Cancer Misdiagnosis Claims – Compensation Examples

Cancer is one of the greatest threats that citizens of the UK and the healthcare department are facing huge problems dealing with it. Every year thousands die due to cancer in the UK.

Going deeper, incidents of death like this could be prevented. Unfortunately, due to the lack of timely diagnosis or misdiagnosis, the situation is out of your hands.

If you or anyone close to you has suffered from a cancer misdiagnosis, then such an act of clinical negligence can be addressed before the court of law, under the provision of a cancer misdiagnosis clinical negligence claim.

Based on the type of injury caused and consequences that a patient has suffered, the court will decide the compensation amount. Appointing a qualified personal injury solicitor is the best decision when it comes to securing the highest compensation amount and continued support for the patient or the family.

The best law firms of the UK provide extensive support to their clients when it comes to dealing with changing requirement trends. Proving the element of negligence in a physician, responsible for the correct diagnosis of cancer is a complicated process. The qualified medical negligence solicitors working with the best law firms of the country are capable of understanding the facts and fight for the clients in a way that the best results are achieved.

There are different types of cancer and not all of them are life threatening. However, it is a matter of great importance that you get to know about the types of cancer misdiagnosis support that can be provided. The leading law firms of the UK focus on the following conditions:

  • Cancer of the bowel and rectum
  • Cancer of the cervix and endometrial region
  • Cancer of the testis
  • Breast cancer
  • Skin cancer, especially a rapidly progressing one, known as melanoma
  • Cancer of the bone marrow or leukaemia
  • Malicious brain tumour
  • Cancer of the kidney, liver and bladder
  • Cancer of the pancreas

Now, each of these conditions, if diagnosed at any early stage, with proper treatment can be delayed from reaching to an advanced stage. This stops a person from suffering grave internal injuries. Checking on the progressive course of cancer also stops a person from experiencing the problems of weaker immunity. If the cancer is found during an investigation and the physician did not to identify the risk that the health condition involves, then he is liable to compensate the injured party and the court of law will determine over the compensation amount accordingly. Some of the most common grounds to file a cancer misdiagnosed clinical negligence claim are:

  • That the physician has failed to understand the symptoms of cancer and the development of the illness
  • That he has failed to prescribe the patient with all the necessary tests that could have been helpful in diagnosing the problem
  • That there has been unwanted delay on the part of the doctor in referring the patient to another physician, despite complete knowledge of his limitations
  • That the doctor has not been careful enough while reading the reports
  • That the prescribed medication or treatment methods were not good enough to control progression of cancer development

Searching the internet is the best way to find out the sources to suit your needs. You need to tell them about the case and they will clearly tell you about the possibility of winning the highest compensation amount. So, get ready and file your claim as early as possible, so that complications can be overcome easily and you enjoy the highest compensation amount at the most convenient rate.

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