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Medical negligence Slough

Medical negligence Slough

All medical professionals have a duty of care to their patients to treat them correctly and perform any medical tests or procedures with due care and attention. Patients should receive the medical help they require, this may include getting a diagnosis, being assisted through pregnancy and childbirth, having dental treatment, undergoing an operation, receiving specialised medication and so much more. In the majority of cases most patients receive the medical care and treatment they need in order to get better or control an on-going condition for example, if sometimes the medical professional or medical team act negligently causing the patient to come to harm this can result in cases of medical malpractice

In cases of medical malpractice, when a patient is harmed as a result, they can sue for negligent NHS treatment as well as sue for private negligent treatment in order to receive compensation for harm caused.  Making a claim can be daunting and so speaking to a solicitor can be really helpful. At Medical Negligence Assist, our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Slough area and will be able to talk you through the claiming process and answer any questions you may have. Call Medical Negligence Assist on 0800 652 3087 for further help and guidance.

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How To Choose The Right Medical Negligence Solicitor Covering Slough

In order to make the right decision, there are a few points that you should consider which will then influence your final decision, such as:

  • Speak to family and friends to find out if there are any recommendations of solicitors they may have used themselves and been happy with.
  • Look at how much experience the solicitor has in the field of claims for medical negligence, obviously the more experience they have, the better.
  • Also look at and compare success rates as these will give a good indication as to whether they make successful claims. The better the success rate, the more likely they are to be able to win your case for you.
  • Look at the testimonials of medical claims solicitors. Reading previous client’s reviews is really useful as this gives you an honest opinion of how well the company is run, what their customer service is like, if they have good successes, what their work ethic is like and more.
  • Another really important factor is to consider their expectations for payment. Some solicitors work on an hourly rate which can become expensive and with no guarantee of your case being a success. Whereas others will offer a no win no fee service. We cover no win no fee in more detail later on in the guide.

Are Claimants Limited To Using Local Medical Negligence Solicitors?

Nowadays due to the amount of communications technology available to us, you are not limited to just local medical negligence solicitors. With the use of phones, email, skype and many other communication outlets, you can hire medical negligence lawyers from anywhere within the UK. Providing they meet all of your requirements and you are able to build a good relationship with them, this far outweighs where they are based. Medical Negligence Assist work with medical negligence lawyers so can help you to connect with the right lawyer for you.

Testimonials Of Medical Claim Solicitors Could Help You Choose Who To Claim With

As mentioned earlier, reading customer reviews can be really useful in getting an honest opinion on the solicitors you are considering using. By reading the reviews you will find out about their work ethic and whether they work quickly and efficiently or if they are quite slow and disorganised. You will be able to find out how easy they are to contact and speak to and whether or not they keep you informed regularly of your case’s progress. Any negative aspects as well as positive will usually be voiced in the reviews and so you will get a good idea as to whether they are the solicitors for you or not.

Leaving reviews are helpful to future claimants and so you should also consider leaving a review when you have used someone’s service.

What Forms Of Negligent Medical Care Could You Claim Compensation For?

There are many forms of medical negligence from surgical errors, wrongful or late diagnosis, incorrect prescribing of medication, cosmetic procedure errors, and so on. Regardless of whether you have received medical care in an NHS medical setting or a private medical setting, if you have been injured due to some form of malpractice, you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation. We discuss some forms of medical malpractice further on in the guide.

Your Injury May Be Assessed By Our Nationwide Panel Of Doctors

We work with a panel of doctors in the Slough area including:

  • Richard Fortiadis, Holiday Inn Slough, Windsor, 1 Church Street, Slough, SL1 2NH.
  • Abid Sami, Copthorne Hotel, Cippingham Lane, Slough, SL1 2YE.
  • Rakesh Duggal, Oak Lodge, Rectory Close, Farnham Royal, Slough, SL2 3BG.
  • Sanjay Lakhani, South Lodge Consulting, Gate 3 Wexham Park Hospital, Wexham Street, Slough, SL2 4HS.
  • Abdelwahab El-Madini, Copthorne Hotel, Cippingham Lane, Slough, SL1 2YE.
  • Shams Tabraiz (Medco GP), Marriot Hotel, Ditton Road, Slough, SL3 8PT.

Surgery Negligence

All surgery carries an element of risk regardless of whether it is for medical reasons or cosmetics reasons and so the medical staff involved need to ensure they follow the correct procedural requirements closely to lessen the likelihood of something going wrong. Before the surgery commences, the patient should have a consultation with the surgery team and medical staff where they should be informed of the risks and potential side effects involved so that they are fully aware of what the surgery involves before going ahead. They may also need to undergo some medical tests and checks to make sure they are fit enough for the surgery. Of course, in an emergency situation, pre- surgery consultations aren’t possible, but staff are expected to follow the procedure regulations for these situations.

The patient trusts that the staff know what they are doing and so other than perhaps being a little nervous, shouldn’t have to worry as such. After the surgery has taken place, they should be informed and helped with aftercare to reduce the risk of infections and complications occurring such as MRSA and DVT.

If the medical team fail to adhere to correct procedural regulations and standards, make a surgical error, or make a wrong decision that leads the patient to be harmed in some way or become ill, they may be held responsible as they could be deemed as being negligent in their duty of care.

Negligent NHS Or Private Hospital Care

It makes no difference if you are receiving medical care in an NHS or a private hospital, if you have suffered due to negligence, you could potentially make a claim. Our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors has helped many people claim compensation over the years for hospital negligence such as botched surgery, errors in diagnosing an illness or injury, being prescribed the wrong medication, infections and more.

If you have suffered due to negligence in a hospital, contact Medical Negligence Assist and we can help you to find a medical negligence lawyer best suited to your case.

Hospitals In Slough

Our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors covers the Slough area. Some of the local hospitals include:

  • Upton Hospital, Albert Street, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 2BJ.
  • Wexham Park Hospital, Wexham Park, Slough, Berkshire, SL2 4HL.
  • Spire Thames Valley Hospital, Wexham Street, Wexham, Slough, Berkshire, SL3 6NH.

Birth Injury Claim Process

There are things that can go wrong during pregnancy and childbirth and so specialised medical care and treatment needs to be given when required. Failing to take the right course of action, or acting too slow, could result in the mother or baby coming to harm. Injuries in pregnancy and childbirth can result in problems such as brain damage and cerebral palsy for example, and sometimes death. If you or your baby were injured during pregnancy or during the birth due to some form of malpractice, you could potentially make a compensation claim. The birth injury claim process can be launched for both physical as well as psychological injuries for the baby or the mother or both.

Could I Sue A Nursing Home?

If you, or someone you love, have become injured or ill after being treated negligently in a nursing home, you can sue them for damages providing you can prove that they are responsible. Negligent treatment in a nursing home could involve not helping with personal care, not assisting if needed with toileting, leaving a resident in soiled clothes or bedding, not assisting properly with getting around resulting in the resident having a fall, not using the correct lifting and manual handling equipment such as hoists properly, failing to give the correct medication when required and so on.

Medical Malpractice During The Treatment Of Cancer

Cancer is a disease which left undiagnosed, or untreated, can result in the sufferer losing their life. Prompt diagnosis and action to treat cancer is one of the best ways of improving the chances of beating the disease. If the medical team attending to the patient fails to diagnose cancer, act quickly, give the correct treatment or decides on the incorrect form of treatment for example, they could cause the patient to suffer furthermore, have to undergo more extensive treatment, or even lose their battle with the disease, and the medical team could then be deemed as being negligent in their duty of care. Medical Negligence Assist can help you to file a claim for compensation if you have suffered due to medical malpractice.

Dental Negligence Claims

Not all medical negligence claims are due to ill treatment in a hospital or doctors surgery or clinic, dental medical negligence claims can also be made against dentists who have caused harm by acting negligently. Regardless of whether your dentist is NHS or private, if they have caused you to be injured due to negligence, you could make a claim. Dental negligence may include instances where they have extracted the wrong tooth, damaged healthy teeth and gums, administered an incorrect dose of anaesthetic, or diagnosed a problem incorrectly etc.

Could I Sue My Doctor For Negligence?

Your GP is usually the first person you see if you have been unwell or have some kind of health ailment. We trust our GP to treat us professionally and be able to either diagnose our problem and treat accordingly, or in cases where further investigation is needed, be able to refer us for tests or to see specialist medical professionals. We certainly don’t expect to be treated negligently causing us further injury. If you have suffered because of the negligence of your GP, just call Medical Negligence Assist for further advice.

Medical Malpractice Data For Slough NHS Trusts

In the following table, we have listed the number of complaints made against the NHS Trusts that provides services in the Slough region. The table also displays the amount of compensation paid out for NHS negligence.

Healthcare providerClaims received 17/18Number of accidents/incidents Compensation awarded
Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust42*£20,336,148
Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust6*£123,250

No Win No Fee Slough Medical Negligence Compensation Claims

As mentioned earlier in the guide, no win no fee is a way to hire legal help, there are no fees to be paid before or during the claiming process, and in fact, fees are only to be paid at the end of the process if the claim has been successful, the payment will come out of the awarded amount as a percentage that can legally be no more than 25%, leaving you with 75% of the awarded amount and no negative impact to your current finances.

Solicitors that do not offer a no win no fee policy will expect payment regardless of the outcome and often the payments need to be paid regularly throughout the process and with a final fee once the case has concluded. As you can imagine, if the case fails to go the way you hope, you could find yourself largely out of pocket.

Medical Negligence Assist only works with solicitors who offer a no win no fee policy as we believe this gives everyone a chance to have legal help in claiming the compensation they deserve.

How To Start Your Claim

Call Medical Negligence Assist on 0800 652 3087 today to get your compensation claim started. One of our team will answer your call and after an informal chat about your case, we will then connect you to one of our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors.

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