Claim for Negligence against an Old People’s Home

Many people in the United Kingdom consider care homes to be the place where their elderly relatives can get a high standard of treatment and care. UK care homes are undoubtedly known for the excellent treatment options that they provide. However, in certain exceptional cases, the negligence of the medical practitioners or other nursing home staff can contribute to the pain and suffering of the patients. These cases fall under the category of medical negligence. If you or any of your elderly relatives have sustained care home negligence, you can make claims for compensation. We are one of the premier law firms in the UK. You can approach us to make a claim for negligence against an old people’s home.

Types of Care Home Negligence

Here are some of the common types of care home negligence:

• Serious neglect and abuse
• Mismanagement of medical reports
• Catheterisation mistakes
• Dehydration mistakes
• Mismanagement of documents containing medical history
• Hospital referral delays
• Wrong medication
• Medication delay
• Negligence in patient supervision
• Wrong diagnosis
• Patient transportation mistakes

Whether you have suffered due to inadequate supervision or the inexperience of the care home staff, you can file care home negligence claims. Warning signs of care home negligence include abrupt appearance of allergy, sudden weight loss of the patient and the sudden onset of bed sores. In most instances, it is seen that care home negligence could have been easily avoided if legal guidelines were followed.

Proving Care Home Negligence

It is not easy to prove care home negligence. You need to seek legal assistance of expert medical negligence solicitors to represent the case in the court. We have some veteran medical negligence solicitors in our team who have successfully handled care home negligence cases and helped the clients get the compensation they deserve. You can approach our solicitors and file care home negligence claims.

Things to Prove to Establish Your Claims

there are three things you need to be proved to establish care home negligence compensation claims. They include proving that:

• The care home owed a duty of care towards the victimized patient
• The care home failed to maintain the standard of care specified by law
• The care home’s negligence caused the patient to suffer

Our medical negligence solicitors will assess your case and collect relevant documents to substantiate the above points and help you get the compensation that you deserve. We know how much pain you are enduring due to care home negligence and we promise to deal with your case with the heights of professionalism.

What Does a Successful Care Home Negligence Claim Cover?

A successful claim for negligence against an old people’s home covers the following:

• Compensation for the aggravation of a medical condition
• Injury or death
• Loss of earning
• Private medical expenditure
• Rehabilitation costs
• Out-of-pocket expenses

Know About Our Legal Team

Our legal team comprises of solicitors who are specialists in care home negligence compensation cases. We are committed to do our best to let our clients have access to justice. It is true that we cannot alleviate the immense pain and suffering undertaken by our clients due to the negligence of the care home staff, but we can definitely help them get compensation so that they can become financially strong to bear the high medical expenses.

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