Spire Hospital Negligence Claims Guide – How To Claim Compensation For Medical Negligence Against Spire Healthcare?

If you have experienced Spire Healthcare medical negligence, this page could help you see whether or not you could make a medical negligence claim for compensation.

Within the sections detailed below, you could find out more about Spire Healthcare itself, including details of Spire hospitals in the UK, how to go about proving negligence by a private doctor, and what potential Spire Healthcare payout you could be looking at for a negligence compensation claim made against Spire Healthcare.

Medical negligence compensation claim

Medical negligence compensation claim

We’ll also talk about how to choose a medical negligence solicitor to help you make a claim for Spire Healthcare medical negligence, whether it’s for medical negligence in childbirth or when private surgery goes wrong.

We’ll explain all about the personal injury claims time limit too – letting you know how long you could have to claim for a Spire healthcare error.

If anything in the below sections is at all unclear, we’d be glad to explain it in more detail, so don’t hesitate to call the Medical Negligence Assist team on 0800 652 3087.  Otherwise, why not look below at the information you may find helpful if you’re considering making a claim.

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What Could I Do If Affected By Spire Healthcare Medical Negligence?

If you’re wondering ‘What is Spire Healthcare?’, you may be interested to know that it is the second-largest private healthcare provider within the UK. Spire began in 2007 and has 38 hospitals and 10 clinics around the UK, with a fertility centre that is based in London. It offers private healthcare to patients across the UK, from fertility treatment to general and specialist surgery, to private childbirth facilities.

If you have paid out for private healthcare, you may assume that there would be no chance you’d experience private hospital negligence, but in fact, it could happen. If it does, and your health is negatively affected, then you could be in a position to make a Spire healthcare medical negligence claim. Whether you have suffered private hospital negligence or private healthcare negligence in a Spire health clinic, then if you could prove that it has affected your health in a negative way, a medical negligence lawyer may be able to assist with putting a claim together for you to compensate you for  the mental, physical and financial costs that you could have suffered. much like they could if it were NHS negligence that caused the harm – but there are a few differences. Within the sections below, we’ll provide lots of information on making a claim, including advising details of a case study concerning Spire medical negligence concerning surgical error. We hope you’ll find the information below useful when looking to make a Spire healthcare medical negligence claim.

What Is Private Healthcare Medical Negligence?

Just like NHS negligence, private healthcare negligence is when a healthcare provider’s (Spire’s in this case) care is negligent and this leads you to suffer some sort of injury, worsening of your illness, or new illness. This could be via misdiagnosis, Spire healthcare surgical negligence, negligent childbirth assistance and more. It could occur in a Spire hospital or Spire clinic. If you have suffered any type of Spire Healthcare medical negligence, you may wish to find a medical negligence solicitor to help fight your claim for you, in order for you to claim compensation for a Spire healthcare mistake that has caused you harm.

Examples Of Private Healthcare Negligence

There are variety of things that could cause you harm due to negligence within private healthcare, whether it is negligence by a private hospital or negligence by a private clinic. Some examples could be seen in the sections below, although these do not cover every eventuality. You may wish to call us to see if you might be able to claim Spire Healthcare medical negligence if your specific circumstances are not mentioned here.

Negligent Mistakes By A Private GP

It could be possible for you to claim for Spire Healthcare medical negligence if you have seen a private GP who has been negligent in diagnosing or treating you for an illness or injury. There are several ways in which GP negligence could cause you harm. These could include:

  • Misdiagnosis
  • Late diagnosis
  • Wrong prescription
  • And more..

If your GP has ignored clear symptoms, not examined you properly, not referred you to a specialist where necessary, or not ordered the right tests, or interpreted the results correctly you could suffer harm because of this negligence. If you have, then you may be able to make a medical negligence claim against ta Spire GP.

Negligence In Spire Healthcare Surgical Procedures

Whatever type of surgery you have had, if you have suffered negligence at the hands of your surgeon, and you’ve had to have corrective surgery to repair any damage. Or you’ve suffered irreparable damage because of a surgery you did not need, then you could look into claiming against Spire Healthcare. Your surgeon has a duty to perform your surgery with care and skill, and if they have not done so, and you have suffered, then you could look into making claims for compensation for both the physical and emotional damage caused by the negligence, but any financial consequences too.

Spire Healthcare Dental Negligence

It could also be possible for you to claim Spire Healthcare dental negligence if a private dentist has provided negligent care and it has had a negative effect on your health. This could include missing the signs of oral cancer, damaging a healthy tooth during treatment, removal of a healthy tooth, or giving negligent dental advice. If your oral health has deteriorated due to the negligent care by a Spire dentist, then you could consider making a private healthcare negligence claim for compensation.

Negligence Leading To Medical Misdiagnosis

There are various ways that medical misdiagnosis could happen. Whether a doctor has ignored clear signs of a specific illness, has not ordered the appropriate screening test to properly diagnose a condition, or has misread the results of a test, if your doctor is negligent in diagnosing you, you could miss out on treatment that could have worked quickly on your symptoms, meaning you could suffer for longer, or you might be required to undergo more invasive treatments when these may have not been necessary if you had received the right treatment earlier.

If you’re seeking Spire Healthcare medical negligence for this reason, remember that the onus is on you to prove the medical negligence occurred and your health suffered as a result.

Private Healthcare Negligence Leading To Deaths

Sadly, you may have lost a loved one through medical negligence. If you have, you may think you would not be able to claim. In fact, if certain criteria were met, then you could consider making a Spire Healthcare medical negligence claim, even if your loved one has passed away. You would need to prove that you were affected by their death, for example, you were a family member, a dependent, or the estate of the person that passed away. In some cases, you could claim for funeral costs, and even for dependent compensation. If you would like to make a claim on behalf of a family member that has passed away, then a medical negligence specialist from our panel of solicitors could provide assistance with a claim.

How Will Claiming Compensation Affect My Healthcare?

Making a Spire Hospital medical negligence claim should not have an impact on your healthcare in any way. Doctors and healthcare staff have a duty to provide a certain standard of care, and your claim should have no impact on this standard. If you have any concerns about your healthcare going forward, then please do call our advisors for advice tailored to your specific circumstances. We could talk you through your rights as a patient and help advise you on what to do if you are worried.

Private Healthcare Claims On Another Person’s Behalf

If you are looking into making claims on another person’s behalf, you might be interested to know what position you would need to be in to be able to do this.

There are various reasons you might wish to do this. If you are the parent of a child who has suffered Spire hospital medical negligence, then you could claim on behalf of your child. If you do not, then they have three years from their 18th birthday to do so. However, we would advise claiming sooner rather than later, as it could be more difficult to get the evidence etc you might need to make a claim if you leave it for a long time.

Another way in which you could claim on behalf of someone else would be if a loved one has passed away. We covered this earlier in the guide. If you have skipped to this section, then you may wish to go back and read the specific section on claiming for someone who has passed away.

If you have a loved one who does not have the mental or physical capacity to claim for themselves, whether this is because of the Spire medical negligence or some other reason, then you could claim on their behalf also.

If you are unsure as to how to go about this, an experienced Medical Negligence Assist advisor could help advise you on how to go about this.

How Long Do I Have To Make A Spire Healthcare Medical Negligence Compensation Claim?

In terms of the personal injury limit for Spire Healthcare medical negligence claims, it would entirely depend on your circumstances.

You may actually be wondering why a time limit exists for this type of case. After all, if you have suffered an injury that has left you suffering as well as out of pocket, you could assume that everyone would want to make their claim and receive their Spire healthcare payout as soon as they could. However, this is not always the place. If you have had a minor injury and recovered quickly, then you might wish to claim straight away but if you have a long recovery ahead of you, you might think about claiming only when you are fully recovered. Sadly though, if your recovery is really lengthy, then you could miss your claim time limit and be unable to claim. Usually, the medical negligence claim time limit is 3 years from an incident date. However, this ‘incident’ could have been the date the negligence happened, or it could be the date when it was discovered that your medical care had been negligence. For example, if you had retained surgical instruments for example, you might not know about it until later down the line, perhaps if you are not recovering properly or have new symptoms. Upon further investigation, it could be found that the surgeon left instruments inside you. This could be weeks or even months down the line, so the date this negligence claim period could be three years from the date that you were informed that the surgeon had left instruments in your body.

However, if, for example, it was immediately apparent that a surgeon had been negligent, such as operating on the wrong limb, for example, then the claim period would begin from the date of the operation.

Below, the table could illustrate the time limits for your negligence claim.

SituationTime limit
Claiming for self – immediate realisation of negligence3 years from act of negligence
Claiming for self – later discovery of negligence3 years from date of discovery
Claiming on behalf of a child3 years from negligence or discovery – call us for clarification
Claiming for negligence that happened when you were a childIf no one else has claimed for you, you could have 3 years from your 18th birthday.
Claiming on behalf of a loved one3 years from negligence, death or discovery – call us for clarification

If you’re still not sure as to whether you would be within the time limitation period for claiming, then why not call our team – we would be happy to talk through the specifics of your case to advise you on what we feel your limitation period would be.

Case Study – Spire Healthcare Surgical Negligence

Here, we take a look at a shocking story that was widely reported in the media about a rogue cancer surgeon whose actions left Spire Healthcare with £27.2 million compensation payment to a fund set to pay out to hundreds of patients who needlessly went under the knife.

The doctor in question, Ian Paterson was found to have lied to patients and either invented or exaggerated their cancer risk, in order that they were convinced to have an operation. He was also claiming payments for more expensive operations. He was sent to prison in April 2017 after being deemed guilty of wounding with intent (17 counts) and other wounding charges (3 counts).

Spire Healthcare reportedly admitted it could have done more to prevent the surgeon from wounding hundreds of women, and approximately 750 of its private patients affected by the surgeon’s malpractice were set to receive compensation payouts totaling £37.2 million.

We have taken this information from the following source: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/09/13/ian-paterson-spire-healthcare-pay-272m-victims-rogue-breast/

What Could My Spire Healthcare Medical Negligence Claim Compensate Me For?

In terms of being compensated for Spire Healthcare Medical negligence claims, you could be able to claim 2 different kinds of compensation in most cases. In the first instance, you may wish to claim for the emotional, physical and mental damage that has been done by the negligence you’ve suffered. This would be worked out on the basis of a medical assessment that would have to be done by an independent medic. You would be required to attend an appointment with such an expert, who would take your history and examine you, and along with your notes, write a report based on their findings. You may be required to also undergo tests such as X-Rays, MRI and the like if your medical condition requires it, to give a clear picture of your injuries, your prognosis and how much damage you might have suffered due to the negligence.

On top of the payment you’d be claiming for the injury you’ve suffered as well as the pain, you could also put in claims for the expenses you’ve incurred because of the medical negligence. This could recoup any medical expenses, travel expenses, care costs, losses of earnings (future losses of earnings could also be taken into account) and therapist costs to name but a few. If you would like to know more about what costs could be consider until this part of your claim – known as special damages- then do call us to check.

No Win No Fee Spire Healthcare Medical Negligence Compensation Claims

We pride ourselves on helping claimants make a claim easily and we could not make a claims guide without mentioning no win no fee claims. We advise claimants of Spire Healthcare medical negligence to claim with a no win no fee lawyer, because of the many benefits of claiming in this manner. But first, let us explain how it works.

Firstly, with a no win no fee claim, there would not be a requirement to pay your personal injury lawyer upfront. What you would do instead would be to sign an agreement, commonly known as a CFA, with your medical negligence solicitor, agreeing that upon the successful settlement of your claim, a percentage of your payout would be held back for solicitor’s fees. If you’re worried about the percentage being too high, then you could be relieved to know that the government have capped this at just 25% of your settlement.

If your claim did not result in a payout, then there would be no legal fees to pay to your solicitor. You may, however, be advised to take our insurance as part of your claim to cover any unforeseen issues. Your lawyer should explain all this in detail to you before you sign anything so you are fully aware of what you are signing for.

You might agree that not paying upfront and not having to pay legal fees if your claim is not successful are good benefits of this type of fee structure, but there are others. One other benefit would be that any medical negligence lawyer would assess the strength of your claim before deciding to take it on – after all, they would not want to waste their time on something that was very unlikely to payout. If your lawyer does take on your claim, you could assume that they felt that it had a strong chance of compensation.

You might be glad to know that we could provide you with such a solicitor, who has the relevant experience and knowledge to put a claim for compensation together on your behalf.

Whether you’d just like some advice on this, or would like us to provide you with a no win no fee solicitor, just call us on 0800 652 3087 any time.  You can also fill in our online contact form. We’re ready to help you.

Private Healthcare Negligence References

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