Blackpool Medical Negligence Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims Lawyers Guide

Medical negligence Blackpool

Medical negligence Blackpool

Medical negligence claim cases can be very complex, combining both medicine and law together can make dealing with such cases very difficult that is why we always strongly recommend using a medical negligence solicitor. If you’ve been searching for medical negligence solicitors in Blackpool because you have suffered a medical mistake causing harm in Blackpool we have produced this guide to illustrate that you could use a solicitor from anywhere in the country.

This guide will explain how our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Blackpool area, and how knowledge and expertise should be picked over location.

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A Guide To Choosing the Right Solicitor for Medical Negligence Claims In Blackpool

If you decide that you’re going to make a medical negligence claim, the next step is working out which medical negligence lawyer to use.   Whether the claim is for NHS negligence or against a private healthcare professional for clinical neglect, having the right solicitor on your side can make all the difference.  It could also have a big impact on the amount of compensation awarded.

You might be wondering where to start when making a selection.  Hopefully this guide will point you in the right direction.

When choosing you can:

  • Read medical negligence solicitors reviews.
  • Seek recommendations from friends and family.
  • Speak directly with the solicitor.

We’ll cover these in more detail throughout the guide.

Something you need to be aware of is that there is a personal injury claims time limit in the UK.  This means that you’ll need to have made your claim within 3 years of the incident happening, or from the diagnosis, the time limit is different for children and people who are considered not mentally stable.  You should try and speak with a personal injury solicitor well before the 3 year deadline so that they have time to gather the supporting evidence.

The Right Solicitor May Not Be Based In Your Area

We often hear people suggest that “I need to use medical negligence solicitors near me”, but but that may not always be the case.  In this day and age, communication between a personal injury lawyer and their client is mainly via email, telephone and sometimes mail sent in the post.

There is no legal requirement to meet your solicitor face to face. Therefore, where they’re based is not relevant.  One part of the medical negligence claim process that does need to be done locally is the medical assessment.  This is to save you from travelling very far and is why we have a panel of medical specialists up and down the country.

Our Panel Of Medical Experts Could Carry Out Your Examination In This Area

Here is a selection of the medical specialists we could use for medical assessments required in the Blackpool area:

Ayaz Abassi
259 Whitegate Drive,
Blackpool, FY9 9LJ.

Vikesh Kashyap
Unicorn House,
141 Mowbray Drive,
Blackpool, FY3 7UN.

Saleh Al-Ali
Mowbray Drive,
Blackpool, FY9 7UN.

We have a selection of other specialists in the area too, so if you need to have a medical assessment, you’ll either visit one of those listed above or another local specialist.

How Helpful Are Recommendations Or Reviews?

Reviews are everywhere online and covering what it feels like every product.  When choosing a medical negligence solicitor, you could use online reviews as a good starting point for choosing the right solicitor for you.

Use them to find out about customer satisfaction, compensation amounts and how customers felt about the communication from the solicitor.  Once you’ve narrowed down the choice, we always recommend speaking with them to discuss the case in person.  You’ll get a much better feel for the professionalism of the solicitor from this phone call than a review can ever provide you with.

Examples Of Clinical Negligence Cases

Over the next few sections of this guide, we’ll cover examples of types of claims that our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors could assist with.  Don’t worry if you can’t see a specific example which matches your case, call our very friendly and expert advisors who could assess your case for you.  If you were injured or an existing condition became worse because of clinical negligence, please contact Medical Negligence Assist and talk to one of our advisors for more information.

Hospital Negligence And Neglect

Hospitals offer accident and emergency departments, they provide surgery, treatment for physical injury aswell as health illnesses, they offer diagnostic testing to name but a few. Very often they are miracle places and staff as well as medical physicians work tirelessly to help those that are ill or have physically injured themselves. For negligence to happen the standard that is being provided will have fallen below what is expected. If negligence does take place it is not from a deliberate point unless criminal activity is involved however those that may be affected may suffer injury, illness or worsening of a condition.

Hospital negligence may take the following forms:

  • A patient is injured while undergoing surgery.
  • When the patient’s condition is made worse because of a late or misdiagnosis.
  • If the patient becomes ill because of the wrong medicine being prescribed.
  • Bedsores due to not being moved at regular intervals.

Hospitals And Medical Facilities Covering Blackpool

Here is a list of the hospitals, both private and NHS, in the Blackpool area for your information:

  • Blackpool Victoria Hospital (NHS).
  • Clifton Hospital (NHS).
  • Fleetwood Hospital (NHS).
  • Spire Fylde Coast Hospital.
  • The Lancashire Suite.

Medical Negligence Assist can help with claims for clinical or medical negligence at any of these hospitals in the Blackpool area.

Surgery Mistakes and Errors

Surgery can be dangerous, and risks should always be explained to the patient prior to treatment.  That doesn’t mean though that a mistake during surgery is acceptable.

If a surgeon, nurse, anaesthetist or other medical professional makes an error during surgery or a mistake such as amputating the wrong limb, anaesthetic problems, wrong site surgery, damage to internal organs then if it can be proven that the practitioner acted in a negligent way and caused harm a reason for a negligent surgery claim may exist.

Childbirth Negligence

Childbirth can be one of the most amazing times, bringing new life into the world can be an extraordinary occasion. However it can also be a scary and worrying time if complications during the labour process are not picked up as soon as they surface. Any issues that present themselves should receive attention and any potential risks should be eliminated because even slight issues could snowball if not dealt with when necessary.

Injuries that could happen to a baby include:

  • Bruising and marks caused by forceps.
  • Fractures (collarbone fractures are fairly common).
  • Cerebral Palsy.
  • Facial paralysis.
  • Subconjunctival haemorrhage.

Nursing Home Medical Negligence

Some of the most vulnerable patients are in care homes.  They are there because they are unable to care for themselves and need support with everyday functions.  If the team of medical practitioners and carers that we entrust our loved ones to cause them to become injured or for their condition to get worse because of malpractice, a mistake or other form of negligence, then a personal injury claim might be possible. If a loved one you have placed in care has suffered avoidable injuries, been made ill due to not receiving the right care and treatment, maybe they are showing worrying signs of health deterioration call our advisors and if your loved one has a valid case we could provide a care home negligence solicitor.

General Practice Doctor Negligence

Everyday patients visit GPs as they feel under the weather or have noticed they are suffering from various symptoms.  Many are dealt with quickly and there condition is treated appropriately.  If a GP fails to diagnose the right condition, the present condition can go untreated and possibly worsen and any treatment given may cause further illness as it is the wrong treatment. GP’s have the power to transfer patients to specialists for specific diagnosing or treatment, they could also be the ones who order necessary diagnostic testing. If conditions go left untreated they could potentially go worse..

Delay In Cancer Treatment

With many cancers, early diagnosis and treatment greatly increases the chance of survival.  Therefore, any delay in diagnosing cancer when symptoms are presented could have devastating effects.

If you have suffered worse ill health or your condition has worsened due to a delay in diagnosing call our advisors and we could establish if you qualify for damages. Dental Care Treatment Negligence Claims

Dental Care Treatment Negligence

Dentists, dental nurses and hygienists are all medical professionals, who must provide a standard of service which does not fall below the expected standard. Owing patients a duty of care means that they must provide safe and adequate  treatment and not cause unnecessary injury or harm.

If you’ve suffered an injury due to a dental procedure, undergone a procedure that wasn’t required or if you suffered excessive pain because the anaesthetic used wasn’t adequate, contact one of our advisors for further information.

Rate Of Medical Negligence Instances In Blackpool

To demonstrate this, the table below outlines the number of complaints and amounts of compensation awarded in this area according to the latest stats.

Healthcare ProviderClaims in 2017/2018Number of Incidents 2017/2018CNST Damages Paid
Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust1007£10,583,822

This data is based on NHS compensation payments only, it doesn’t include any private healthcare providers.

No Win No Fee Blackpool Clinical Negligence Claims

When beginning a personal injury claim many people worry about the cost of professional legal services.  That’s why many, including our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors, offer a no win no fee service.  Here’s how no win no fee works:

Firstly, the solicitor will assess your claim.  They’ll want to know what happened, what injuries you suffered or if your condition got worse and how it affected you.  They’ll look at all of the evidence and, if they agree you have a good claim, they will offer you a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA).

The CFA is the legal name for a no win no fee agreement.  As such, it will explicitly state that:

  • You don’t have to pay anything to the solicitor up front.
  • If the case is lost, you won’t have to pay the solicitor any fee.
  • The CFA will also state what the success fee will be if the case is won.

The success fee is limited by law to 25% of any compensation awarded.  It covers the solicitors fee for their service, and you won’t have to pay anything else. When compensation is awarded, it is sent to your personal injury solicitor who retains the success fee.  They then send the rest of the compensation straight to you.

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We hope that you now understand that even if you were looking for medical negligence solicitors in Blackpool, you don’t have to use a local solicitor.

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