West Bromwich Medical Negligence Solicitors – No Win No Fee Lawyers Claims Guide

Medical negligence West Bromwich

Medical negligence West Bromwich

Have you been the victim of negligent medical care, malpractice or harm otherwise caused during the provision of medical or healthcare? Are you looking for medical negligence solicitors in West Bromwich? Our nationwide panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the West Bromwich area and our team are on hand to answer any questions you may have around in regards to clinical negligence.

Before we look in more detail at how we could help you, we shall briefly answer some common questions.

What is classed as medical negligence?

By law, those providing medical care owe patients a duty of care not to cause harm. If through the provision of this care (through error or negligence) the patient is harmed then the provider is in breach of this duty and negligence may have taken place.

What are grounds for medical negligence?

Negligence may be caused by errors when diagnosing a patient, errors when the patient is being treated, or errors in the aftercare or provision of long-term treatments. However it is important to say at this stage that in order to pursue a case for clinical negligence it is not enough for negligence to have taken place it must be a direct cause of further ill health, harm or injury.

How do you prove medical negligence?

You can use various pieces of evidence such as medical reports, testimonials from medical experts and other related medical information.

If you are making a patient compensation claim it is important that you do so with a specialist medical negligence solicitor who is equipped with the ability to conduct what can sometimes be a complex case. Our panel of experts could guide you through this process and ensure that you are awarded the right settlement.

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How To Find A Solicitor For A Medical Negligence Claim

If you are taking any form of legal action or advice it is a good idea to work with a team who have the best possible experience or ability to conduct a claim. Not all solicitors are as adapt as others in conducting this type of case. The issues and complexities involved in such cases may be very different to other types of compensation claims.

Steps which you could take to find a medical negligence solicitor include,

  • Asking a solicitor about their experience in conducting similar cases.
  • Looking at trustworthy reviews.
  • Asking if they could offer to take your case on a conditional fee agreement basis.

Asking these simple questions could help you to build up a better picture of the solicitor and their services offered.

Should I Use A Solicitor In My Local Area?

Do you need to use medical negligence solicitors near you? This question will often come up when people are looking for a medical solicitor to handle their personal injury claim. The quickest answer to this question is that you do not need to use a solicitor based in the same town or city, or even region as you. Most aspects of the claims process can be conducted remotely without you and your solicitor needing to meet in person. Far more important than where a solicitor is located is their overall ability to conduct your case. This stems from their knowledge of medical negligence law and their experience in conducting similar cases.

As a nationwide service, Medical Negligence Assist work with a panel of expert medical negligence solicitors who can cover the UK. We could also ensure that any examination of your injuries could be carried out by a doctor who is located as close to you as possible. Our expert panel have a strong record in successfully resolving a variety of personal injury claims and could help victims of negligent healthcare in this area.

Should I Look At Medical Negligence Solicitor Reviews?

Getting independent verification, such as through medical negligence solicitors reviews, can be helpful. Recommendations from different people such as friends or family members could be helpful. You can also use independent reviews from different legal directories or independent review sites. There may be solicitors which are more eye-catching or which have a high profile. However, these are not necessarily those who are best equipped to help you claim compensation.

At the same time reviews, recommendations and ratings should be taken with some degree of skepticism as online reviews (whether positive or negative) may not always be trustworthy. Calling and asking to speak to the solicitor in person can give you a better understanding of how they work and how you will work together.

Examples Of Negligent Medical Care Cases Our Panel Of Experts Could Conduct

Our panel of medical negligence solicitors have the expertise and knowledge to help with different types of medical negligence. Medical negligence may stem from substandard treatment that a patient has received which has caused them harm. When trying to prove negligence your medical negligence solicitor may ask for the opinion of a medical practitioner who has the same caliber as the one who may have provided poor treatment and ask would they in the same situation have caused similar harm. If the answer is no, this would set the foundation for liability.  Examples of medical negligence may include;

  • Harm caused in negligent A&E treatment.
  • Harm caused during negligent surgery or cosmetic surgery.
  • GP failing to refer patient for diagnostic tests allowing the condition to worsen.
  • Pressure sores.
  • Child birth injuries due to negligent care.
  • Misdiagnosing Cancer.
  • Negligent care home treatment in the form of abuse.


Could My Injury Or Illness Be Examined In My Local Area?

We have already covered why if you are the victim of harmful medical care you do not need to use solicitors in the West Midlands. We do however understand that asking victims of negligent private healthcare or issues with NHS treatments to travel long distances to undergo medical examinations could be stressful.

At Medical Negligence Assist we work with a panel of doctors across the UK who conduct examinations on our behalf. In this area our experts include the following.

Anthony Blissett
Portway Lifestyle Centre,
Newbury Lane,
B69 1HE

Anthony Pearson
Independent Medical Advisers Ltd
39 George Road,
B15 1PL

Muhammad Anwar
Consulting Rooms 38 Ltd,
38 Harbourne Road,
B15 3HE

The experts above represent some of our panel of doctors, your examination may be carried out at a different location or by a different member of our panel if the ones above are not available.

Pre And Post Natal Birth Injury Negligence

It is important that any issues that arise when an expectant mother is being assessed are looked at closely to ensure both she and her unborn child are safe and healthy. A delay in diagnosis or misdiagnosis of a condition could mean that they may not receive the correct treatment when needed possibly causing ill health or future complications.  The same can be said when the expectant mother is in labour or delivering her child, if distress signals are not picked up and monitored or the correct procedures used when delivering the baby issues surrounding health may be present. If a child is showing any type of distress at all then delivering that baby as soon as possible may be the only option. Failure to act when faced with such problems could have devastating effects upon the health of the child.

For reference on how much you could claim you can find our online calculator here.

Surgical Negligence And Surgical Errors

Between 1995 and 2018, the highest proportion of claims made to the CNST (Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts) were those made for surgical negligence claims against the trust. See Factsheet 3 from NHS Resolution. Examples of surgical error or surgical negligence may include;

  • Wrong site surgery.
  • Damage to internal organs.
  • Amputation of incorrect limb.
  • Retained surgical equipment.

Negligent Hospital Medical Care

What is classed as medical negligence by a hospital? Hospital negligence is quite a broad term that could potentially cover different aspects of medical negligence. If any part of a hospitals service falls below that expected standard leading to a direct injury, harm, illness or worsening of a condition hospital negligence may exist. Today general hospitals will be expected to provide a very wide range of different treatments to a rising number of patients. They may need to provide healthcare to patients in an emergency (at an A&E department), provide ongoing care – such as to cancer patients, or conduct a variety of different operations.

Unfortunately, if standards of care sometimes slip with people making errors or mistakes and providing care which is far below expected standards those that are affected maybe harmed unnecessarily. If you have any questions regarding hospital negligence talk to us today the number is on the bottom if this guide.

West Bromwich Area Hospitals

West Bromwich, or simply Bromwich as the town is often abbreviated to, is a large town. It is considered one of six towns which are amalgamated in the metropolitan borough of Sandwell and part of the wider West Midlands region. As the town is both close to the larger city of Birmingham and part of a metropolitan borough, there are several larger NHS and private healthcare facilities which provide services to local residents, and to those living in other towns which are part of this borough. Some of the larger facilities are:

NHS hospitals and facilities

  • Sandwell General Hospital
  • Edward Street Hospital
  • Hallam Street Hospital
  • Heath Lane Hospital
  • Leasowes Intermediate Care Centre

Private hospitals and clinics

  • Nuffield Health Wolverhampton Hospital
  • BMI The Edgbaston Hospital

If you have experienced medical negligence at any of these, or other healthcare facilities and are searching for medical negligence solicitors in West Bromwich, our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors could help you we are not based in the area but we can certainly cover all of the West Midlands.

Claim For Dental Injuries

Today there are many different and sophisticated dental treatments on offer for medically necessary procedures as well as cosmetic treatments. These different procedures and treatment options may have risks associated with them. For you to make a choice about what to do and which treatment option to take, before proving any kind of consent, you need to have these risks fully explained by your dentist. If they failed to do so and you were harmed, or if you were harmed in another way due to them acting negligently, call Medical Negligence Assist to see if you qualify for compensation for any harm caused.

To find out more, please view our detailed guide on how to claim for dental injuries here.

Care Home Incidents And Neglect

The way in which care is provided and the standard of said care in nursing homes and care homes across the UK is considerably varied. Care facilities may be provided through the NHS or private sector. Ways in which people could be harmed or neglected in a care home setting may include;

  • If patients are not properly moved they could sustain bed sores. Pressure sores can be very painful and at times difficult to treat. They will not always heal and may become infected.
  • Medication and prescription errors. Having the wrong medication provided could worsen an existing condition or cause a new one to develop.
  • Patients could be injured in a fall if there is insufficient help and assistance to move about or a lack of safety features, such as handrails, or lack of supervision etc.

Private And NHS Cancer Misdiagnosis

NHS or private healthcare negligence related to the treatment of cancers could result in some of the most serious of consequences. The implications of negligent cancer care, such as the misdiagnosis of your illness or delays to treatment can be very severe. In some instances, this could even lead to premature deaths or a reduction in expected life-span. Other implications of this could include your being placed under increased financial pressure due to being sicker and less able to work. You may have had to undergo additional and more invasive treatments as a result.

If this has happened to you, and you have had your condition worsen to to negligent care and treatment a member of our panel of personal injury solicitors and lawyers could be able to help you to claim compensation for the harm suffered. If you have any questions regarding an illness being misdiagnosed do not hesitate to get in touch you will find the contact number at the bottom of the page.

General Practice Doctor Negligence

General practice doctors, commonly known as GP’s, are on the frontline in the provision of healthcare across the UK. GP’s are the ones who have the responsibility to assess a patient and define and determine what course of action if any is needed. Failure to provide such a service could mean a patient may suffer unnecessarily.

Examples of GP negligence could include,

  • Not acting on the results of a test allowing the patient to go untreated.
  • Not prescribing the right care or medication allowing a condition to worsen.
  • Misdiagnosis or delay in diagnosis and a condition deteriorates.
  • Not referring patients for the right care or exams allowing the condition to worsen.

If you have experienced such instances please contact our team.

Rates Of Incidents For Clinical Negligence In The West Midlands

Private healthcare establishments tend to not publish cases of medical negligence. However, the body NHS Resolution does publish annual data for each NHS trust and clinical commissioning group. In this table we have included data showing how many claims or incidents were reported to NHS trusts in this area in the last accounting year. We also include the value of payments made during this period.

NHS Trusts And Healthcare AuthoritiesNo. of claimsNo. of incidents reportedCNST Damages Paid
West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust13*402,278
Sandwell & West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust7067,672,586
Black Country Partnership NHS Foundation Trust*0205,000

For further data on NHS Trust and authority claims, you can find the full published data here.

No Win No Fee Solicitors Covering Medical Negligence Claims In West Bromwich

Most claims made through our expert panel of medical negligence solicitors covering West Bromwich could be done so through a no win, no fee agreement. This is often how to make a medical negligence claim without having to worry about the expense of doing so. We hope that this will better enable you to focus on recovering from your injury or illness. Helping people to make a claim through this type of agreement is a core part of our ethos and values at Medical Negligence Assist. We are here to support you and help you through this difficult time.

How You Could Start A Claim

Contact our team today. We could provide you with further advice and discuss your eligibility to launch a compensation claim. We could also advise you as to whether one of our panel of medical negligence solicitors could conduct your claim through a no win no fee agreement.

How do I make a medical negligence claim?

There are several quick and easy ways to get in contact with Medical Negligence Assist.

  • You can phone our team and discuss your case by calling 0800 652 3087.
  • Click ‘claim online’ above and fill in the quick form.
  • Or you can fill in the contact form to the right of this guide.

Our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the West Bromwich area and are ready to help you claim compensation.

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