Sittingbourne Medical Negligence Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims Lawyers Guide

Medical negligence Sittingbourne

Medical negligence Sittingbourne

Are you considering using medical negligence solicitors in Sittingbourne to help you make a clinical negligence claim? If you are, then this guide is aimed at assisting  you. It covers all of the basic information that you might need to consider when making a personal injury claim.

The medical negligence claims process is complex. It requires the expertise of a specialist negligence solicitor to give you the greatest chance of successfully making a claim. When you use one of our panel of medical negligence solicitors who can cover the Sittingbourne area, you can rest assured they will do everything in their power to reach a successful resolution. Call us on 0800 652 3087 to learn more about our claims service.

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Steps To Take When Choosing The Right Solicitor

If you have had no dealings with a  personal injury solicitor previously, you may think that finding a good legal team to help with your claim is going to be difficult. However, there are a few ways that you can simplify the burden. For example:

  • You could ask your family, friends and work colleagues whether they could recommend one.
  • You could check online review sites for recommendations.
  • You could ask your contacts on social networking sites for recommendations.

All of these could be good starting points, and could help you to find a solicitor. We can also be of help. If you use the number at the bottom of this guide to speak to one of our claims advisors, they will be able to explain to you how our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors who can cover the Sittingbourne area could help you to get the compensation you are entitled to.

Reviews Could Be Helpful In Choosing A Solicitor

So, you are considering using a website that has published plenty of medical negligence solicitor reviews to help you choose the right solicitor for your claim? This is a good, logical approach to the task. In order for you to get the best out of this experience, we suggest that you; look at the age of the review, its relevance, and its overall opinion.

But of course, words on a page are no substitute for speaking to a real, live person.  We advise that you do use reviews to pre-validate possible legal firms and don’t use reviews to make your final decision. If you call the prospected firm and speak with on of their advisors, you should be able to see whether you will be confident in their services. We understand that this process can be tedious, so we could provide a simpler alternative. For more information please contact our legal advisors using the details below who will be able to connect you to our panel of medical negligence solicitors. 

We Work With A Panel Of Doctors Who Could Carry Out Your Medical Exam

When selecting a solicitor to process your claim for you, then you should consider what, if any, additional services they can offer. For example, can your personal injury solicitor provide you with a local medical examination? A medical examination will prove how badly you have been injured, and provide your solicitor with the information they need to calculate the worth of your claim.  The table below provide you with the names of some of our panel of doctors who can perform your impartial assessment locally.

Abhinav GuliharBluebell PhysiotherapyChathamME5 9RD
Warren Road, Hilltop Farm, Blue Bell Hill
Salman BaigHoliday Inn Rochester-ChathamChathamME5 9SF
Maidstone Road

Is The Location Of My Solicitor Important?

Is there a legal requirement to use medical negligence solicitors in my area? Does the location of my solicitor actually matter? Would I be better off using a specialist negligence solicitor ignoring their location? These are all valid questions that you may have. A simple answer to all of these questions would be; choose your legal team based on their skill and experience in processing a claim such as yours, rather than worry about where they are located. It is easy to keep in touch with your solicitor anywhere in the UK, using simple, effective methods of communication such as telephone calls and emails.

Medical Negligence Case Examples

When we look at physical and mental health medical negligence cases, we find that they can take many shapes. However, in order for someone to have a valid claim for personal injury, they must have actually came to harm due to the  negligence of healthcare professionals. Meaning that negligence alone would not be a reason to make a claim. As you can see in the below examples:

  • Errors made by an anaesthetist during an operation, causing harm to the patient.
  • Lack of care in a nursing home, leading to a resident coming to harm.
  • A mother or baby injured by a negligent midwife.
  • A mistake made by a GP, causing a patient’s health to suffer.
  • Accidents caused by negligence at a hospital, injuring a patient.
  • Late of misdiagnosis of a serious disease such as cancer, causing the health of a patient to worsen.
  • Negligent treatment during a dental procedure, harming a patient.

Operation Negligence Claims

A patient is always at some risk when being operated on. However, the risks increase when surgical staff provide substance care and negligence occurs. The patient is at danger of harm such as:

  • Suffering some kind of reaction to wrongfully administered anaesthetic.
  • Contracting an infection due to a lack of proper care after the operation.
  • Wrong -sited surgery which has resulted in the loss of a healthy limb, or caused damage to healthy organs.

These are only some examples of harm coming to a patient as a result of negligent surgical staff. If you would like to discuss your circumstances further, please do not hesitate to contact one of our legal advisors for free and impartial advice.

Negligence In Nursing Home Treatment

A nursing home has to comply with all the health and safety standards, and legislation that the government has put into place in relation to the care sector. Such rules are in place to ensure that residents of a nursing or care home receive a specific, level of care. When compliance slips, so does the level of care. In some cases, this can result in an incident that harms a resident in some way, causes a new, or exacerbates an existing health problem. In circumstances such as this, it could be possible for a personal injury lawyer to process a claim for the injured party.

Mother Or Baby Birth Negligence

All staff on maternity wards are trained to a high standard when it comes to monitoring women during pregnancy and assisting in the birth giving process. As with surgery, there is an element of risk in all pregnancy and childbirth situations. However, if a mother, baby or both have been provided with substandard care and this has resulted in unnecessary harm being caused, then a claim for medical negligence could be made. Examples of such negligence can be found below;

  • Injuries to the mother and baby  could include:
  • Preventable 4th degree tears.
  • Internal bleeding.
  • Failing to notice the signs of Pre-Eclampsia.
  • Permanent disfigurement as a result of the incorrect use of forceps.
  • Failing to notice the baby is in distress, causing a lack of oxygen and Subsequent brain damage.
  • Broken bones.

GP Or Doctor Negligence

The entire NHS depends upon its GP’s to act as the gateway to the rest of the health service.As the person you visit whenever you are ill, your GP has two very distinct responsibilities. Firstly, to diagnose minor medical conditions, and treat them or prescribe medication in the hopes of resolving the symptoms. Secondly, to diagnose more serious medical conditions, and make sure that the patient is referred to a specialist for treatment. In general, this simple process works very well, but sadly this is not always the case. When a GP makes a mistake, meaning a patient goes without treatment or the medical condition becoming worse and this can be proven, there is a chance that a successful medical negligence claim could be made.

Hospital Negligence

For most of us, we fully expect a hospital to be one of the places where we can depend upon being cared for in a professional manner. In reality, the situation isn’t as simple. Clinical negligence can and does happen at both private and NHS hospitals. There are many ways that Sittingbourne hospital negligence could harm a member of the public, for example:

  • A patient could be exposed to radiation or harmful chemicals during a test, causing them adverse side effects.
  • A bed bound patient is not tended to properly, and this results in pressure sores and the contraction of  life threatening infections such Septicemia or Osteomyelitis.
  • Poor hygiene standards, meaning that patients contract MRSA.

The above shows some examples of how negligence at a hospital can harm a patients health. If you have suffered as a result of hospital medical negligence, please contact us today to discuss your options further.

Medical Negligence In Cancer Treatment

If a cancer patient faces a delay in receiving treatment due to the wrong diagnosis being made, or the diagnosis is late, it could mean the difference between life and death. In a less severe example, it could mean that they suffer an extended period of aggressive treatment such as chemotherapy, that causes them severe side effects. In either case, if the negligent actions of health care professionals was the driver of the wrongful diagnosis, a medical negligence solicitor could be able to process a claim for them. If you believe that you, or someone you love has received negligent cancer care and this has resulted in avoidable harm being caused you could be eligible to make a claim.

Claim Compensation From Negligent Dental Practitioners

Every dentist along with every member of staff in a dental surgery, has to ensure that they meet their duty of care towards patients. If they breach their duty of care, it could result in the patient suffering undue and unnecessary harm. Examples of such where a patient is injured by negligent actions can be found below;

  • A dentist slipped with the drill and cut them which has caused unnecessary, permanent scarring.
  • Avoidable damage occurs to healthy teeth and gums.

In cases such as these, suing a dentist may be possible, and our panel of solicitors who are not based in Sittingbourne, but can cover the area might be able to help you make a claim.

Recorded Negligence Cases Against East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust

The table below shows data related to NHS negligence in the Kent region:

Healthcare ProviderClaims Received (2017/18)Number of Incidents (2017/18) Damages (£)
East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust8358,728,647.58

Data for this table was taken from the following online resource:

NHS claims data for 2017/18

Sittingbourne Hospitals And Medical Services

  • Memorial Hospital Sittingbourne
  • Maidstone Hospital
  • Faversham Cottage Hospital

Claim Compensation Through A No Win No Fee Agreement

If you would like to use our panel of medical negligence solicitors when making your claim for personal injury, you’ll be happy to know that they over No Win No Fee agreements. This means that, should your claim be unsuccessful, you will not be required to pay your solicitors fees. For more information regarding No Win No Fee agreements please contact us using the below details. 

How To Start Your Claim

Have you recently been the victim of negligence on the part of a medical professional? Do you need help and advice to make your claim? If so, speak to one of our expert claim advisors on 0800 652 3087 today. They will go over how our claims service works with you, and explain how we can help you to move your claim forward.

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