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Medical negligence Rotherham

Medical negligence Rotherham

For the majority of the millions of people treated by the NHS and private healthcare providers in the UK each year, medical treatments will be successful and go according to the expected treatment plan. However, if in some instances, things go wrong it can have devastating consequences for the patient. If you have been the victim of negligent medical care you may have found this guide whilst searching for medical negligence solicitors in Rotherham. If you have been harmed by negligent medical care our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors could help you to claim compensation.

The impact that clinical negligence may have on a patient could significantly vary. For some people, the effects may be milder, whilst others may be left with life-altering injuries. In the most extreme of instances (such as never events), NHS negligence could lead to a patients lifespan being reduced or cause fatal injuries.

If you have been harmed due to medical negligence, you may now require additional medical care or to have your home adapted. Your lifestyle and ability to work could all have been impacted. If you are searching for a medical negligence solicitor who could handle your claim, look no further.

Our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Rotherham area and has the experience to support you through the claims process, ensuring that you get the best possible settlement.

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How Do I Find A Solicitor To Make A Medical Negligence Claim?

Patients could bring personal injury claims for harm caused by medical negligence against NHS trusts or private healthcare providers if a patient has suffered due to negligent treatment or a substandard service and their injury was a result of such treatment. No Win No Fee medical negligence solicitors will want to prove that a medical or health care provider of similar ability in the same scenario would have not caused harm or illness.

Making a personal injury claim for harm caused by a medical practitioner could be a crucial part of your recovery. It may help you to fund alternative treatments or purchase mobility aids. So, how do you find the right medical negligence solicitor?

  • Don’t worry about where a solicitors offices are based.
  • Seek out recommendations or testimonials.
  • Look at expertise. Would it be better to claim via specialist dental solicitor rather than a general personal injury claims solicitor?

We shall look in further detail at two of the criteria we think you should consider.

Is It Important To Choose A Solicitor By Experience Or Location?

Not too long ago people would automatically choose a solicitor from their own town. Even today people may still search for “medical negligence solicitors in my area”. Back then there were fewer ways to keep in touch with the person handling your claim and for you to be updated. However, today solicitors can conduct a claim across the country as easily as they could from around the corner. Additionally, in almost all claims the client and personal injury solicitor will not need to meet in person.

Our medical negligence team recommends that you prioritise a persons experience and ability in your decision, rather than just looking for “medical solicitors near me”.

Our Nationwide Panel Of Doctors Could Assess Your Injury In Rotherham

Whether your solicitor is located in the same town or across the country it should not affect their handling of your claim, however you may not want to travel a long way for a medical assessment. In fact, for some victims of medical negligence, doing so may simply not be possible. This is why we have a nationwide panel of medical experts who could carry out your examination close to you. Our local panel includes:

Afshan Jahanzeb
Wath Health Centre,
35 Church Street,
S63 7RF

David Jackson Bukari Adamah
Clifton Medical Centre,
Doncaster Gate,
S65 1DA

Mark Innes Burgin
The Nightingale Physiotherapy Practice,
2-2a Turner Lane,
S60 4HY

Please note we do work with other medical experts in this and surrounding areas. Your examination may be conducted by a different doctor/ at a different location.

Should I Research Reviews Of Potential Solicitors?

Recommendations from family and friends or looking at medical negligence solicitor reviews could be good ways to gauge whether this is the right person to handle your claim. Recommendations from people you trust or looking at testimonials written by a client of the solicitor could help you to see whether they provide the services you are looking for and in a way in which you are comfortable.

Medical Negligence Case Examples

Our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors are able to help claimants to seek damages for medical negligence which has been caused in a variety of different ways. In the up and coming sections we have in detail explained different scenarios of medical negligence below we have also included a list of examples of medical negligence. These may include:

  • Nursing home negligence.
  • Cosmetic surgical negligence.
  • Urology and/ or gynaecology negligence.
  • Pharmaceutical errors.
  • Bed sore injuries.
  • negligence/ neglect in A&E care.
  • Paramedic negligence.

If you have been affected by any of the forms of clinical negligence discussed in this guide please contact Medical Negligence Assist.

What is important to remember is that in order to pursue a successful claim for medical negligence your solicitor must show that the negligent treatment or substandard service you were subject to caused you harm, maybe a new illness, injury or the worsening of  current condition.

Claim With Specialist Dental Solicitors

Attending the dentist is often a necessity. But attending regular checkups and getting any treatments necessary is an important part of looking after our overall health. If negligence occurs as the treatment was not provided at the expected standard or the duty of care which should have been their lacked and the service was poor and as a direct result you were caused avoidable injuries then you may have a case for dental negligence.

If you are harmed by a dentist or dental nurse during the course of your care, a specialist dental solicitor could help you to claim compensation. This could help to pay for restorative care or additional treatments needed as well as your general pain and suffering.

Obstetrics Negligence Compensation

Obstetrics is the branch of medicine which deals with pregnancy and childbirth. Obstetrics negligence compensation claims could be made in instances where a midwife, doctor or nurse has caused harm due to negligence, error or omission to a mother or baby either in prenatal care, during the delivery of the baby, or in immediate postnatal care. If the right medical care is not given at the right time, or if procedures are not correctly followed, serious harm could be caused to a mother, a baby or to both. Injuries may be immediately traumatising  and in severe case may have life long effects.

If you have been affected by birth injuries, contact us to find out if you could make an obstetrics negligence compensation claim.

Surgical Errors And Malpractice

Surgical procedures may be carried out because they are medically necessary, or they may be elective, cosmetic procedures. No matter the reason for undergoing surgery in the UK, you should expect a minimum standard of care. Regardless of why you are having an operation it is important that your surgeon fully explains any potential risks in the procedure. They should also ensure that you understand these risks. You should also be advised things such as recovery times.

If you can demonstrate that your operation has caused you an unnecessary injury or further illness due to negligent treatment you may have a case for surgical negligence. The compensation will cover not only pain and suffering but any financial implications the incident has caused.

Nursing Home Negligence Claims

Nursing homes and care homes need to be places which we can trust, either as a resident in them, or as someone entrusting a loved one to their care. You may be paying fees to entrust the care of a family member to them and are entitled to expect a high level of care for that person in return. They should be cared for in the right way and have good quality of life. If such standards are not being met, this should not be acceptable.

Unfortunately, there have been instances where nursing home care fails to meet expected or even reasonable standards. When care falls below a certain level it could be deemed to be negligent or even careless. In such instances, people could be entitled to make nursing home negligence claims if they suffer an injury or illness as a consequence of such carelessness. The resident may subsequently suffer either physical or psychological harm. Nursing home negligence may take the form of resident avoidable injuries, abuse, neglect or bed sores due to lack of movement, please call our advisors to see if your case qualifies for damages.

Hospital Malpractice Or Negligent Care

There are many different reasons what a person may visit a hospital. This may be in the case of an operation, for the birth of a child, to receive specialist medical care or medications, or visits to A&E departments for emergency treatment. When we do so, we rely on the staff therein to act in a professional way and help us to recovery.

However, if on occasions visits to hospitals do not go as planned in terms of poor and substandard service patients could be unnecessarily harmed. Errors, mistakes or careless actions could have a serious impact on a patient. For some, the effects may be life-changing and may not be rectifiable. Errors could crop up if you are misdiagnosed, if early opportunities to treat an illness are not taken, or where the wrong care is provided. Your condition may be made much worse through such actions. If you have been harmed by a hospital breaching their duty of care and medical negligence, you may be able to make a claim for damages.

Medical Claims For Negligent Cancer Treatment

Claims dealing with medical negligence cancer payouts may be some of the most serious cases dealt with by medical negligence lawyers and solicitors. Oncology departments aim to treat patients as quickly and thoroughly as possible. If something has gone wrong with this process, you could be able to claim compensation with no win no fee solicitors if your condition was allowed to worsen due to negligent treatment. If things go wrong in the treatment of a serious disease such as cancer, you may feel upset and angry in addition to having your health affected. Reasons for which people may want to seek medical negligence cancer payouts include:

  • Delays in diagnosing your cancer which allowed your condition to worsen unnecessarily.
  • Delays in starting treatment which allowed the condition to progress.
  • Getting the wrong treatment, and your current condition got worse due to no treatment

GP / Doctor Medical Claims

Can I sue a doctor? If you have been harmed because of their negligence or carelessness, the answer to this could be yes depending on your circumstances. General practice doctors can be seen as the gateway to a range of other more specialist treatments which require a referral. If a GP fails to spot the signs of an injury or illness and does not make such a referral, you could be harmed as a result. You may find that an illness is prolonged or that an injury gets worse.

Most people will see GP’s working in the NHS and if they are harmed due to the way in which this care has been provided, they may be able to make an NHS negligence claim call the number at the bottom of the guide to determine if you have a valid case.

Rotherham Doncaster And South Humber NHS Medical Negligence Statistics

Our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Rotherham area and could help you if you have been harmed whilst receiving care administered by one of the NHS trusts covering this area. To help illustrate claims made against NHS trusts and authorities in this area we have included the table below.

NHS Trust Or Relevant Healthcare AuthorityNo. of claims recievedNo. of reported incidentsCNST Damages Paid
Rotherham, Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust9*388,742
The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust5175,455,707

This information is taken from publicly available data which is published by the NHS on an annual basis. You can find the 2017/ 18 release here.

No Win No Fee Medical Claims For Negligence In Rotherham

How to fund a claim and what help is available to do so is a frequently asked question by those looking to make a claim. Whether looking for medical negligence solicitors in Rotherham or elsewhere is the country we always advise using medical negligence solicitors who operate a no win no fee service. People may be put off from making a claim due to the perceived cost of doing so. This is why our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors are happy to be able to offer almost all the claimants they work with the services of no win no fee solicitors.

You may have heard the phrase ‘no win no fee’ before. With reference to our services it means just that. If you do choose to claim compensation via a medical negligence lawyer or solicitor from our panel you will not have to pay them any fees for their time or service unless you win your claim. We promise that there will be no hidden charges or fees if you choose to make your claim with us.

Rotherham Doncaster And South Humber Hospitals

Rotherham is both a large town and a metropolitan borough. The main NHS trust serving this area is the Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust which operates several hospitals and clinical facilities in the area. We have listed some of these below. We have also included private healthcare providers in or serving the area.

NHS hospitals and clinics

  • Rotherham General Hospital
  • Community Hospital
  • Doncaster & Bassetlaw Hospitals
  • Brinsworth Clinic
  • Canklow Health Services Clinic
  • Dalton Health Centre

Private hospitals

  • Kinvara Private Hospital
  • Clifton Manor Clifton Lane Clinic Private Hospital
  • BMI Thornbury

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At Medical Negligence Assist our medical claims team are here from 8am – 9pm seven days a week. We can answer your queries and questions as on how a personal injury solicitor could help you. You can phone our team using the number above. You can also contact us by using the contact form on the right-hand side of this page, or start your claim online by filling out this form.

Whichever method you use to contact our team, we are on hand to help you get the compensation you are eligible to claim.

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In the following references you can learn more about making a medical negligence claim, what to do if affected by harmful medical care, and the ways in which our team could help you.

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