Beeston And Broxtowe Medical Negligence Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims Lawyers Guide

Medical negligence Beeston and Broxtowe

Medical negligence Beeston and Broxtowe

If you have suffered personal injury as a result of medical negligence in Beeston and Broxtowe area, this guide will aim to answer all of your questions. Here in the UK, we are blessed with highly trained medical professionals and a well ran health care system. Therefore, we certainly don’t expect to end up with an injury or illness caused by medical negligence. Medical negligence can occur in a number of different circumstances, but regardless of why it happens, if you are injured or suffer ill health due to being treated negligently while under the care of a medical professional, you can make a compensation claim for your pain and suffering.


Making a claim is often a complex process, even more so if you are not familiar with the processes and all of the legalities that are involved, and so hiring a medical negligence solicitor can be a great advantage. Our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Beeston and Broxtowe area, as well as the rest of the UK, and  would be happy to help you pursue your claim. Call us at Medical Negligence Assist on 0800 652 3087 for more information.

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What Steps Do You Need To Take To Choose A Solicitor?

Choosing the right solicitor for your case is important to ensure the best possible chance of a successful outcome. We have dedication this section of our guide to providing you with tips on how to start looking for a solicitor that is right for you. First, you might want to start with asking  family and friends if they can recommend a personal injury solicitor  as you can be safe in the knowledge that they will only suggest  someone who they were happy with and will be able to answer questions you may have about the solicitor’s service. Another option is to look at medical negligence solicitor reviews to see other people’s opinions of their service and also possibly be made aware of particular strengths and weaknesses. When researching a potential solicitor you might want to consider their length of experience and also their success rate, as this could mean your case would have a higher chance of success. It might also be a good idea to check if the solicitor offers a No Win No fee agreement. If you are unsure of what such an agreement is, we have explained it below.

Although it is good to do your own research regarding medical negligence lawyers, it is also really helpful to discuss your options with a firm such as Medical Negligence Assist as we deal with a panel of medical negligence solicitors who can cover claims for all over the UK, including Beeston and Broxtowe.

You Do Not Need To Choose A Solicitor Close To You

It may surprise you to know that you do not have to choose a personal injury solicitor close to your location due to modern ways of communication. Whereas years ago you had to rely on just normal post, landlines and faxes, we now also have the use of email, mobile phones, and so on which are instant communication methods, therefore, it really doesn’t matter where your solicitor is located in comparison with where you live. Your professional relationship with your solicitor is more important than location. If they are able to offer you good customer service, are easy to communicate with, and are known to be successful in the claims industry then you can choose them to work with you.

Our Panel Of Doctors Could Carry Out Your Medical Assessment

Here at Medical Negligence Assist we work alongside a panel of  local doctors who can help us with providing medical assessments that will then be used to support your claim for personal injury. Some, but not all, of the medical experts that we work with in the local area include:

  • Warwick Brindley, Regus Offices, East Midlands Airport, Herald Way, Pegasus Business Park, Castle, Donington, Nottingham. DE74 2TZ
  • Kaleem Siddiqui, Hilton Hotel, Milton Street, Nottingham, NG1 3PZ
  • David Adamah, City East Gate, Toll House Hill, Nottingham, NG1 5FS
  • Sohail Rehman, Regus Nottingham, 6th Floor City Gate, East Toll House, Nottingham, NG1 5FS

Looking At Recommendations And Reviews Could Help You Make A Choice

As mentioned briefly before, looking at previous medical negligence client reviews can be really helpful as they will give you an insight into the service the solicitor provides from a client’s point of view. Reading multiple reviews will also highlight with you any recurrent negative issues that previous clients may have experienced when dealing with the solicitor.  You should also be able to notice recurring positive reviews.

Examples Of Clinical Negligence Claims

There are many possibilities of what clinical negligence claims may include from surgical errors, birth injury claims, incidents in care homes, and so on. Negligence within the medical field suggests that any medical professional who injures a patient through illegal, unethical or immoral actions, can be found guilty of malpractice and therefore liable for compensation, should a claim be brought against them. Medical professionals have a duty to anyone in their care to make sure that they provide the appropriate medical treatment in a manner that ensures their safety and well-being during an attempt to make them better. Failure to provide a duty of care  could result in the patient sustaining an injury, or becoming ill and could be deemed as being medical negligence. Below we will discuss some of the more common types of medical negligence claims in depth.

Doctor And GP Mistreatment

Our GP is the first person we normally see when feeling ill or suffering from some form of health complaint, and we trust their judgement and expertise and ability to determine what is wrong as well as providing us with the correct treatment to make it better. However, if a GP makes a mistake such as making a misdiagnosis, prescribing the wrong medication or dose, advising the wrong treatment or fails to refer us for further testing when needed and this then results in our health suffering further, their actions could be deemed as being medically negligent and therefore liable to pay us compensation should we wish to make a claim.

Surgical Error Cases

Surgery, whether it is medical or cosmetic, always carries a degree of risk or side effects occurring. Surgery is a very complex process with surgeons and surgical teams specialising in different areas of expertise. There will be policies and protocols in place that are important to follow to ensure the patients well-being at all times and reduce the likelihood of things going wrong. Pre-operation tests and checks should be performed, the patient should have any risks and possible side-effects fully explained before going ahead, and aftercare care and advice should be given to reduce risks of problems following surgery. Surgical errors vary in type and severity but may include resultant excessive scarring, wrong body site operated on, wrong body part amputated, incorrect procedure performed, surgical dressings being left inside the wound when stitched, failure to explain risks to patient in full, administration of incorrect anaesthesia, and so on. If you have suffered due to surgical errors caused by medical negligence, you may be eligible to make a claim.

Negligence In Dentistry

Negligence in dentistry can also be classed as medical negligence. Regardless of whether it is an NHS practice or a Private practice, if you have sustained an injury due to the negligence of your dentist, you can make a claim for compensation. Dental negligence may include having a healthy tooth extracted by mistake, having damage caused to healthy teeth or gums, receiving a misdiagnosis, being treated with unclean dental instruments and so on. If you would like to know more about dental medical negligence claims, please click here.

Birth Injuries To Mothers Or Babies

Medical negligence during birth can result in devastating consequences to both mother and baby. Possible injuries due to the medical staff’s incorrect actions, or from not taking action quickly enough may include a broken pelvis, severe tears and bruising, or damage to the spinal cord in the mother. Injuries for  the baby could include possible brain damage through lack of oxygen, or conditions such as Cerebral Palsy. If you or your baby have suffered due to negligence, contact Medical Negligence Assist for help and advice.

Negligence In Nursing Or Care Home Facilities

People who go into a nursing or care home, do so because they need help to be able to live their lives everyday. Some people need basic help such as help with washing, dressing and cooking meals etc. Others may have more complex needs due to disability or specific healthcare requirements. The managers and staff of the care or nursing home owe a duty of care to the residents to protect them from harm where possible at all times. If a resident is injured due to negligence, those responsible may possibly be sued for damages. Negligence could include circumstances where a resident is injured due to improper lifting techniques, they may have been given the wrong medication or not received their medication when they should have. Another case of medical negligence in a nursing or care home could be the contraction of a life threatening infection such as Septicemia, due to lack of correct care for a bed bound patient who is suffering with pressure sores. If you or a loved one have been treated negligently in a nursing home and have sustained an injury as a result, you may be eligible to make a claim.

Misdiagnosis Of Cancer

Survival from cancer is very much time dependent with quick action to diagnose and start treatment being the key to beating the disease. If a patient is misdiagnosed, or undiagnosed which then results in a delay in treatment this could cause their cancer to become progressively worse, and if left untreated, possibly fatal. Delaying the treatment not only puts the patient at increased risk of losing their fight, but also may mean that they need a harsher level of treatment and for a longer period of time resulting in increased  suffering. If you or someone you love has suffered avoidably or even lost their life due to medical negligence in cancer treatment, you could be entitled to claim compensation for damages. Please call us on 0800 652 3087 to discuss further.

Hospital Treatment Errors

All medical staff working in a hospital, whether private or NHS funded have been trained to deal with many complex  scenarios. If they fail to provide the correct standard of care, resulting in a breach of their duty, this could lead to a patient suffering avoidable injuries. Due to the many different medical needs within a hospital, medical negligence can happen in a variety of different ways. A patient may be misdiagnosed, they may have been treated incorrectly, they could of undergone botched surgical procedures, or perhaps developed a serious infection such as MRSA due to poor hygiene standards. If you would like to read more about hospital negligence, click here.

Hospitals In Broxtowe

There are a number of hospitals or medical clinics that service the Beeston and Broxtrowe, these include:

  • Beeston Health Centre,
  • Ilkston Health Centre
  • Stapleford Primary Care Centre,
  • Nottingham University Hospitals

Records Of Medical Negligence For Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

In order to give an idea of the level of compensation awards paid out by the Trust covering Beeston and Broxtowe, in the table below is the figures showing the number of claims and incidents made against the trust for this area.

NHS Trust Or Relevant Healthcare AuthorityNo. of claims recievedNo. of reported incidentsDamages Paid
Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust10823£24,812,447

Facts and figures regarding the number of claims, incidents and amounts of compensations paid for all trusts across the country can be found here.

No Win No Fee Claim?

If you would like to make a claim for personal injury using our panel of medical negligence solicitors, then they will offer you a No Win No Fee agreement. This is a really helpful agreement as it means that if you have unsuccessful claim, you will not have to pay any of your solicitors fees. If you claim does in fact succeed, then a fee of up to 25% will be deducted from your damages. The percentage will be agreed between you and your solicitor by way of a contract at the beginning of your claim for compensation. If you have more questions regarding a No Win No Fee agreement, or you wish to discuss your options, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How To Talk To Our Team

If you would like further help and guidance regarding making a compensation claim for medical negligence, speak to a member of our team today at Medical Negligence Assist on 0800 652 3087. We will endeavour to answer any questions you may have and can connectt you with a firm from our panel of experienced no win no fee solicitors who specialises in medical negligence claims.

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