Claims Guide To Cambridge Hospital Medical Negligence – How To Claim Compensation Against Cambridge Hospital? – Calculate Amounts Payouts

Cambridge University Hospital Compensation Payouts Guide

Cambridge University Hospital Compensation Payouts Guide

If you’re interested in Cambridge University Hospital compensation payouts for medical negligence, you are on the right page. On this page, we explore information surrounding Cambridge University Hospital compensation amounts in detail, going through what happened in one specific claim, and explaining in general terms what you could look into making a claim for.

We will also go through the claims process, explaining all about what you should look for when hiring a solicitor, and giving NHS medical statistics for the trust in question. We also guide you on the steps to take in order to make a claim for medical negligence against Cambridge University Hospital. If you’d like more advice after reading this guide, then you could always call Medical Negligence Assist for assistance. We offer a free, no-obligation service and our details can be found at the bottom of this guide, along with some alternative reading material that might also answer any questions you could have about making a personal injury claim for medical negligence.

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A Guide To Cambridge University Hospital Medical Negligence Claims

This guide covers medical negligence claims against Cambridge University Hospital. Whether you have suffered Cambridge hospital accident and emergency negligence that has led to a decline in your condition, if you’ve suffered harm because of a negligent misdiagnosis by a hospital doctor, or if you’ve been avoidably injured because of birth negligence, if the hospital is liable for an error that caused you harm, then they could be claimed against for Cambridge University Hospital compensation payouts.

But, how would you know where to start with this sort of claim? This guide aims to help you and answer as many of your questions as possible. We cover information about Cambridge University Hospital compensation amounts, detailing what the trust has paid out previously for medical negligence cases. We also take a look at what considerations you may want to make if you find yourself in a position where you have grounds for a personal injury claim against Cambridge University Hospital. As well as this, we explain all about no win no fee agreements, explaining how this method of claiming could offer benefits to you. We hope you find the below information useful and that it clarifies your position, giving guidance on the next steps to take.

What Can Be Classed As Medical Negligence?

Hospitals owe all patients a duty to care while they are undergoing treatment and this responsibility is something they should take seriously. If they are negligent in caring for you, and your health suffers, then you could consider looking into making a compensation claim against them.

Clinical Negligence By A Hospital

There are a variety of different kinds of medical negligence. Here, we take a look at what some of the most common causes could be:

Birth injuries – pregnancy and birth could be considered risky, more so with some births than others, but if medical negligence has led to birth injuries to you or the baby/ies you have had, then you may have cause to look into Cambridge University Hospital compensation payouts. Whether the incorrect use of birthing tools caused injury to you or your baby, whether clear signs of pre-eclampsia were missed, causing harm to you or your baby, or you were not monitored properly to ensure signs of distress were noticed, if you or your child suffered harm during birth due to negligence, you could look into making a claim for compensation.

Surgical negligence – Whether equipment was left in a patient, the surgeon operated on the wrong part of the body, the incorrect operation was performed you may have grounds for a surgical negligence claim.

Hospital negligence – This could be from a negligent misdiagnosis at A&E hospital Cambridge, or an infection caused by poor hygiene standards. In order to be eligible to make a claim the patient must have suffered avoidable harm as a consequence of the negligence.

In effect, any negligence on the part of the hospital and their staff that has led you to suffer some sort of harm could lead to a potentially successful claim for personal injury.

Amounts Of Compensation Paid By Cambridge University Hospital

If you are interested in knowing how much Cambridge University Hospital compensation amounts have changed over the years, then the table below could shed some light on this. The information has been gathered from the NHS statistics on their site.

Damages/ yearValue of paymentsName of hospital or NHS TrustNo. successful claims made against hospital/ trust
2017/18£14,883,258.61 Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust63
2015/16£6,287,123.68 Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust76

Case study – Over £3m Compensation Payout For Birth Injuries At Addenbrooke’s Hospital

To give you an idea of Cambridge University Hospital compensation payouts, we will take a look at a case regarding Addenbrooke’s negligence. This case covers a child born who was starved of oxygen during the birthing process and was left with severe disabilities.

The girl in question, who is now within her teenage years, will require care throughout her life, and has severe Cerebral Palsy, due to the negligence she suffered at birth. In addition, it was thought that the medical staff had not warned the child’s mother of the risks of carrying on with the pregnancy.

The trust did not admit liability but settled with the parent out of court t in a lump sum payment of £3m. In addition to this will be index-linked payments of  £190,000 yearly for the rest of the child’s life.

This was settled in order to provide the girl with long term financial security.

This information was gathered from –

£55 Million Hospital Compensation Payouts Between 2012 & 2017

You may be shocked to see the above compensation paid out by Cambridge University Hospital, which has been taken from NHS published statistics. Cambridge Hospital compensation amounts paid between 2012-17 come in at a staggering £55,213,180.40. It is the largest amount in the NHS East of England trusts. If you have experienced medical negligence by the NHS, whether at Cambridge hospital A&E or Cambridge hospital Addenbrookes, you could look to make a claim for the physical, emotional and financial consequences of the negligence you have suffered.

This information was taken from:

How To Start Your Medical Negligence Claim Against Cambridge University Hospital Trust

In order to increase your chances of receiving the maximum amount of compensation that you could be entitled to you might wish to follow the below steps to ensure the evidence that you have to support your claim is put together in a way that helps your personal injury solicitor see what could be needed to further your personal injury claim.

Initially, it would be helpful to write down a note of everything that happened in the course of the hospital negligence, so you could refer back to this to remind yourself of what occurred. Also, it would be beneficial to your case to take down the names of the staff involved and those that might have witnessed what happened to you, whether you experienced negligence in Cambridge Hospital A&E or birth injuries sustained as a result of negligence on the maternity ward. If you could take photos of any scars, or other visible signs of the injuries as a result of the negligence that you have endured then this will also prove helpful.

In order to pursue a claim for medical negligence, you will be required to attend an independent medical assessment with an impartial doctor, we explain a little more in the next section.

However, one of the most important things that could help maximise your claim could be finding a solicitor who specialises in medical negligence against hospitals. While you could make a hospital negligence claim against Cambridge University Hospital NHS alone, we would not recommend that you take action without getting some legal advice. This is because we believe that if you retain the services of a quality medical negligence lawyer, your chances of a successful claim are maximised. You could even choose our panel of solicitors who are not based in Cambridge but can cover the area with ease.

Medical Experts We Work With In Cambridge

In order to prove your injuries and your medical condition, you are required to attend an appointment with a medical expert. This will be an independent third party who could verify your condition, your injury/illness, and your prognosis. These independent findings would be detailed in a medical report and would form the basis of the evidence that is required for your claim.

If you’re worried that you might have to travel a long way to see one of these experts, you may be pleasantly surprised to find them operating in the local area. Your solicitors could arrange for you to see experts such as:

Sajive Bansal

The Coach House Clinic

Anstey Hall, Maris Lane



Asef Zafar

Vision Park, Chivers Way, Histon

CB24 9AD

No Win No Fee Hospital Negligence Claims Against Cambridge University Hospital

Making a no win no fee agreement might sound complex, but with a good medical negligence solicitor, it could mean that you maximise your Cambridge University Hospital compensation payouts whilst also reducing the financial risk to you. The way in which no win no fee works is relatively straightforward too. All you need to do is sign a CFA (a Conditional Fee Agreement) which sets out in writing the percentage of your settlement figure that will be retained by your medical negligence lawyer on the successful completion of your claim. This percentage, you might be interested to know, is actually capped at just 25 percent of your total NHS compensation payout, by the government, so you could be sure that the majority of the compensation settlement would be yours. If you would like to find out more information regarding the benefits of a No Win No Fee agreement, please do not hesitate to contact one of our expert legal advisors today.

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Should you be in need of further information, support or guidance, Medical Negligence Assist could help. By calling our team on 0800 652 3087, you will be connected to one of our friendly, capable and compassionate advisors, who have experience in handling calls just like yours. We will treat everything you have to tell us in the strictest of confidence and you can be sure that we will listen carefully to all the facts before offering our advice. Should you be in need of one, our team could also connect you to a personal injury solicitor who could handle your personal injury claim and fight for the maximum compensation amounts for you. As previously mentioned, when it comes to payouts for medical negligence, figures could differ widely as not all cases are the same, so having a medical negligence solicitor on your side could help get you the maximum level of compensation you deserve.


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