Are Clinical Negligence Claims On The Rise In The UK Today?

Clinical negligence claims is a word that gets used too much nowadays. It is everywhere, all around us in society. Sadly cases are on the rise and do not show a sign of halting. Last year a lady went to visit her local doctor’s clinic with her teenage daughter. The unnamed teen was complaining of pains in her ligaments and lower back. The doctor put the diagnosis down to teenage growing pains. Sending the teen home to get a hot bath and take pain medication.


Why Did GP Medical Negligence Send A Teen Home When She Was Seriously Ill?

After being sent home the teen was still complaining with pains, in fact her concerned mother took her to the doctors over 15 times to see if she was OK, and try to establish the cause of the pains that she had been experiencing.  The problem is though that the girl did not just have growing pains and she actually had cancer that had started with a growth in the bottom of her spine. The cancer had grown so strong that it was in her lungs, her head and was rife all over her body. The teen was shocked at the diagnosis, and the way that the final diagnosis was made was shocking. She had been stopping with her father for the weekend when she was woken with pains so bad that her father called an ambulance. She was immediately admitted and had to go through with extensive chemo.

In fact her diagnosis was so bad that the girl has not recovered yet, and is still undergoing chemo to reduce tumours. Luckily her prognosis is a lot better, but had this disease been caught a lot earlier and clinical negligence had not taken place then she would certainly have not had to suffer so much.

Should The GP Be Held Responsible For Failing To Diagnose Her?

The GP should be held responsible because the time that her mother took her to the doctor if he did not know what was the cause, further tests should have been recommended. It seems to be that we live in a country with a medical tombola and to get a correct diagnosis you have to be on death’s door. Luckily the girl is getting better, and has 2 loving family members in the form of her sister and mother to take care of her and help her as she transitions into remission from her illness.

If you or someone you know has had a problem with misdiagnosis then seek advice from a qualified solicitor for compensation.