Worksop Medical Negligence Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims Lawyers Guide

Medical negligence Worksop

Medical negligence Worksop

Having to make a personal injury claim against a medical professional can be tricky and it’s advisable to have a medical negligence lawyer on your side to give you a better chance of winning the compensation you could be entitled to. If you’ve been looking for medical negligence solicitors in Worksop, then this guide could help you by providing advice on what you need to look for.

Our panel of medical negligence solicitors are not based in Worksop but can cover the Worksop area so you could remove the hassle of searching for a solicitor by contacting us today. To discuss your claim, give us a call on 0800 652 3087 and speak with one of our impartial legal advisors.

If you’d like to know more before beginning your claim, please carry on reading this useful guide.

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Tips To Make Sure You Get The Right Solicitor For Your Medical Negligence Claim

Before looking for a personal injury solicitor for your claim, you could assess if you have a potential claim by answering yes to all the following questions:

  1. Were you treated negligently by a medical professional?
  2. Did that treatment cause you to become ill, injure you or made your existing condition was made worse?
  3. And did the treatment occur within the medical negligence claims time limit of 3 years? (Please contact us to discuss further as there are exceptions to this rule.)

If all of the above are true, you could start looking at which solicitor you’d like to use to help make your claim – but which one should you use?

Some people choose by asking friends for a recommendation, reading medical negligence solicitor reviews or asking family members for advice. These things can all work in some instances, but this guide will give you information about what to look for rather than relying on advice from others.

You could, of course, give us a call and let us provide advice on how to make your claim and, if we think you’ve got a good case, introduce you to one of our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors.

The Best Legal Advice May Not Be From A Local Solicitor

In this day and age, there’s absolutely no need to use a solicitor that’s based locally. It’s far better to choose a solicitor based on their experience in making medical negligence claims similar to yours.

You don’t need to meet the solicitor face to face as communication between you will be carried out over the phone or email, therefore the location of the solicitor’s office really doesn’t need to be considered.

Our Panel Of Doctors Could Carry Out Your Injury Examination

To ensure you don’t need to travel far during your claim, we have a panel of doctors based across the UK, to undertake any medical assessment that is required as part of your claim.

One of the doctors based locally to Worksop can be seen below:

Mark Innes Burgin
Dukeries Clinic,
Nightingales Physiotherapy,
6 Newcastle Street,
Worksop, S80 2AR.

Online And Offline Reviews Could Help You Choose

When buying any product or service, reviews could be a useful starting point. This also rings true with medical negligence solicitors and the reviews could provide you with an insight into how happy clients were with the solicitor’s professionalism, the number of updates they received and how much compensation they were awarded.

Once you’ve read reviews though, we’d suggest you speak directly with the solicitor. This will allow them to explain their experience, any recent cases they’ve handled, how they’ll manage your claim and, sometimes, how much compensation might be achieved.

Can I Sue A Doctor? Medical Negligence Claims You Could Make

To help you understand the types of negligence that could lead to compensation claims, the following sections of this guide will include specific scenarios and negligent acts.

Remember, you must have been injured, made ill or your existing condition was made worse because of the negligent actions or omissions of health care staff, to be able to seek compensation.

General Surgery Malpractice

It is certainly true that claims for surgical medical negligence can be hard to establish, however our panel of expert solicitors could be able to help you make a claim if you can prove that the surgeon or any other medical staff performing your procedure has failed to provide reasonable care and caused you to suffer unnecessary harm as a result of their actions or omissions. It must also be proven that the care you received was below the minimum expected standard and as an adverse result you have suffered unnecessary and undue harm that could have otherwise been avoided. Examples of which can be found below;

  • Wrong-site surgery, such as amputating the wrong limb.
  • Damage to organs during surgery;  and Improperly executed surgeries.

This is not an exhaustive list, so if you believe that you have been a victim of surgical medical negligence, then please contact one of our impartial advisors to discuss your circumstances further.

General Birth Injury Claims

There are many injuries caused during childbirth with no specific caused. These injuries wouldn’t lead to a compensation claim but, if the mother or baby is injured because of a negligent act by a midwife, doctor, nurse or other medical professional involved in the baby’s delivery, then a compensation claim might be possible.

For example:

  • If either patient is injured because the staff failed to follow the correct procedures or hospital policies.
  • When a problem during childbirth isn’t spotted which causes either patient to suffer.
  • Or when a problem is spotted but it is dealt with in the wrong way which causes injuries or suffering to mother or baby.

If you, your baby or both have been injured during pregnancy, labour or post-birth because of any form of medical negligence, then you could begin a claim so please get in touch to discuss your options with our specially trained advisors.

Hospital Negligence Claims

Worksop clinical negligence claims could be made for injuries or illnesses caused by negligent treatment in a hospital. The hospital and all of its staff have a duty of care to make sure patients remain safe while being treated, whether in an emergency or for planned treatment.

If there’s any breach in the duty of care, and a patient suffers, they could begin a claim against the hospital.

Care Home Negligence Claims

Having to place a loved one into a care home can be a massive burden and cause a lot of worry. You need to place a lot of trust in the care home management in staff and hope that they will follow health and safety guidelines to ensure your loved one receives the best possible care and is made comfortable throughout their stay. If the staff fail to follow guidelines and it results in a patient suffering, then compensation could be sought.

Examples of care home negligence include:

  • Residents who suffer because of bedsores due to a lack of regular movement.
  • Illnesses caused because medicines are not dispensed at the prescribed times.
  • Injuries caused by a fall where incorrect lifting techniques/improper use of a hoist was attempted.

Cancer Negligence And Misdiagnosis

Cancer treatments have advanced massively over recent years but rely on early diagnosis to give the patient the best chance of survival. With many cancers, the sooner a diagnosis is made the better the prognosis.

Therefore, if there’s a delay in diagnosis, which leads to a delay in treatment, then the patient’s symptoms could worsen, they could suffer more, and they might have to undergo a more aggressive and painful treatment plan (if treatment is still an option).

If the delay in treatment is caused because a doctor or specialist failed to diagnose the cancer, even though the signs were there, then the patient or a loved one might be able to seek compensation for their suffering.

Dental Malpractice Negligence

Any dentist, hygienist, dental nurse or other professionals in the dental industry, have a duty of care towards their patient’s safety.  This means that they should protect the patient’s safety wherever possible by using the correct and well-maintained equipment, following recommended procedures and maintaining hygiene standards throughout any treatment.

If a patient is injured or suffers because any of the above were not adhered to, then they may be able to seek compensation for any pain and suffering caused.

Claiming Against Your GP

We’re often asked, “Can I sue a doctor?”, and the answer could be ‘Yes’, if they’ve acted negligently in some way, which has caused you to suffer an injury or made you suffer any other way.

GPs have a really broad range of knowledge which allows them to diagnose a multitude of medical conditions and prescribe treatment usually within a 10-minute appointment.

On some occasions though, where they fail to spot a problem, patients could seek compensation if the doctor’s mistake caused the patient to suffer at all.

This could include:

  • Suffering caused because of a delay in treatment due to a late diagnosis or a misdiagnosis.
  • Adverse side affects caused by incorrect medicines being prescribed.
  • The illness becoming worse because the wrong medicine was prescribed meaning the treatment was ineffective.

Claims Made Against The Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

If you look at the table below, you’ll find the number of claims made for NHS negligence for the trust which operates in the Worksop area.

Healthcare ProviderClaims in 2017/2018Number of Incidents 2017/2018CNST Damages
Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust1195£12,568,187

It also details the amount of compensation that was awarded.  You will find the full set of data from which this information was derived, here.

How To Fund Your Claim With A No Win No Fee Agreement

You might be worried about the financial risk involved with hiring a medical negligence solicitor and making a claim.  This is why many, including our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors, offer a no win no fee service.

With no win no fee the stress of claiming is reduced because:

  • There are no upfront fees to pay at all.
  • If the personal injury lawyer fails to win compensation, you don’t have to pay them.

For a solicitor to offer you a no win no fee agreement, they will first assess your claim and ensure that you have a good chance of winning compensation in their opinion.

Worksop/Bassetlaw Hospitals

Below you will find hospitals located near Worksop and Bassetlaw;

  • Bassetlaw District General Hospital.
  • Retford Hospital.
  • Rampton Hospital.
  • Chesterfield Royal Hospital.
  • Rotherham General Hospital.
  • Clifton Manor.

We could help you with free legal advice about making claims at any of these hospitals if you’ve suffered due to any form of negligence. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss your options.

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