Borough of Sefton Medical Negligence Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims Lawyers Guide

Medical negligence Borough of Sefton

Medical negligence Borough of Sefton

Medical negligence is a term used for when somebody in the medical profession fails to provide the standard of care that is reasonably expected of them and this leads to an innocent party being harmed. Medical negligence can occur in a whole manner of ways, and may occur in a number of different places such as doctor’s surgeries, hospitals, clinics, dental surgeries and so on. The important part of making a medical negligence claim is proving that the medical practitioner acted in a negligent way that caused you to suffer unnecessarily. This guide illustrates the vital process of choosing a medical negligence solicitor in the Borough of Sefton or choosing ones based elsewhere

When we seek medical attention, we expect to be treated with a high level of care and  trust medical professionals with our lives. We certainly do not expect to sustain an injury, become ill, or have an illness worsened by their mistakes or carelessness, and we are well within our rights to pursue a compensation claim against them if they have breached their duty of care owed to us as their patient.

Making a claim however can be a complex process as liability needs to be proven and isn’t necessarily always as straight forward as we’d hope, and so hiring a legal team to assist you with your claim can be a huge relief. At Medical Negligence Assist, our panel of medical negligence solicitors are based in Merseyside and can cover the Borough of Sefton area, as well as all over the UK, and can assist you in making your claim. Just call us on 0800 652 3087 and we will do our best to help you find a medical negligence solicitor best suited to your case.

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Steps You Need To Take To Make A Clinical Negligence Claim

Hiring a medical negligence lawyer to pursue your claim on your behalf is definitely a great advantage, however, before deciding who to hire, there are a number of things you should do and think about in order to ensure you hire a solicitor suitable for your needs and who you can feel confident will give you the best chance of having a successful claim.

Asking trusted family and friends for any recommendations is a good way to start as ‘word of mouth’ recommendations speak volumes in the terms of valued expert customer service, no-one will recommend a firm that is not up to scratch or that they have had issues with. Another good idea might be to look at medical negligence solicitor reviews, as you will get an honest and unbiased view of the solicitor’s service and performance. When assessing the abilities of personal injury solicitors it might be a good idea to consider the level of experience in the personal injury claims field and if they have good record of success. An important factor you should also think about is the legal firms payment structure, how do they expect payment to be made? No win no fee agreements are arguably the safest way to make a claim, and we will discuss this further in this guide.

Is The Location Of My Solicitor Important?

With the many methods of communication available, it really doesn’t matter where your solicitor is located. It could be beneficial to you that they provide a good service, have relevant knowledge and you are able to liaise with them with ease along with the building up a good professional relationship. This is why we suggest that location is not something you should prioritise in your search. Our expert panel of medical negligence solicitors can handle claims from anywhere in the country. Call Medical Negligence Assist for more information.

A Medical Exam Could Be Carried Out Close To You By Our Panel Of Doctors

In order to make a successful claim for personal injury, it is a requirement to undergo an impartial  assessment with an independent medical specialist. This is so the full extent of your injuries can be determined. Your solicitor will also base the valuation of your claim on this, among other factors. We work with a panel of doctors who are based in Merseyside, some of which we have listed below;

Jahanzeb Noor Ali, 88 Rodney Street, Liverpool, L1 2TQ.

Andrew Hubbert, 47 Rodney Street, Liverpool, L1 9EW.

Suzanne Fletcher, Physio Liverpool, 48 Prescot Road, Old Swan, Liverpool, L13 3DB.

Claire Lockett, Mersey Lodge (The Chiropractic Clinic), Speke Road, Garston, Liverpool, L19 2PQ.

Testimonials And Reviews Don’t Paint The Whole Picture

Reading through medical negligence solicitor reviews can be really useful as generally they will highlight any issues that people may have come across when using their service. Also, if the same points about issues are mentioned frequently it could be quite safe to say that you might to have similar issues. Reviews also highlight positive aspects of the service received, so you could weigh up the pros and cons of each set of solicitors against each other which could allow you to make a more informed decision on who is best suited to you and your circumstances.

Clinical Compensation Claims Our Panel Of Solicitors Could Conduct

There are different types of clinical and medical negligence where a compensation claim may be made. Our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors have pursued many claims for a variety of different reasons with great success. Some of the types of claims we deal with include:

  • Clinical negligence NHS cases
  • Clinical negligence cases for private healthcare
  • Cosmetic surgery claims
  • Negligence in cancer claims
  • Medical negligence in care homes
  • Surgery errors
  • Dental medical negligence cases
  • Medical negligence in childbirth

These are just a few of the types of cases our panel of medical negligence solicitors deal with regularly. If you have suffered due to being treated negligently by a health care professional and this has caused you harm, we could help you make your claim against those responsible for your suffering.

General Surgery And Cosmetic Surgery Negligence

To perform surgery, whether its for medical or cosmetic reasons, or in an NHS or private healthcare hospital, the medical team involved need to be specially trained and experts in the type of surgery they are performing. There will be certain procedures before, during and after the surgery that they follow in order to ensure the surgery runs as smoothly as possible and that the patient is at no extra risk. All surgery carries an element of risk for things going wrong or side effects occurring, some with more risks than others, but if something goes wrong due to negligence you could make a claim if you are harmed as a result. Examples of negligence in surgery include:

  • Botched surgery resulting in excessive and unnecessary scarring.
  • Surgery dressings being left inside the wound when stitched up resulting in infection.
  • The wrong body part being operated on or amputated leading to harm being caused to healthy bones and/or organs.
  • Incorrect anaesthetic type or dosage used.
  • Incorrect or insufficient information regarding possible risks and side effects given

If you have suffered due to medical negligence during surgery and this has caused avoidable harm, you may be eligible to make a claim. Contact one of our legal advisors using the below information to discuss this further.

Birth Injury Clinical Negligence Cases

Pregnancy and birth is actually a complex process with many possible risks and so medical assistance and sometimes intervention is needed in an attempt to keep both mother and baby from harm. However, if something goes wrong due to the medical staff making a mistake or not acting quickly enough when needed, the outcome can potentially be devastating. Injuries to the mother during childbirth may include, broken pelvic bone, or internal damage from the improper use of forceps, whereas injuries to the baby may include brain damage through lack of oxygen or conditions such as Cerebral Palsy. If you or your baby have been harmed due to medical negligence, you could be eligible to make a claim.

Hospital Treatment Negligence

As we are all aware, hospitals are busy environments, that is why all hospital staff are trained to deal with a fast pace as well as complex situations. Unfortunately, the expected standard may slip, and this could cause NHS negligence, or private healthcare negligence in hospitals happening in a variety of ways. These may include receiving an incorrect diagnosis, symptoms of illness being missed, the wrong treatment or medication being prescribed or given, and so on. If you have come to any harm whilst in a hospital and you believe it was caused by medical negligence, contact Medical Negligence Assist and we can connect you to a medical negligence solicitor from our panel who will be able to help you establish if you have a valid claim for compensation.

Care Home / Nursing Home Negligence

People go into care and nursing homes as they are no longer able to fully look after themselves and need extra help, or they require special medical care that cannot be provided at home. They then rely on the care or nursing home to look after them and keep them safe from harm. If any harm does come to them however, and this can be proven that  it was as a result of a staff members negligence, then a claim for compensation may be possible. Such examples could include but are not limited to, being given the wrong medication and this has had negative side effects, fractures as a result of incorrect lifting techniques and symptoms of illness or injury being ignored or left untreated and this has caused the patient to suffer for a longer period of time.

Cancer Claims For Negligent Treatment

Cancer is a terrible illness and, if left untreated could be fatal. Starting treatment as quickly as possible is really important in fighting against the disease. If a patient’s cancer is undiagnosed or given a misdiagnosis-  meaning it is incorrectly diagnosed as something else entirely or a different form of cancer, then treatment may be delayed, or the incorrect treatment may be prescribed. All of which could potentially have devastating consequences. If you, or a loved one, have suffered due to negligent treatment of cancer, you might be able to make a claim.

Injuries Caused By Negligent Dentistry

All staff in your dental surgery are held to the same standards as any other medical professional. This means, that if they have breached their duty of care, by allowing their actions to drop below what is expected of them and this has caused their patient undue harm and suffering, a claim for compensation could be made. It could be that your dentist has misdiagnosed oral cancer as something lesser or extracted the wrong tooth which has caused damage to healthy teeth and gums. If you have sustained an injury due to dental negligence or further unnecessary suffering, you maybe able to make a claim.

Injuries Caused By A GP

Our GP is our first port of call when we feel poorly or have injured ourselves and we trust them to take the correct steps in order to make us better, this may be by prescribing medication or providing treatment, referring us to a specialists or sending us for tests. However, if our GP fails to do so, by not acting on symptoms, or misdiagnosing our health complaint when they would have been expected to diagnose it correctly and this has resulted in further injury or illness, it maybe classed as GP negligence. Click here for more information regarding GP negligence.

Mersey Care NHS Trust – Reported Medical Claims

In the table below you will find listed the number of claims or incidents reported in the Mersey Care NHS Trust and also the total amount paid out by the trust in compensation.

NHS Trust Or Relevant Healthcare AuthorityNo. of claims recieved (* means less then 5)No. of reported incidents Damages Paid (£)
Mersey Care NHS Trust*8116,137

The link to the statistics is

Hospitals In The Borough Of Sefton And Merseyside

The hospitals in the Borough of Sefton and Merseyside include:

  • Aintree University Hospital
  • The Royal Liverpool University Hospital
  • Southport and Formby District General Hospital

Could I Make A No Win No Fee Medical Claim?

If you would like to make a claim through our panel of medical negligence solicitors, they will be able to provide you with a No Win No Fee agreement. This means that if you have an unsuccessful claim, you will not have to pay the fees of your solicitor and if your claim is successful then a fee of up to 25% will be deducted from your damages. The percentage will be agreed between you and your solicitor by way of a conditional fee agreement at the beginning of your claim process. If you have more questions regarding a No Win No Fee claim, or you wish to discuss your options, please give us a call.

How Do I Start My Claim?

The easiest way to start your claim is to call us at Medical Negligence Assist on 0800 652 3087. After asking a few initial questions to establish the nature of your claim, we can then connect you to an expert medical negligence solicitor suitable for your case.

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Aintree University Hospital
Lower Lane
L9 7AL


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