Lincoln Medical Negligence Solicitors – No Win No Fee Lawyers Claims Guide

Medical negligence Lincoln

Medical negligence Lincoln

When making any form of personal injury claim, having the right personal injury lawyer on your side can be essential.  It could mean you’ll win the right amount of compensation for your injuries or it could even mean the difference between winning or losing the case. When you consider the complexity of evidence required for medical negligence cases, the right solicitor could be even more important. If you’ve been looking for medical negligence solicitors in Lincoln, we are here to show how our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors covering the Lincoln area could also be of use.

Our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Lincoln area which means they could help you with your case. If you’d like to discuss your claim today, please give us a call on 0800 652 3807, but if you’d like to know more first, then please carry on reading.

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How Do I Select The Right Solicitor For My Medical Malpractice Claim?

When beginning a claim for clinical negligence, one of the hardest things to do is to find the best medical negligence solicitor for you to help you with your claim. There are good starting points to achieving this such as taking advice and recommendations from friends and family or reading reviews. In this guide we’ll provide tips on what information to look for when selecting a solicitor. We’ll provide information about hospital negligence, professional negligence, private healthcare negligence. Furthermore, we will also explain how no win no fee services work.

To be eligible to make a medical negligence claim for compensation it must be proven that through substandard care, error, negligence or omission a medical professional has caused harm or worsened a heath condition. We’ll provide examples of negligent acts throughout this guide.

One important thing to remember is that there is a personal injury claims time limit which applies in all cases of medical negligence. You have 3 years to make your claim from either the date of the negligent act or the date you became aware of your injuries or illness. There are exceptions to find out more please call the number at the bottom of this guide.

Examples Of Medical Negligence Cases

There are a number of examples of medical negligence that we’ll cover throughout this guide such as cancer misdiagnosis, surgical errors, dental negligence, hospital negligence, GP mistakes and medical malpractice in a nursing home. Our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors can help with any type of medical claim that was caused by negligence and resulted in harm. If you’d like to discuss your injuries or illness, even if they’re not listed here, please get in touch with a member of our team.

Should You Read Client Testimonials?

Medical negligence solicitor’s reviews can be a great place to start when considering which solicitor to use. They can provide you with an insight about how often the solicitor updates their client, whether clients were happy with the compensation they received, and the overall level of satisfaction previous clients display.

Once you’ve read the reviews, we’d advise you speak with the solicitor directly.  It’s the best way to find out how you’ll get along with the solicitor. After all, you’re could be working with them for many months, so it’s essential you know that they are the best medical negligence solicitor for you.

Should I Prioritise A Solicitors Location Or Expertise?

It’s quite common for people to think, “I have to use medical negligence solicitors near me”, but in reality, there’s little need. It’s much better to deal with a specialist personal injury solicitor who specialises in medical negligence claims. Communication can be carried out over email, telephone and by the postal service. You may require a medical which could be done in your area.

This is why we have a number of medical specialists across the UK on our panel, including in Lincoln, to ensure you don’t need to travel far for an assessment. We’ll provide information about the doctors and specialists that we use in Lincoln in the next section

Where Could My Medical Examination Be Carried Out?

Here are the medical specialists we could send you to in the Lincoln area:

Mohammed Safdar
Brayford Wharf North,
Lincoln, LN1 1YW.

Mamtha Kumar
Lincoln Clinic,
The Terrace,
Grantham Street,
Lincoln, LN2 1BD.

Rageev Jahagirdar
Lincoln Chiropractic Clinic,
Cabourne avenue,
Lincoln, LN2 2JP.

Clinical Negligence During An Operation

Normally, a surgeon will explain the risks of an operation to you prior to your treatment but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t claim compensation if somebody causes you injury because of a negligent act. Examples include:

  • If the surgeon doesn’t follow the correct procedure causing you to suffer.
  • Injuries caused to the internal organs during surgery.
  • Pain caused by incorrect anaesthetic doses.
  • Foreign bodies left inside the patient.
  • Infections contracted during surgery due to hygiene issues.

Malpractice Or Negligence During Childbirth

When a family enters a maternity ward to give birth, it should lead to happiness at the birth of a new child. However, if the mother or baby are injured because of some form of negligence, it can be devastating. This is especially true if avoidable mistakes cause serious life-changing illness to either the mother or baby.

If you believe you or a loved on has suffered because of an act of negligence during pregnancy or labour, call our team to discuss your options.

Clinical Negligence In Hospital Care

Hospitals offer many avenues for patients to receive treatment and care. They have patients constantly coming in and out for surgery, through accident and emergency’s, x-rays, diagnostic testing, for monitoring etc. If hospital negligence occurs it could cause the patients health to suffer. Here are example of possible hospital negligence;

  • Contracting a super bug or other infection such as MRSA through hygiene issues.
  • A late or misdiagnosis of a condition meaning the patients condition worsens because of delayed treatment.
  • Illnesses caused by the incorrect prescriptions or an existing condition becomes worse.
  • Surgical errors which cause a new injury and the possibility of further surgery.

Lincolnshire Hospitals

For your information, here are some of the main hospitals in the Lincoln area:

  • Lincoln County Hospital.
  • Grantham and District Hospital.
  • Pilgrim Hospital Boston.
  • County Hospital Louth.
  • BMI Lincoln (Private).

Our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Lincoln area. Please get in touch if you think you’ve suffered because of medical negligence.

Negligent Dental Care And Treatment

If you suffer an injury while undergoing any form of dental treatment then you could seek compensation for your injuries if the dentist made a mistake, failed to follow procedures, used damaged or faulty equipment or if you underwent surgery that wasn’t required.

Nursing Home Malpractice

Placing a loved one in a care or nursing home is not easy, finding the right one that fits all the required needs maybe difficult enough but then to go on and discover that someone you care deeply about has been harmed due to negligence or a medical mistake can be more than unforgivable. Examples of care home negligence could include;

  • Injuries sustained due to the incorrect lifting or moving techniques being used.
  • Pressure sores (or bed sores) caused by a lack of movement.
  • Illnesses caused because incorrect medicines were dispensed.
  • Care home abuse.

General Practice Negligence

Your GP is often the first person you’ll visit when you suspect you are suffering with an illness. They usually have only a short amount of time to diagnose and treat your condition. If the condition is not correctly diagnosed at this point or you are not transferred to a specialist your condition maybe allowed to get worse.

Examples of possible GP negligence may include;

  • Late diagnosis of a condition meaning that the condition becomes worse and the patient suffers more.
  • Misdiagnosis of an illness meaning the patient is treated for the wrong condition possibly causing side effects and the condition could worsen.
  • Incorrect medication or dosage being prescribed causing side effects or the existing condition to worsen.

Cancer Treatment Negligence

Even though cancer research has advanced massively over recent years, early diagnosis is still key in many cases. Therefore, if it is misdiagnosed or there is a late diagnosis, it could lead to the patient suffering more due to delayed treatment. In the very worst cases, a late diagnosis could mean the cancer spreads so much so that it is very difficult to treat.

If you or family member has suffered because of a diagnostic error, please call to speak with one of our specialist advisors. We’ll assess your claim and if we feel you have a valid case we will provide you with a no win no fee expert medical negligence solicitor from our panel.

Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust Negligence Statistics

The table below shows the amount of compensation, and the number of claims, paid by the NHS trusts which operate in the Lincoln area.

NHS TrustNumber of claimsNumber of IncidentsCNST Damages Paid
Lincolnshire Community Health Services70£90,847
Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust8*£456,038
United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust11410£19,899,538

Source:  NHS Factsheet 5 – this table does not include data from private healthcare providers who are not obliged to share information in the same way.

No Win No Fee Clinical Negligence Experts Covering Lincoln

If you’re worried about the cost of claiming for medical negligence, you’re not alone. It is a major worry for many and its why many solicitors, including our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors, offer a no win no fee service.

The first step a solicitor will take is to offer a free consultation. This is where they will assess the clinical malpractice that has occurred, how you suffered because of it and the impact the injuries or illness has caused you.

If they consider you have a good chance of winning your case, they’ll produce a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). This is the legal name of no win no fee agreements.

In the CFA, it will clearly state that:

  • You do not have to pay the solicitor anything up front for their time or service.
  • If the solicitor fails to win your case, you will not have to pay anything for their service at all.
  • In cases where the solicitor does win, the CFA will explain about their success fee.

A success fee is taken straight from your compensation, to pay the solicitor for their service, and is limited to 25% of your compensation payment (but could be less).

No win no fee is the safest and most risk-free way of making a claim and means you don’t have to find any funds to pay the solicitor, even if you win.

How To Contact Our Team

If you’re ready to get in touch with us today to discuss starting a claim, you can do so by:

  • Telephone: Call us free on 0800 652 3807 and speak directly with one of our specialist advisors.
  • Online: Fill in this simple online form and we’ll call you back at a convenient time.

Remember, even though you were searching for medical negligence solicitors in Lincoln, our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Lincoln area and so could help you to begin your claim today.

Additional Advice For Claimants

For further information, we’ve linked to some other useful resources which you may find helpful:

Lincoln County Hospital Inspection – An inspection report from the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Regulations for Care Providers – Information from the CQC about rules and regulations that care providers need to follow.

NHS Medical Negligence Claims – A useful guide which explains in more detail about when it is possible to claim compensation for medical negligence.

Still Born Birth Claims – This guide explains in what circumstances you could claim compensation for a still birth caused by negligence.

MRSA Super Bug Claims – This article explains how MRSA is contracted and when it could be possible to seek compensation.

If you need any further information or advice, please contact one of our specialist advisors.