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Medical negligence Wallasey

Medical Negligence Wallasey

Seeing your local Wallasey GP, visiting a hospital for an appointment, having a dental check and taking prescribed medication are all things that we do to keep our health in check, and the medical care we receive can really impact the outcome of any health problem we may have. In most cases, be it through the NHS or privately, the medical care we receive is as it should be, professional, helpful and beneficial. However, if occasionally the care we receive isn’t up to the expected standard and something goes wrong due to a negligent act, leaving the patient being treated with an injury or further ill-health, as a result, they may have a right to make a claim for damages.

Unless you work within the personal injury claims industry, however, making a claim isn’t something you would have necessarily experienced and it can, therefore, be a minefield of legal jargon and a very complex process. This is where we can help. Medical Negligence Assist has a panel of medical negligence solicitors covering the Wallasey area and can help you to file your claim, ensuring that the legal help you receive is second to none. Just call us on 0800 652 3087 for a no-obligation chat about your case.

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How Do I Find The Right Clinical Claims Solicitor For My Case?

Ideally, when making a compensation claim, it is useful to have a solicitor representing your case to give it the best chance of success as they will know the best way in which to conduct the claim, the type of evidence needed and any legal clauses. But, finding a solicitor that will deliver the service you expect can be quite daunting as there are so many firms out there. Therefore we suggest doing the following which may help to make your choice a little easier:

  • Recommendations – Ask family and friends if they have had any dealings with a personal injury lawyer, or know of anyone first hand who has needed the services of a solicitor, and ask how they rate their services.
  • Experience – To give your claim the best chance of success, ideally you want to use a medical negligence solicitor that has lots of experience in making successful compensation claims.
  • Success Rate – Look at the history of the solicitors you want to compare. Who has the highest success rate? In most cases, the one with the highest success rate shows that they have a better chance of winning your case.
  • Reviews – Look at past customer reviews and look for any stand out negative issues and compare with other solicitors.
  • Payment option – Lastly, but probably one of the most important, look at how they expect their legal fees to be paid, do they expect regular payments with a final fee or do they offer no win any fee, a no win no fee service may be the safest option and we discuss this in more detail later on.

Should I Claim With Local Medical Negligence Solicitors?

Nowadays, we have many options of communication methods including mobile and landline telephones, email, traditional letters, fax, skype, facetime, and so on, and so it really doesn’t matter where your chosen medical negligence lawyer is situated, they could be the other side of the country to you and it really wouldn’t make any difference to the outcome of your claim at all. It is more important that you connect with a solicitor with whom you can build a good professional relationship with and who you know has the experience and expertise in the field and will endeavour to get the job done to the best of their ability.

Our Panel Of Doctors Could Assess Injuries Close To Wallasey

Medical Negligence Assist has a panel of medical negligence solicitors covering the Wallasey area who can help you. A panel of doctors could assess injuries close to Wallasey and these include:

  • Gill Dabek

336 Hoylake Road, Moreton, Wirral, CH46 6DF.

  • Christina Sendegeya
  • Altaf Choudhry
  • Huma Afzal
  • Khalid Shehzad
  • Marta Molinero
  • Jessica Spaulding
  • Farkhanda Akhatr
  • Akhtar Ali Akhtar

Gateway House, Old Hall Road, Bromborough, Wirral, CH62 3NX.

Compare Different Solicitors And Clinical Claims Company Reviews

One of the best ways to really get an honest insight into the services a solicitor provides when claiming compensation is to look at the reviews of the medical negligence solicitors. By reading previous customer reviews you will have an unbiased view on how they compare to other legal firms, if their service is as good as they suggest, if they work efficiently and quickly, if they keep the customer informed, and if they treat every case with equal importance for example. Customer reviews tend to point out any negative aspects of the service they have been provided and so at an initial glance, you will probably be able to tell if they are worth hiring, or better to avoid. Once you have decided on a solicitor, leaving a review yourself can then be helpful to further customers just as it was for you.

Our Panel Of Solicitors Could Handle Different Medical Compensation Claims

There are all sorts of types of medical negligence that can occur. Our panel of medical negligence solicitors covering the Wallasey area have dealt with many different cases over the years involving some form of medical negligence. Some of the cases we deal with include:

  • NHS negligence in hospitals
  • Private healthcare negligence
  • Negligence in dental care, NHS and private
  • Medical negligence involving GP’s
  • Surgery errors
  • Cosmetic errors
  • Negligence in care homes
  • Errors due to negligence in childbirth

If you have been treated negligently by a medical professional and sustained an injury, please contact us at Medical Negligence Assist and we will help you find a suitable medical negligence solicitor for your case.

Negligence In Hospital Care

We visit hospitals for many different reasons in relation to our health, it may be for medical tests, check-ups, accidental injuries such as broken bones or cuts and lacerations, on-going medical treatment, pregnancy and childbirth, illnesses such as severe food poisoning requiring admission or infections for example. In the majority of cases, we are treated with professionalism and care, but if things go wrong resulting in our health being worsened by a wrong course of action, negligent misdiagnosis or a form of gross misconduct, all may be classed as being negligent behaviour. In these such cases, we can file a claim for damages against those liable for our suffering. You may be wondering ‘How do I sue a hospital for negligence?’ if so, we would suggest speaking to Medical Negligence Assist that offers medical negligence services for help and advice.

Negligence In Surgery

People have surgery procedures for all sorts of reasons, some being routine medical operations, some being for emergency cases and some cosmetic. Regardless of your reason for having surgery, if you are treated negligently and are injured as a result, you could make a claim. Surgical negligence may include:

  • Administering the wrong type or amount of anaesthesia
  • Leaving unnecessary and unsightly scars
  • Performing the incorrect surgery procedure, such as amputating the wrong limb
  • Carelessness during the procedure resulting in foreign bodies such as dressings being left inside the body
  • Failing to carry out appropriate health checks to make sure the patient is fit for surgery
  • Failure to give and advise the correct aftercare
  • Using unclean utensils
  • Poor hygiene

Whatever the reason for your surgery, if you have been injured due to the negligence of the medical team treating you, contact Medical Negligence Assist for further advice.

Negligence In Pregnancy Or Birth Care

Although one of the oldest and most natural occurrences in the history of mankind, pregnancy and childbirth does not come without its problems and risks to both mother and baby, with today’s knowledge and technology, special antenatal care is given during pregnancy and childbirth to ensure the risks are kept to a minimum. However, if someone on the medical team makes a negligent mistake that results in either or both the mother and baby coming to harm, you may have a legitimate reason to claim compensation. Injuries such as brain damage, cerebral palsy and sadly sometimes death and stillbirth can result from negligent treatment. Claims for medical negligence in pregnancy or during childbirth take into account both physical and psychological injuries to mother and/or baby.

Negligence In Cancer Treatment

Any delay or mistake in cancer treatment can have devastating consequences as getting the correct treatment as soon as possible is absolutely paramount in trying to beat the disease. If someone is negligently undiagnosed or negligently misdiagnosed after seeking medical care, or if they are prescribed the incorrect medication or treatment, or the professional in charge of the treatment makes a negligent mistake, the patient could be left with further health problems, a possibility of needing more extensive and invasive treatment, or even in the worst cases, be at risk of losing their cancer battle.

If someone you love has cancer and has been treated negligently resulting in injury or further illness, they may have a valid reason to claim for damages.

Neglect In Care Homes Or Nursing Homes

Negligent treatment in a care or nursing home could include a number of things such as:

  • Failing to assist the resident with personal care such as washing and dressing
  • Failing to provide meals and drinks when required and requested
  • Failing to give or administer prescribed medication correctly
  • Not assisting with toileting
  • Ignoring signs and symptoms of the resident being ill and failing to act
  • Failure to correctly and safely use walking and lifting aids increasing the chances of the resident becoming injured
  • Abuse of responsibility

People go into a care or nursing home because they either cannot physically or mentally look after themselves, or just need a little bit of extra help with everyday tasks that they can no longer manage to do on their own. In most homes, the residents are treated with care and compassion but in some cases, the standards in a home aren’t always as they should be which results in residents not being treated as expected and they sustain an injury as a result of some form of negligence. If you or someone you love has been treated negligently in a home and you have an injury, as a result, you may have a legitimate reason to claim compensation.

Negligence In Dental Care

Medical negligence doesn’t just happen in hospitals or doctors surgeries, but also in dental surgeries as well unfortunately. If a dentist removes the wrong tooth, misdiagnoses an issue, administers the wrong anaesthetic or causes damage to otherwise healthy teeth, they could be deemed as being negligent in their duty of care to you as their patient.

Negligence In GP Treatment

Similar to negligence in a hospital, if your GP causes you an injury due to being negligent in some way, you may have a case to make a claim. Negligence in a GP surgery may include:

  • Negligent misdiagnosis
  • Failure of diagnosis
  • Performing health checks incorrectly
  • Prescribing either the wrong treatment or the wrong dose or strength of the medication.
  • Failure to refer to a specialist when needed

If you believe you have suffered due to your GP’s medical negligence, you may have a valid claim, contact Medical Negligence Assist to further help you.

NHS Resolution Statistics For Medical Claims Against Trusts In This Area

To get an idea of how much compensation amount you may receive look at the total number of claims and payouts. We cannot give an exact answer as to how much you may get paid as there are too many variables to take into account.

TrustClaims received 17/18Number of accidents/incidents Compensation awarded
Wirral Community NHS Trust**£141,372
Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Trust Foundation74*£11,481,151

Source; https://resolution.nhs.uk/resources/factsheet-5-trust-and-authority-claims-data-2017-18/

If you’d like to know more about what you could receive in claims, speak to Medical Negligence Assist today.

Hospitals Serving Wallasey

There are a number of hospitals which serve the Wallasey area, these include:

  • Arrowe Park Hospital, Arrowe Park Road, Upton, Wirral, CH49 5PE.
  • Victoria Central Hospital, Mill lane, Wallasey, CH44 5UF.
  • St Catherine’s Hospital, Church Road, Birkenhead, Merseyside, CH42 0QL.
  • Spire Murrayfield Hospital, Holmwood Drive, Heswall, Wirral, Merseyside, CH61 1AU.

No Win No Fee Claims For Medical Negligence In Wallasey

No win no fee claims may be the safest way financially to hire a legal firm to pursue your claim for you. This is because with no win no fee, there are no fees to be paid until the claim has concluded, and only then if the claim was won will there be any fees. The fees are paid as a small portion of the settlement amount. If the claim is lost, there are no fees to be paid at all to a legal firm. With a pay by the hour solicitor, they will require payment throughout the claim process as well as when it finishes regardless of the outcome and so this way you could potentially find yourself out of pocket.

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