

  • Injuries caused by falls following a lifting or moving procedure which wasn’t carried out correctly or by staff that are not properly trained.
  • Any form of suffering caused by abuse.
  • Injuries such as bed or pressure sores caused by a lack of movement.
  • If a patient becomes ill or their condition gets worse because their prescription medicine wasn’t dispensed correctly.

Cancer Misdiagnosis Cases

Any form of cancer misdiagnosis or late diagnosis could have a dramatic affect on a patient’s prognosis.  In this day and age, where many cancers are treatable if they’re caught early enough, it could be devastating if a patient receives a late diagnosis because a doctor failed to recognise the signs of cancer, failed to refer for diagnostics tests and to see a specialist when presented with symptoms that reflect cancer that could have meant the patients suffers far less and has a more positive prognosis.

If you or a loved one has suffered because of a delay in receiving cancer treatment, please call us to discuss whether you could begin a claim.

Dental Medical Negligence

Dentists, like all other medical professionals, have a duty of care to protect their patient’s safety while they’re in their care.   This means they should follow the correct procedures at all time and take whatever steps are necessary to minimise any risks.

If a dentist, dental nurse or hygienist deviates from normal procedures and breaches their duty of care and causes damage to a patient then a dental negligence claim could be a possibility.

Examples include:

  • Where a patient suffers injuries to other teeth during treatment.
  • If the patient suffers an infection due to poor hygiene standards during treatment.
  • If injuries or pain are suffered where treatment took place which wasn’t required.
  • Or if there is pain caused because of an incorrect anaesthetic dosage.

Data On Coventry And Warwickshire NHS Trusts Medical Negligence Claims

In the following table, we’ve listed the number of complaints made against the NHS trust that provides services in the Rugby area.  It also shows the amount of compensation awarded for NHS negligence.

Healthcare ProviderClaims in 2017/2018Number of Incidents 2017/2018Damages Payments
Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust*0£123, 851
University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire NHS Trust6511£5, 998, 261


No Win No Fee Medical And Clinical Negligence Claims In Rugby

You don’t need to worry about the cost of hiring accident injury lawyers as most, including our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors, offer a no win no fee service when they feel you have a good chance of being awarded compensation.

No win no fee means:

  • There’s nothing to pay before your claim is begun.
  • You don’t have to pay your solicitor if they fail to win the case.
  • Their success fee if the case is won (limited to 25%) is taken directly from the compensation which means you don’t have to find the funds to pay the solicitor.

No win no fee is the most risk free way of beginning a claim and means you can commence even if you wouldn’t normally be able to afford to do so.

Hospitals In Rugby

As we’ve mentioned earlier, our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Rugby area. Here are some of the hospitals, NHS and private, that provide services in the area:

  • Hospital of St Cross.
  • University Hospital Coventry & Warwickshire.
  • Northampton General.
  • BMI The Meriden.
  • Nuffield Health Warwickshire Hospital.

Contact Our Expert Team

Having read this guide, if you’re happy to discuss your claim with us today, please get in touch by giving our specialists a call on 0800 652 3087 or you could fill in this online form so that we can call you back.

Resources And Further Information

Now that you’ve reached the end of this guide, here are some more resources which we hope you’ll find useful:

Hospital of St Cross
Barby Road,
Rugby, CV22 5PX.

Inspection Report – The latest inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Cancer Guide – A useful document from the NHS which details the symptoms and treatment options for different types of cancer.

Health & Safety in Care Homes – Here’s some useful information from the Health and Safety Executive regarding safety procedures in care homes.

Old People’s Homes Negligence – A more detailed look at negligence claims in old peoples homes.

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