Medical Negligence Caused Sons Death

When parents lose a child it is bad, but what makes it worse is when it could have been prevented, and the reason for the loss was because of medical negligence. The grieving parents of a baby boy, who died a few days after being born, have filed suit against the staff members who were present at his delivery. They believe that the actions taken by the staff there at the time is tandem to medical negligence. The little boy that only made it to five days old, tragically passed away due to brain damage. The parents are hoping that their suit will teach the staff members at the facility that their son was born at, how to listen to the parents of these children.


Should Mid-Wives Be Required To Listen To Untrained People?

When the baby’s death was initially being reviewed, it was revealed that the infant had died due to a medical condition known as hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy, which is a condition that occurs when the brain is deprived of an adequate amount of oxygen. The death of the boy was considered to be an accident at the time, something that could not have been prevented. However, after another patient had died at the same location due to the same problem, suspicions began to arise.

At an inquest into the death of the boy, records revealed that there were several things that were done incorrectly when dealing with the boy. The mother of the infant, cried as the information was revealed that something could have been done in the situation that would have prevented the death of the infant. The parents GP stated that the situation that these two individuals have gone through is every parent’s worse nightmare.

Should An Innocent Baby’s Life Had To Be Taken Before Authorities Decided To Do Something?

The parents of the little boy stated that they had to suffer the loss of their son, over something that could have been prevented. If the correct precautions were taken and intervention was done immediately, the little boy that lost his life would have been healthy and there would have not been any issues.

The parents are hoping that after their encounter with the facility that the midwives that are employed at the facility will learn that it is important to listen to the maternity parents of the children they are delivering. The midwives typically refuse to listen to the parents of the babies that they are delivering, presuming that they know what is best, and not that the parents, who typically have no medical training, know what is going on in the scenario.

The parents want their story to be heard, because they do not want any other parents or children having to be put through what their family was forced to go through. The parents have been trying to get their story heard and their sons story heard since 2006, and the entire scenario has been extremely frustrating and painful.