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Medical negligence Swindon

Medical negligence Swindon

Are you looking for a medical negligence solicitor in Swindon due to being negligently harmed? If you are unsure as to what medical negligence is we hope that we have provided enough examples for you to establish if you are eligible for damages. We will offer some tips and advice on how to choose the right solicitor to manage your claim for you, and also explain why our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors could be a good fit in your own case.

You may have additional questions that are not addressed within this guide. If this is the case, you can talk to our team on 0800 652 3087. They will give you the answers that you need, and provide you with any further assistance you require.

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How To Find The Right Medical Negligence Solicitor For Your Claim

Finding the right team of solicitors to handle your claim, can be a daunting challenge if you have never had dealings with a solicitor before. How do you know which would be most suitable? There are a few ways you can simplify this process, such as:

  • Talk to your co-workers, and ask if any of them can recommend a solicitor.
  • Get in touch with family members and friends, and ask for their recommendations.
  • Try and find an online community reviews site, that has published reviews of legal firms.

All of these are valid ways to begin your search for a legal team. However, we can offer you a much simpler method to obtain the legal help you need to make a claim. Our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Swindon area and have the knowledge and expertise to deal with almost all medical negligence cases. They may also be able to give you an estimate of how much compensation you might receive (you could also use an online personal injury claims calculator to find this out), and explain which personal injury claims time limit would apply in your own case.

Does My Solicitor Need To Be Local To Me?

There is no legal obligation for you to use local clinical negligence solicitors to process your claim. You can use any solicitor you wish, and the location of their office makes no difference at all. Modern communication channels such as email, web chat and VOIP, makes keeping in touch with your legal team simple, regardless of where they happen to be located. A more important consideration than location, is how suitable a solicitor is, and whether they would be more effective in processing your claim, improving your chances of receiving compensation.

Look For Reviews Of Solicitors For Medical Negligence Claims

If you can manage to find an online review site, that has published plenty of community reviews of medical negligence solicitors, then this could be a good starting point for shortlisting a number of possible legal firms to process your claim. If you decide to try this, you need to take note of key information such as:

  • How long ago the review was published, and whether it is still relevant.
  • Whether the review was based on a claim similar to your own.
  • Whether the claim the review was based on was successful.
  • Whether the review was negative or positive.
  • How the solicitor structured their fee.
  • How much the solicitor charged as a fee.

Facts like these, once compared, will enable to you pick out the best of the bunch. However, if you don’t have time to go through this selection process, we can offer you an alternative. Our team can explain how a claims service can provide you with a way to have your claim processed, in a stress free manner.

Types Of Clinical Malpractice Cases Conducted By Our Panel Of Experts

Medical or clinical malpractice can take different forms. However, in order for a person to be eligible to make a personal injury claim, they must have been harmed by the negligent act, and all three of these statements must be true:

  1. A medical professional had a duty of care towards the injured patient.
  2. The medical professional breached this duty of care, and this directly or indirectly caused harm to the patient.
  3. The breach in the duty of care, was avoidable.

Some examples that demonstrate this, are:

  • Mistakes made during surgery, causing an avoidable injury to a patient.
  • Mistakes made during childbirth, negligently harming the baby, the mother, or both.
  • Hospital accidents, caused by negligence, that resulted in harm to a patient.
  • Mistakes made by nursing or care home staff, that resulted in preventable harm to a resident.
  • Mistakes made by a dentist or dental nurse during a dental procedure, resulting in negligent harm to the patient.
  • A GP failing in their duty as a primary healthcare conduit, causing harm to a patient in some way.
  • Wrongly diagnosed or late diagnosis of a serious injury such as cancer, causing the patient’s medical condition to worsen.

We will go over some of these examples in more detail in the sections below.

Could My Injury Or Illness Be Examined Close To Me?

If making any sort of personal injury claim very often you are required to take part in a medical assessment to establish the extent of your injuries, whether further treatment is needed and the overall impact the condition may have on you. The results of which, can be used to support your claim. Our panel of solicitors can arrange for you to receive a medical examination in the Swindon area as part of your case, from these medical professionals or others if these ones are not available:

Ayubur RahmanBSS HouseSwindonSN2 2PJ
Cheney Manor
Louise WhyteSwindon Chiropractic ClinicSwindonSN3 4PZ
10 Swindon Rd
Stratton St Margaret

If you would like to go ahead and arrange your medical examination in Swindon, please talk to a member of our team.

Botched Surgery And Surgical Negligence

If botched cosmetic surgery or medical surgery causes a patient to suffer unnecessarily due to error, mistake or negligence and it can be proven that another medical practitioner of the same ability would have not caused the sames injuries a claim for damages maybe possible. Examples of surgical negligence could include:

  • Cosmetic surgery that leaves unsightly scars, deformation and disfigurement.
  • Wrong site surgery.
  • Errors made when administering anaesthetic, that result in the patient suffering some form of unnecessary pain or illness.
  • Inadequate levels of post-op care, leading to infection.

These are just several examples of the way a person can come to harm during a surgical procedure if the medical staff are careless, negligent or the level of care and service falls below the minimum standard. If the harm you suffered was caused by negligence, you could have valid grounds to make a claim.

Birth Injury Compensation Claims

There are a number of pregnancy and birthing issues that can be caused if staff are negligent. Delivering baby’s is a wonderful job, bringing new life into the world every day is a privileged, medical staff have the ability to deliver babies healthy and safe ensuring at all times the mum is well cared for. No one sets out to deliberately cause harm to a new born or the mum but harm could be caused if services in this area are not maintained at all times. If the level of care is not maintained to at least the minimum standards correct procedures could be deviated from causing harm.

Types of harm that could be caused if negligence is present may include;

  • Injuries to the baby:
    • Medical conditions, such as cerebral palsy.
    • Hypoxia leading to brain damage.
    • Scars and disfigurement.
    • Broken bones.
  • Injuries to the mother:
    • Incorrectly performed c-section.
    • Perineal tears.
    • Damage to internal organs.

If you or your baby were harmed due to negligence during the birthing process, you could possibly be able to make birth injury compensation claims.

Hospital Malpractice Or Clinical Negligence

If staff who are caring for those who are ill or physically hurt are careless, negligent, neglect the needs of the patients or breach their duty of care those who are suffering may suffer additionally due to preventable injuries or illnesses.

Hospital negligence may include;

  • Mistakes made when prescribing medication, leading to an allergic reaction or illness.
  • Incorrectly administered treatment, such as a poorly applied plaster cast, making an injury worse.
  • Surgical errors which cause avoidable injuries.

If you are unsure if you could pursue a claim for NHS hospital negligence or private healthcare hospital negligence why not call our advisors and they can go through your eligibility to claim.

Swindon And Wiltshire Hospitals

Great Western Hospital

Marlborough Rd



Web: https://www.gwh.nhs.uk

Opening hours: 24 hours.

Nursing Home Neglect

Every nursing or care home in the UK, is obligated, by law, to provide a safe environment for all residents, at all times. Whole bodies of Health & Safety regulations and other legislation must be complied with. However, regardless of these rules and regulations aimed at ensuring a specific minimum level of care is maintained, overworked and often untrained staff may cause negligent mistakes. If these negligent mistakes cause harm to a resident in some way, then grounds for a care home negligence claim may exist. 

Dental Medical Malpractice Cases

Examples of dental medical negligence, that could cause harm to a dental patient, could result in injuries such as:

  • Damage to the jawbone (fractures, dislocation, etc.)
  • Damage to the gums (cuts, infections, etc.).
  • Loss of healthy teeth.
  • Cuts or bruising of the face or neck.
  • Long-term scarring or permanent disfigurement.

If you were to suffer preventable injuries such as these, due to negligence on the part of a dentist or dental technician, you could have a valid reason to make a claim.

GP Negligence

GP’s generally have two main areas, to correctly diagnose a patient if they are ill and provide them with medication to treatment. Or if the condition needs determining and clarifying sending the patient for diagnostic testing or to see a specialist. Failure to either diagnose and treat a condition successfully or transfer those patients who need specialist treatment could mean a patient may suffer unnecessarily which maybe deemed as negligent.

Types Of Cancer Misdiagnosis

Cancer requires rapid treatment, often using extreme techniques such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The sooner the cancer is caught and treated, the greater the chance that the victim makes a full recovery. Even a short delay in receiving treatment due to a late diagnosis or misdiagnosis, can have serious health effects. If a person who is suffering with cancer receives a late diagnosis because the condition was misdiagnosed for something else by their physician and due to this delayed diagnosis the patients health deteriorated because the condition was not being treated grounds for damages may exist. 

Statistics For Clinical Negligence In  Great Western Hospitals NHS Trust

The table below, details instances of clinical negligence at Great Western Hospitals NHS Trust and other hospitals in the area:

Healthcare ProviderClaims Received (2017/18)Number of Incidents (2017/18)CNST Damage Payments
Swindon Clinical Commissioning Group*0£20, 647

All data for this table was taken from:

NHS Trust claims data 2017-2018

No Win No Fee Swindon Medical Negligence Claims

If you use a No Win No Fee medical negligence solicitor to have your clinical negligence claim processed, you pay no fee to have your claim started, and no fee while it is processed for you. You will also not pay a fee to them if you don’t receive any compensation. You only pay a fee when the solicitor receives a settlement for you, and they will take this fee from the money received, before giving you the remainder.

How Do I Start My Claim?

Have you been harmed by the negligent actions of a medical professional? Do you need access to medical negligence solicitors covering Swindon to process a claim? If so, speak to one of our team on 0800 652 3087, to learn how we can be of assistance.

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