Southampton Medical Negligence Solicitors – No Win No Fee Lawyers Claims Guide

Medical negligence Southampton

Medical negligence Southampton

By Danielle Parsons. Last Updated 28th September 2022. If you’ve been the victim of medical or clinical negligence, then it’s important that you have the right team on your side if you decide to make a compensation claim. Having specialists working with you could be what’s required to ensure you receive the correct level of compensation. If you’re looking for medical negligence solicitors in Southampton, this guide will provide information as to why it is not always appropriate to choose a solicitor in your area.

Our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Southampton area, so could help you if you’re ready to begin your claim. To contact us, call on 0800 652 3087 and speak with one of specialist advisors.

If you want to know more about choosing a medical negligence solicitor, please carry on reading.

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How Do I Choose The Right Medical Negligence Solicitor?

Claiming for medical negligence can be very complex indeed, the combination of both medicine and law is no easy task. Any personal injury claim can be tricky but proving that a medical professional has made a mistake requires special legal skills. So how do you go about choosing the right solicitor to help you?

You could use our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors who, between them, have represented thousands of clients in medical negligence claims.

Further steps you could take when choosing a medical negligence solicitor include:

  • Ask friends and family for recommendations. You don’t have to go with their choice, but it could be a good starting point.
  • Read online reviews. We’ll provide information on this in a later section of this guide.
  • Don’t choose a solicitor just because they say they’ll complete the claim quickly. Medical negligence claims can take time to get right, if a claim is rushed, the right level of compensation might not be awarded.
  • Speak with the solicitor and ask about how they’ll keep you updated. Ensure you like the solicitor, you’re likely to be in contact with them a lot, so you need to know you can work together.

As we go through this guide, we’ll provide further tips on what to look for when choosing a personal injury solicitor. We’ll cover possible medical mistakes, potential medical negligence claims and clinical law too.

One important point to remember is that there is a personal injury claims time limit for any type of clinical negligence claim. You have 3 years from the date of the negligence or date of diagnosis to begin a claim.

If your child is involved in medical negligence, you can claim on their behalf. Failing that, they have 3 years to claim from their 18th birthday.

Solicitors In Southampton – Do I Need Local Legal Help?

If you can prove medical negligence caused you harm, you might be eligible to make a medical negligence claim. Personal injury solicitors in Southampton could support your claim. However, you do not have to use solicitors in Southampton just because that is where the medical negligence occurred.

Correspondence between yourself and your solicitor can be done through long-distance through calls and email. That means that you do not need to find a Southampton solicitor. Instead, you could hire a specialist medical negligence solicitor based anywhere in the country.

If you’ve been harmed due to medical negligence in Southampton, you can get in touch with our advisors. They can advise on how our panel of solicitors could support your medical negligence claim. Contact us anytime and we can assess the potential of your medical negligence claim for free.

Research And Reviews Of Clinical Negligence Solicitors

Everywhere you look on the Internet, you’ll find reviews. Holiday reviews, product reviews and yes, you guessed it, medical negligence solicitors reviews.  Used in the right way, these reviews can really help you select appropriate medical negligence solicitors.

The things to look for are customer satisfaction, recent successes and examples of whether clients were happy with compensation amounts awarded. As you may know, there is some scepticism surrounding online reviews, so we’d recommend you use them accordingly.

As well as reading the reviews, pick up the phone and speak with the experts directly. Ask them about any cases they’ve worked on recently that are similar to yours.

Our Nationwide Panel Of Doctors Could Assess Your Injuries In Southampton

Anybody who uses Medical Negligence Assist gets access to our panel of medical experts across the whole of the UK. This means, anybody in the Southampton area making a claim for negligent treatment, will see a specialist in Southampton or nearby.

Here are a few of the specialists that we use:

Christina Sendegeya
Cumberland House,
15-17 Cumberland Place,
S015 2BG

David Magee
Sulivan Road,
SO19 0HS

Alba Sanchez Mascunano
1 West Quay Road,
SO15 1RA

David Wright
Hampshire Sports Injury & Physiotherapy Clinic,
140 Lodge Road,
SO14 6QR

In most claims of medical negligence, a medical assessment will be required. Therefore, we may refer you to one of these specialists or another in the Southampton area.

What Medical Negligence Claims Could Our Panel Of Solicitors Handle?

Our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors could offer advise then go on to offer their services on a No Win No Fee basis if you have a valid reason to make a claim.

Claims could potentially be made against private medical operators as well as the NHS. They could be made because of substandard care that caused harm due to surgeons, doctors, nurses, dentists and care providers who have negligently caused injury or illness or worsening of a disease due to negligent care.

Surgical Errors

While you may be provided with warnings about the risks involved with surgery, you don’t expect to be injured or to become ill, while undergoing surgery, because of neglect.

Patients put a lot of faith in the surgeons who operate on them while they are at their most vulnerable. If the surgeon makes a mistake, chooses to not follow guidelines, operates on the wrong body part, instruments are retained within the body, anaesthetic errors, amputation of the wrong limb, then the patient may have the grounds to pursue for damages due to surgical negligence.

If you believe you have been injured or your medical condition was made worse, because of surgical neglect, please call our team today. We’ll assess your claim and advise whether you have a valid surgical error case or not.

Medical Negligence During Pregnancy And Birth Injuries

If illness surfaces while being pregnant it is vital that the mother is monitored to prevent any risk to the foetus, also the foetus needs to be checked at regular intervals so that any conditions they may have can be identified so that if any treatment is needed soon after delivery arrangements can be made. If for whatever reasons conditions of the expectant mother or foetus are not recognised potential risks can be present.

During labour it is important to have regular checks on the baby and the expectant mother so that any unwanted emergency’s are kept to the minimum. If the baby’s heart beat is showing signs of distress physicians must be kept informed to prevent the unborn baby from suffering oxygen problems as, if an unborn baby suffers from oxygen issues this could have catastrophic effects.

Cases of Cerebral Palsy caused by the unborn baby being staved of oxygen due to negligence can be very complex and it is advisable that a specialist medical negligence solicitor is used in such cases as compensation will not only be needed for any pain and suffering but for the life long effects the conditions can present

Negligent Treatment At A Hospital

Hospital treat thousands of patients every year successfully. They are often busy places, struggling with patient numbers and, sometimes, staff shortages. That doesn’t mean though that patients should expect a lower standard of care.

Examples of negligent hospital treatment could possibly include:

  • Medication error: Either the wrong medicine or wrong dosage is prescribed or dispensed causing the patient to become ill.
  • Surgical mistakes: Further injuries are sustained during an operation because of a mistake by the surgeon or other medical staff.
  • Superbugs: If a patient or visitor becomes ill due to MRSA or other superbugs.
  • Anaesthetic mistakes: Patients who suffer pain during an operation, because the wrong dosage was administered.
  • Late or Misdiagnosis: This can lead to a condition worsening because treatment was delayed or not treated properly at the right time.

If you feel you’ve suffered an injury because of hospital negligence, please call our team today. We provide free advice on whether you can claim or not.

Neglect In A Nursing Home

Some of the most vulnerable people in society are being placed in care homes. They are sometimes incapacitated meaning that they can’t tell friends or loved ones if they are suffering due to negligence.

We understand how difficult it can be to prove negligence in a care home. Speak with our team if you believe you or a loved one has suffered negligence at the hands of the care home staff and we’ll discuss what evidence you’ll need to gather before making a claim request.

Harm Caused By Cancer Misdiagnosis

Negligent advice and care provided by a doctor regarding cancer could have a massive impact on the chances of survival. If the diagnosis is delayed, it means treatment won’t start as soon as it could. This could cause the cancer to spread further than it would have done had treatment started on time.

The same is true when the cancer is misdiagnosed. If the condition isn’t accurately diagnosed, any treatment could be delayed, or the wrong treatment could commence. In either case, the patient’s condition could worsen. If you need any advice regarding a cancer misdiagnosis call Medical Negligence Assist and we can answer any questions you may have or point you in the right direction.

Negligent Treatment By A Dentist

Any injury caused by a dentist, hygienist or other dental staff due to a mistake or negligence could lead to a compensation claim. This might be because a condition was misdiagnosed, a mistake happened during surgery or a treatment took place that wasn’t required.

Negligent Treatment At A GP Surgery

Many doctor’s practices have become overwhelmed with patient numbers. This means getting an appointment can take longer and doctors might feel under pressure if appointment lengths are reduced.

Even with these pressures on doctors, an accurate assessment needs to be made of a patient’s symptoms. Examples of mistakes that could be made by doctors could include:

  • An incorrect prescription being issued. This could mean that the underlying condition gets worse or the patient suffers a new illness because of a reaction to the wrong drugs.
  • Delayed diagnosis. If a patient has to visit a doctor on multiple occasions before the correct diagnosis is made but in the mean time the condition has been allowed to worsen.
  • Incorrect diagnosis. When a patient is wrongly diagnosed as having no problems or the wrong illness is diagnosed, again allowing the existing condition to worsen.

Your medical negligence lawyer, will need to prove that the doctor has made a mistake, and because of their mistake, you suffered a new illness, or your existing illness became worse in order to have a valid reason to pursue a claim.  Discuss this with our expert advisors to see if you have a valid compensation claim.

Statistics Showing Medical Negligence Instances At NHS Trusts In Southampton

The table below shows the number of claims made for medical negligence against the NHS in Southampton.

Healthcare ProviderClaims in 2017/2018Number of Incidents 2017/2018CNST Damages Paid
University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust711812,785,568

No Win No Fee Southampton Medical Negligence Claims

You’ve probably heard of no win no fee personal injury claims, but did you know you could use them for NHS negligence or claims against private medical companies? Here’s how no win no fee works:

  1. You make contact with no win no fee medical negligence lawyers.
  2. They assess your claim in a free consultation.
  3. Having assessed your claim, if they agree you have a strong case, they’ll agree to offer a no win no fee service.
  4. A Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) is prepared. This is the legal name for no win no fee agreements.
  5. The CFA will state that you don’t pay the solicitor if they don’t win compensation. It will also state how much of your compensation is retained by the solicitor if they win the case. This is known as a success fee and is limited to 25% but might be less.
  6. If the case is won, compensation is sent to the solicitor. They take their success fee and send the rest of the compensation to you.

No win no fee means you don’t have to provide funds to the solicitor at any point. You don’t pay them at up front and, if they win compensation for you, they take their success fee from that compensation. This makes claiming easier for a lot of people.

Our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors all work on a no win no fee basis for claims they take on.

NHS Hospitals, Private Hospitals And Treatment Centres In Southampton

There are a number of NHS and private hospitals in the Southampton area. In general, they treat Southampton residents but do take on patients from the wider Hampshire area.

NHS Hospitals

  • Southampton General Hospital.
  • Royal South Hants.
  • New Forest Birth Centre.
  • Princess Anne Hospital.
  • Southampton Children’s Hospital.

Private Hospitals

  • Spire Hospital Southampton.
  • University Hospital Southampton Foundation Trust.
  • BUPA Southampton Health Centre.
  • The Manor Clinic.
  • Care UK Southampton Treatment Centre.

If you’ve suffered any form of a negligent injury or illness caused by neglect, we could advise if you have a valid case. Please call us today you discuss your options.

How Do I Start My Medical Negligence Claim?

If you’ve been searching for clinical negligence solicitors in Southampton, then we could help you as our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Southampton area as well as other areas of the UK.

If you’d like to discuss your claim with us, please call our team of specialist advisors on 0800 652 3087 today. If you’d prefer to claim online, use this simple online form to submit your details. We’ll get back to you at a time that’s best for you.

Please contact us if you’d like to know if you have a chance of claiming the compensation for a case of medical neglect.

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