Woman Receives £27,000 as Compensation from Dental Negligence

In the UK a lady with ED received £27,000 compensation as a result of dental negligence.


A woman with Ectodermal Dysplasia or ED, a genetic condition that rarely occurs but causes a person to have fewer than half the number of teeth in a normal mouth, went to a dentist in the surrounding area of London to have teeth implants. The woman had gone in to have two teeth implanted but a bill for the work showed that four had been surgically implanted rather than two. The woman began to worry when the implants showed signs of failing and went for a second opinion when she became worried.

The second dentist performed a CT scan which showed that where the new teeth were implanted there was not a sufficient amount of bone to support them. The first dentist did not do this preliminary check and used posts that were too big for the bone area. The woman’s sinuses became perforated with resulting long-term pain. All-in-all the work was inferior and more severe corrective surgery was required.

The woman was 26 years old and had a great deal of trust in her dentist so she did not feel that any serious damage would come of her visit. As some who has ED, she sees the dentist often and knew that she needed extensive work. She was not disturbed when her dentist said that two of her teeth would be removed and then replaced with two dental implants which would be used to support a bridge.

She received her bill for the work in July 2010 and found that four implants had been done. There had been no discussion of four implants and nothing had been put in writing. However, she felt that she needed to go along with the new treatment plan as the surgery had already been performed and there was little she could do.

In September 2010, the dentist fitted her with a new bridge but when she ate it felt loose so she had to return to see him. The dentist told her to wait for it to fall out on its own before he could cement it back in. Two months later when she returned to see him, the dentist told her additional services would be required including a replacement implant and bridge and that she had lost some of the bone surrounding one of the implants.

It was at this point that the woman had lost confidence with her dentist and went for a second opinion. The second dentist sent her directly to a hospital where doctors there found that two of the implants that were fitted in June were not place correctly and her sinuses had been punctured.

The woman then decided to sue the first dentist she saw for dental negligence and hired a solicitor that specialises in this area. The solicitor determined that consent had not been obtained to place the two additional implants, they were placed incorrectly and then perforated the woman’s sinuses. The woman was awarded a £27,000 as a result of the claim.

Source- https://www.medicalnegligenceassist.co.uk