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Medical negligence Banbury

Medical negligence Banbury

If you’re from the Banbury area and looking to begin a medical negligence claim, then you’ll find this guide handy. One of the hardest parts of making a claim is finding the best medical negligence solicitor for your case so we’ll provide information on what to look for and what to ask. If you’re looking for medical negligence solicitors covering Banbury, then hopefully you’ll find it easier after reading this guide.

Our panel of medical negligence solicitors are not based in Banbury but can cover the Banbury area which means they could help you begin a claim today. If you’re ready to start right away, you can call one of our specialists on 0800 652 3087 to discuss your claim.

Alternatively, to find out more about finding a medical negligence lawyer, please continue reading.

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Steps To Take When Choosing Who To Conduct Your Claim

When you look for a personal injury solicitor to make a medical negligence claim, you might not know where to start. In some cases, many people will look at reviews or ask friends for recommendations. We think these can both be good places to start but may not always provide you with the best choice for you. Therefore, this guide will aim to give advice about what to look for and how to begin your search.

Before starting your search, we thought it’d be a good idea to answer the question of, “What is medical negligence?”.  Put simply, to be able to seek compensation, you’ll need to answer yes to both of these questions:

  1. Did you receive negligent or substandard treatment from a medical professional?
  2. And, because of that treatment, did you suffer an injury, become ill or was your existing medical condition made worse?

Another important point to take note of is the medical negligence claims time limit in the UK is 3 years, although there are some exceptions to this rule. If you suffered medical negligence within the last 3 years and answer yes to both of the questions above, you could be eligible to receive compensation for your injuries or suffering. Please contact us to discuss if your case is an exception to the 3-year time limit.

Later in this guide, we’ll provide some examples of negligence which might lead to a claim including nursing home neglect, cancer misdiagnosis cases, NHS negligence and when you could sue for injuries caused by negligent surgery, amongst other examples too.

When you’ve finished this guide, if you still have any outstanding questions, please get in touch and we’ll provide you with no obligation, free legal advice.

Testimonials Could Help You To Choose Who Could Handle Your Claim

One place to start your search for a personal injury lawyer is by reading reviews. While we’re sometimes sceptical about reviews, some medical negligence solicitors’ reviews can provide a good insight into how happy clients were with the professionalism provided, the number of updates they received and, of course, how much compensation they received.

After reading reviews, we highly recommend you speak with a solicitor directly before agreeing to make your claim through them. This will allow you to ask any questions you have, find out what level of compensation the solicitor expects you to receive and how they plan to handle your case.

Our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors will happily answer any queries you may have prior to your claim beginning.

You Do Not Need To Choose A Solicitor Near To You

When commencing a personal injury claim, many people think, “I need to find medical negligence solicitors in my area”, when, in fact, that train of thought can really limit your options.

It could be beneficial to your claim if you look to choose a solicitor based on their experience with medical malpractice claims and cases they’ve taken on, and won, which are similar to yours.

Our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Banbury area, and all have experience in medical negligence claims over many years. They also all offer a no win no fee service to make claiming easier. You don’t need to meet a solicitor face to face these days if you do not want to, because communication can be over email or telephone, so the location of their office really doesn’t matter at all.

Your Injury Or Illness May Be Assessed By Our Panel Of Doctors

To ensure you don’t have to travel too far during your claim, we have a panel of doctors around the UK who will undertake a medical assessment if required. Here’s a sample of our panel of doctors that are local to Banbury that we could use:

Shams Tabraiz
Whatley Hall,
17-19 Horse Fair,
Banbury, OX16 0AN.

Huma Afzel
John Eccles House,
Oxford, OX4 4GP.

Richard John Whitehouse
12 Park Road,
Coventry, CV1 2LD.

What Is Medical Negligence And What Claims Could Be Made?

Over the coming sections of this guide, we’re going to provide examples of medical negligence that might lead to a claim for personal injury. If you can’t see an example which matches your type of claim, don’t worry, this list is just a sample. Please contact us to discuss what happened in your case and we’ll assess whether you could claim or not.

Surgical Errors Or Operative Negligence

When you undergo any form of surgery, you’ll usually be told about any risks associated with the procedure. You may also be asked to sign a waiver or consent form. Signing such a form doesn’t mean you couldn’t claim compensation if you suffer because of surgical negligence though.

If the surgeon, or other member of the surgical team, are negligent or make a mistake which causes you to suffer unnecessarily or sustain an avoidable injury, you could be able to claim compensation.  Some examples of surgical negligence include:

  • Pain caused when a patient wakes up during surgery because of an anaesthetic error.
  • Suffering caused because of faulty medical clips or inadequate suturing which could lead to remedial procedures being carried out.
  • Any pain caused because an item of surgical equipment was left inside the patient’s body following surgery.

Hospital Care Or Treatment Negligence

Whether you attend a hospital as an outpatient or whether it’s in an emergency situation, you’d normally expect to receive a good level of treatment and for your condition to be made better or stabilised.

If you sustain an avoidable injury, new illness or your existing condition is made worse, because of a negligent act by hospital staff, then you could seek compensation against them.

Here are some examples of hospital negligence cases:

  • Any suffering caused by incorrect medication being administered.
  • Suffering caused by a delay in treatment because of a misdiagnosis by a medical professional.
  • Poor hygiene could result in the contraction of a superbug while in hospital, which could lead to an MRSA compensation claim.
  • Any avoidable injury caused by negligence while undergoing surgery.

Obstetric & Midwifery Negligence

All midwives, doctors and nurses involved in the delivery of a baby undergo many years of training and mentoring to ensure they know how to deal with births that don’t go according to plan.

However, if a problem occurs which isn’t spotted or it is dealt with in the wrong way and the baby or mother suffers an injury, then claiming compensation might be required.

This can be especially the case in serious mistakes which lead to the death of a baby or for life-changing conditions like Cerebral Palsy caused by asphyxiation during the delivery.

Care Home Neglect Cases

As people become older and require more and more care, they might require full-time support in a care or nursing home. If this happens, you have to place your trust in care home staff to ensure they’ll follow all of the relevant procedures and health and safety guidelines to allow your loved one to remain as comfortable as possible.

When procedures aren’t followed correctly, and this causes a resident to suffer, you may need to make a compensation claim on their behalf.

This could be for:

  • Infections caused by a lack of movement, such as pressure sores or bed sores.
  • Bruises, fractures or broken bones caused by falls when lifting was not carried out in the correct way.
  • Illnesses caused by a lack of medication being dispensed.
  • Any suffering caused by any form of abuse.

Cancer Misdiagnosis Cases

As cancer research improves, the chances of survival for some cancers can be much greater if the cancer is spotted early enough. An early diagnosis can mean the prognosis for some cancers is good and the treatment required is less intrusive than if the cancer is spotted later.

It could also be the difference between the cancer being treatable or not. Therefore, any delay in diagnosis and treatment, caused by medical negligence, could lead to a patient suffering more.

GP Negligence Claims

Whenever we have a health scare or worrying symptoms we go to our GP. They can diagnose many conditions in the first appointment, provide medication to treat the cause or refer us to a specialist when required.

However, if they don’t get it right at the first opportunity, a patient could suffer from worse symptoms because of a delay in treatment. If you need to complain about a GP because of delayed diagnosis, misdiagnosis or because you received the wrong treatment which caused you to suffer, then you may be able to make a claim.

Please get in touch to discuss whether you have a valid claim for compensation for GP negligence.

Dentist Negligence Claims

Dentists, hygienists and nurses performing check-ups or treatment have a duty of care to provide their patients with the treatment they require. This means they need to follow the recommended dental procedures and safety guidelines wherever possible.

If they deviate from procedures, without good reason or make a mistake which causes the patient to suffer, then a compensation claim might be required.

Examples of problems which could lead to a dental negligence claim include:

  • A misdiagnosis which means a patient undergoes treatment that’s not required.
  • Damage to healthy gums, teeth or nerves during surgery.
  • Pain caused during treatment because of an inadequate amount of anaesthetic.

Recorded Rates Of Medical Negligence In Oxfordshire

The table below shows how many claims for compensation were made against Oxfordshire NHS Trusts which covers the Banbury area:

Healthcare ProviderClaims in 2017/2018Number of Incidents 2017/2018CNST Damages
Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust96£48,987
Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust5915£25,861,455.58

The information also includes compensation amounts and comes from this NHS fact sheet.

When Could Claimants Make A No Win No Fee Medical Claim?

To make claiming easier and to reduce the risk associated with claims, our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors offer no win no fee claims for all cases they take on.

This means that:

  • You don’t need to pay your solicitor upfront.
  • There’s nothing at all to pay to your solicitor if your case is unsuccessful.
  • And you don’t have to pay the solicitor from your own funds as they take their success fee directly from any compensation payment.

Medical Services And Hospitals Serving Banbury

Here is a list of hospitals in and around the Banbury region:

  • Horton General Hospital.
  • John Radcliffe Hospital.
  • The Foscote Private Hospital.
  • North Cotswolds Hospital.
  • Northampton General.
  • Warwick Hospital.
  • Nuffield Health Oxford.

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Additional Resources And Medical Services

To help you further, we’ve linked to some useful resources and external websites which we hope you’ll find helpful:

Horton General Hospital
Oxford Road,
Banbury, OX16 9AL.

Inspection Report – The latest inspection report by the Care Quality Commission which rated the Horton as good overall.

Oxfordshire Adult Social Care – Information on care services provided by Oxfordshire County Council.

Dental Negligence Claims – Information on when and why you could sue an NHS dentist.

GP Negligence Claims – Read this online guide about types of GP negligence.

Birth Injury Negligence – We have created this guide for more information regarding injuries to mother, baby or both during the birthing process.

Written by Brett.

Edited by Charlotte.