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Medical negligence Sutton Coldfield

Medical negligence Sutton Coldfield

Have you suffered due to medical neglect? Has the medical treatment you received been of a poor standard and as a result you have suffered harm? In this guide we will try to illustrate why looking for medical negligence solicitors in Sutton and Coldfield is not your only option. The simplest way to think about clinical or medical negligence (the two terms will be used synonymously in this article) is that it is a breach in the duty of care which all medical and healthcare professionals owe their patients and which has resulted in otherwise avoidable harm coming to a patient.

If medical negligence has resulted in you or a loved one coming to unnecessary harm you could be eligible to claim compensation from the health care provider. In this article we look at how people could claim compensation after suffering medical negligence in the town of Sutton Coldfield.

If after reading this guide you are ready to start a claim or want to find out more you can get in contact with our team to discuss your individual circumstances.

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How To Find A Good Medical Negligence Claims Solicitor

If you have been harmed due to neglect, carelessness or malpractice by a medical professional you could be entitled to claim compensation with a personal injury solicitor. But, how do you choose the right solicitor to handle your claim? After all, you need to be sure that you have the right person handling your claim and that you are comfortable with them doing so.

It can first help to make a short list of potential law firms or solicitors who you are considering. You can then start to narrow this down. Factors which you could consider may be:

  • Their experience in handling medical claims.
  • What funding options they offer claimants.
  • What other people have said about them.

Don’t Just Consider Local Medical Claims Solicitors

When looking for someone to handle your case, you may have searched for medical negligence solicitors in Sutton Coldfield. Whilst this may seem like the thing to do, searching only for solicitors in your local area could severely limit your choices in finding a medical negligence lawyer to work on your case. What if a solicitor in another part of the UK is better able to conduct your claim? In such situations it may be prudent to prioritise what experience and ability a solicitor has, rather than just considering their location. Whilst not specifically based in this area, our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Sutton Coldfield area.

Your Injury Could Be Assessed By Our Panel Of Doctors

Travelling to meet a solicitor face-to-face is generally not a necessary part of your claim and as such you do not need medical negligence solicitors in your area to handle your case. But, what will need to be carried out in person is any medical checkups and assessments of your injuries. To better facilitate this, our panel of medical negligence solicitors could provide an assessment in your area. The closest experts include:

Hisham Haq
Ley Hill Surgery Birmingham,
228 Lichfield Road,
Four Oaks,
Sutton Coldfield,
B74 2UE

Your examination may be carried out by a different expert in a different location.

Testimonials And Recommendations Could Be Helpful

Once you have narrowed down your choices to perhaps several specialist medical solicitors you may still be stuck choosing which person you feel is better equipped to handle your claim. One way to help differentiate between different medical negligence solicitors could be to look at medical negligence solicitors reviews. This will allow you to get a better feel for how satisfied other people have been with their services and if they would recommend using them.

Medical Negligence Our Panel Of Experts Could Conduct

Medical treatments and healthcare services are extremely diverse and range from general care provided by a GP or at a hospital, through to specialist oncology or surgical care. As such there are numerous different ways in which negligent care could happen and ways in which a patient could be affected if standards are allowed to fall below what they should be. We shall look examples of types of different medical or clinical negligence that our panel of expert solicitors could assist with;

  • Bed sores due to lack of movement by medical staff.
  • Gynaecological care errors which lead to injuries.
  • Infections caused by a lack of hygiene in dental/ medical care
  • Negligence in urology care that caused avoidable harm.
  • Surgical errors that required repeat of surgery.

Our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Sutton Coldfield area and are able to assist in any of these and many other types of negligence.

Could I Claim If My Surgery Goes Wrong?

Can you sue if surgery goes wrong? If it can be proven that the harm you came to during the surgery which was being performed on you was due to negligent treatment by the surgeon or the medical surgical team you may have grounds for a claim. A clinical negligence solicitor may want to determine if a surgeon with the same ability would not have gone on to cause the same harm if they were in the same situation.

Like all medical practitioners, surgeons and surgical staff are expected to meet the standards of care which could reasonably be expected from their peers.

Birth Injuries To Mother Or Baby

If an unborn baby is showing signs of distress at any point during labour or delivery it is important that both mother and unborn baby are monitored so that early intervention is on stand by. If action is not taken and the situation develops and the unborn baby suffers hypoxia it may lead to a very serious condition known as Cerebral Palsy. Negligent treatment at any stages of pregnancy or labour could have a serious effect on either party. Pursuing damages for negligent birth injuries such as Cerebral Palsy or Erb’s Palsy maybe needed to improve the quality of life of those affected.

Hospital & NHS Negligence

Hospitals may provide a range of general medical services. They may also specialise in specific areas of medicine and treatment such as orthopedics or ear, nose and throat treatment. Hospital & NHS negligence claims could be brought in a variety of circumstances and for different reasons. These may include for,

  • Diagnostic delays which lead to a condition worsening more than it needed too.
  • Errors in interpreting test results or the results of a scan (x-ray, MRI, etc) and the required treatment and intervention is delayed causing the condition to worsen.
  • Prescription errors which cause the patient adverse effects.


Nursing Home And Care Home Negligence Cases

In short, nursing home & care home negligence are actions which are considered a failure of staff to exercise due care and attention to residents at the nursing home. There are various laws or standards of care which are designed to protect vulnerable people from abuse, neglect or negligence. Negligent or careless actions could have a serious impact on a resident. They may suffer bed sores due to lack of adequate movement, contract an infection due to poor hygiene, suffer malnutrition due to poor effort in feeding those that cannot feed themselves or not receiving medication when needed allowing their condition to deteriorate.

If standards of care fall below those that residents should reasonably expect and if they were harmed as a result of this, a personal injury solicitor may be able to help them claim compensation. If you or someone you love has been affected by care home negligence, contact our team today.

Doctor Malpractice

In order to access specialist testing and treatment patients typically need a referral from their GP. Diagnostic failures and errors in the early stages of treatment for a condition such as heart disease or cancer could have a devastating effect on a person.

The Bolam Test maybe used to determine if a medical professional has acted in a negligent way. A doctor or GP could be guilty of negligence if they did not act in the way in which a peer (another competent GP) would have acted. If most doctors would have acted in a similar way, a GP may not be guilty of doctor malpractice. To pursue any medical negligence case the patient must have in some way been harmed by the health care provider the act of negligence alone will not qualify a patient for compensation.

Negligent Cancer Treatment

Oncologists (doctors specialising in cancer treatment) are reasonably expected to meet high standards in diagnosis and the provision of treatment. If they fail to meet expected standards (which a peer would meet) they could have breached their duty of care to you. If you were harmed as a result, you may be eligible to claim compensation. No matter how you have been affected, contact our team to find out if a clinical negligence lawyer or solicitor could assist you.

Claims For Dental Negligence

If a dental procedure has been botched due to dental negligence on the part of your dentist, a dental surgeon or a dental nurse you could be eligible to make a dental negligence claim for the harm caused. Dental care could be said to be negligent if the way in which you were treated could be said to not meet reasonably expected standards, and if you were harmed as a result of their failure to meet these standards. Examples of negligent dental care for which you could make a personal injury claim may include,

  • Removing the wrong tooth.
  • Causing unnecessary damage to nerves.
  • Not following basic hygiene and causing infections.
  • Not diagnosing a condition which causes later problems such as oral cancers.

Data For Compensation Claims Against NHS Trusts Serving Sutton Coldfield

The body NHS Resolution publishes annual data about claims which have been made against NHS trusts and authorities in England. The data shows information such as the number of reported instances at an NHS trust, how many claims were made in this period and the value of damages paid out.

NHS Trust Or Relevant Healthcare AuthorityNo. of claims recievedNo. of reported incidentsCNST Damages Paid
University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust61187,888,500

In the table above you can find information about the volume of instances reported, claims made and payments made by NHS trusts covering this area in the year 2017/ 18. For further information, see the full data set here.

Sutton Coldfield And Birmingham Hospitals

Sutton Coldfield is a town and civil parish in the wider city of Birmingham. As such, many medical services, such as hospitals and even providers such as NHS Trusts, are shared with both the wider Birmingham area and other towns.

Below are listed some of the NHS and private hospitals providing services to residents of Sutton Coldfield.

NHS hospitals

  • Good Hope Hospital
  • Sutton Cottage Hospital

Private hospitals

  • Spire Little Aston Hospital
  • BMI Sutton Medical Centre
  • Midlands Medical Partnership


No Win No Fee Medical Claims Solicitors Covering Sutton Coldfield

When taking legal action you will need to pay for your solicitors time and services. Whilst there may be different options available to you, one of the most common and convenient ways to fund making a personal injury claim is through a no win, no fee agreement.

No win no fee agreements are a common way for people to use medical solicitors. As the claimant, no win no fee agreements mean that you do not have to pay the solicitor handling your claim if they do not win your case. If you are successful, then the solicitors fee will be agreed as a percentage of the settlement. This is agreed before signing the contract and is legally limited to 25% of the settlement.

For further information on how no win no fee claims work, contact our team today.

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Medical negligence claims may be complex and we think that to have the best outcome they should be handled by specialist medical negligence solicitors. To find out whether you have grounds to make a claim contact us today.

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