Bury Medical Negligence Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims Lawyers Guide

Medical negligence Bury

Medical negligence Bury

This guide has been put together for those who have suffered medical negligence in Bury. If you are looking for medical negligence solicitors in Bury we may just have an alternative for you. This guide will explain different types of medical negligence and how it could cause unnecessary suffering and how a solicitor could be able to process a claim on your behalf. The examples we will provide should help to identify if you are eligible to make a claim.

If you have any questions about this guide, the claims process itself, or just want to talk about your own claim with somebody, then please contact our legal advisors on 0800 652 3087. They will be able to answer any questions you have, and also explain how our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors who are not based in bury but can cover the area can help you in getting the compensation you entitled to.

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How To Choose A Clinical Negligence Solicitor To Handle Your Claim

Choosing a good medical negligence solicitor could be seen as a challenge. Especially if you have not had previous dealings with a solicitor. Luckily, there are some shortcuts that you can take, to start your search for a good legal firm, and these include:

  • Reaching out to your friends and family members, and asking if they can recommend a solicitor.
  • Speaking to your work colleagues, to find out if they have any recommendations.
  • Using social networking sites to ask your connections for recommendations.
  • Using an online review site to compare different firms of solicitors.

Some people may not have the time to go through the selection process themselves, and for these people we have a very simple solution. Our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Bury area, and can help you to get the compensation you are entitled to. We recommend that you give us a call on the number at the bottom of this guide, so we can help you further. Even if you have already used an online personal injury claims calculator to get a rough idea of how much you can claim, our team will tell you that every personal injury claim is different, therefore, until your injuries are assessed there is no way of knowing what your claim could be worth.

Should I Work With A Solicitor In Bury?

To answer the question, ‘should I use medical negligence solicitors in my area?’ You can if you wish, but there is no legal requirement, or other compelling reason to do so. You can use any legal firm you like. A more important thing to consider is whether the solicitor you choose will have a good chance of achieving a successful conclusion for your claim.  You can keep in touch with us using the phone, email, webchat, etc, no matter where you are located. We work with a panel of medical negligence solicitors who have plenty of experience in helping people to make negligence claims, no matter where in the country the negligence occurred.

Medical Assessments Could Be Carried Out In Bury By Our Panel Of Doctors

In order to make a claim for personal injury, you will need to prove that you have sustained an injury as a result of the negligent acts or omissions of a health care professional. Your chosen solicitor will arrange for you to undergo an assessment with an impartial doctor who will provide a report regarding the extent of your injuries. We work with a panel of doctors who are based around the Bury area, please see below;

Abbas HussainPremier Inn Meeting RoomsBuryBL9 0EJ
5 Knowsley Street
Qamar LodhiPremier Inn BuryBuryBL9 0SW
5 Knowsley Place, Knowsley Street

Recommendations And Reviews Could Help You Choose A Solicitor

If you can find an independent website that has published plenty of medical negligence solicitor reviews, this could be a very good place to begin searching for a legal firm to process your claim. If you decide to try this, there are certain facts that you could compare, such as:

  • Was the claim a success or not?
  • Was the review positive or not?
  • Is the review new enough to be relevant?
  • Is the review covering a claim similar enough to your own to be relevant?
  • Did the solicitor offer a No Win No Fee deal?

Facts like these, compared across a range of reviews, will help you to shortlist the best potential legal firms to process your claim for you. If you don’t have enough time to go through this process, we have a quicker solution. Use the number at the end of this page and speak to one of our claim advisors, who will explain to you the benefits of using our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors.

Examples Of Clinical Negligence Cases Handled By Our Panel Of Solicitors

There is a myriad of ways that a person could be harmed due to some form of medical negligence, which could result in seeking medical negligence solicitors. The key fact here, is the victim must have been harmed in some way. Negligence alone is not cause to claim. For example:

  • A GP makes a mistake with the diagnosis of a medical condition without due cause, causing the patient to go untreated, and their medical condition to worsen.
  • A surgeon operates on the wrong part of the body.
  • A dentist extracts a healthy tooth by mistake.
  • A child is injured during childbirth due to medical negligence.
  • A hospital patient suffers health deterioration due to contracting MRSA as hygiene standards were very poor.
  • Negligent care in a nursing home, that leads to one of the residents being harmed in some way.
  • Misdiagnosis or late diagnosis of a serious medical condition such as cancer when the doctor would have been expected to identify with the symptoms, that causes the patient’s medical condition to worsen.

All of these are examples of ways that negligence could lead to a patient suffering an injury or illness or their current health condition worsening. We will cover these examples in a little more detail in the sections below.

Medical Negligence By Your GP

Your GP has a responsibility as your primary care contact, to provide two important services (among other things), and these are:

  1. In the case of minor injuries and illnesses, to provide a full diagnosis, and then subsequent treatment (including the prescription of medication).
  2. In the case of more serious injuries and illnesses to refer the patient to the correct healthcare unit within the NHS to treat the condition.

If a GP fails in either of these responsibilities, and this leads directly or indirectly, to the patient’s medical condition becoming worse, it could be possible for the patient to make a claim.

Medical Negligence By A Surgeon

Each and every surgery could carry risks to the patient depending on the surgery and the patients overall health may determine what risks are involved and how serious the risks may be. If the operation is elective the surgeon will have time to go over the risks and ask the patient for consent. Although there maybe risks involved that does not mean there is also room for error and negligence. Examples of surgical errors could include;

  • An anaesthetist administers the wrong amount of anaesthetic, and this causes an adverse reaction or even the death of the patient.
  • A surgeon operates on a healthy organ.
  • Care after the operation is lax, and this leads to the patient contracting a post-op infection.

If you are considering making a medical negligence claim with a hospital negligence solicitor why not call our team and they could connect you to our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors.

Medical Negligence By A Dentist

It is the duty of all staff in a dental surgery to provide a good standard of care and this standard needs to be maintained with each patient. If this standard falls below what is reasonably expected of them and their patient suffers harm as a consequence then a claim for personal injury could be made. Types of dental negligence could include;

  • Damage to healthy teeth or gums.
  • The use of non sterile equipment which has caused an undue infection.
  • Permanent facial scarring that was caused by the negligent actions of a dentist.

Circumstances such as these, could leave the victim in a position to make a claim for the harm they have suffered.

Medical Negligence In Pregnancy And Birth Care

It is crucial that at the correct stages of pregnancy and the birth of a child both the expectant mother and foetus are checked so that any issues that maybe present can be dealt with straight away before any problems are allowed to progress. If certain signs are ignored, not noticed or the action to eliminate any risks are not taken as soon as possible this could cause unnecessary suffering for both concerned. For example:

  • The mother suffers with a retained placenta.
  • The baby suffers fractures, due to excessive force being used during active labour.
  • Failure to notice the baby in distress who could suffer permanent harm or conditions such as Cerebral Palsy.

Medical Negligence By A Hospital

Every doctor, specialist, nurse, ward orderly, etc. is required to treat patients in a diligent manner. If they fail to do this, it could lead to:

  • The patient contracting a new medical condition or illness as a result of poor hygiene standards in the hospital.
  • The Patient’s current medical condition worsening due to lack of or correct treatment.

In all of these situations, if it was negligence that was the cause, the patient may be able to use a medical negligence solicitor to have a claim processed.

Medical Negligence By A Nursing Home

Each nursing or care home, is legally obliged to meet minimum care requirements, as laid out in multiple bodies of legislation, and also health & safety standards. When compliance fails due to the negligence of a member of staff, a resident of the home could suffer harm in some way. If this is the case, then a personal injury solicitor could be able to process a claim on behalf of the residents, or their litigation friend if they are unable to manage their own claim. For more information regarding medical negligence in care homes, please read here.

Medical Negligence By Oncologists – Cancer Care

Serious diseases such as cancer, require rapid diagnosis and treatment in order for the patient to have the best chance possible of making a recovery. It is the duty of all health care professionals to provide the best possible care and if they allow their standards to slip, it can have adverse consequences for the patient. If cancer is misdiagnosed, or it is diagnosed late, this could lead the cancer to possible grow and spread and treatment becomes less effective, or even ineffective. 

NHS Data Related To Medical Negligence In The Manchester NHS Trust

This table shows data related to negligence within the Greater Manchester NHS trust.

Healthcare ProviderClaims Received (2017/18)Number of Incidents (2017/18) Damages
Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust16542£27,519,419

Data for this table was taken from the following online resource:

NHS claims data for 2017/18

Hospitals In Bury And The Pennine Area

  • Fairfield General Hospital.
  • Cygnet Hospital Bury.
  • Bealey Community Hospital.
  • Prestwich Hospital.
  • BMI The Highfield Hospital.

No Win No Fee Clinical Negligence Claims In Bury

If you choose to work with our panel of medical negligence solicitors, they offer  No Win No Fee agreements which mean that you will not have to pay their fees if your claim is unsuccessful. They will deduct an amount from your compensation at the end of your claim, which you will have pre agreed at the beginning of your claim if it is successful.

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