Chesterfield Medical Negligence Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims Lawyers Guide

Medical negligence Chesterfield

Medical negligence Chesterfield

If you are searching for medical negligence solicitors in Chesterfield to assist you with a personal injury claim, find out why you do not need to limit yourself to just this area in our guide below.

Medical or clinical negligence is a term used to describe circumstances where a healthcare professional (such as a doctor, nurse or dentist) has provided their patient substandard levels of medical care. This substandard care will then have resulted in the patient coming to harm in some way. This may be through injury, acquiring an illness, or by worsening an existing medical condition. Medical malpractice by a doctor (or other medical practitioner) could happen at any point in your treatment journey, from your initial diagnosis through to negligent treatment or serious mistakes in surgery if they allow their standards to fall below the expected level.

Both our team and the panel of medical negligence solicitors who we work with understand the impact that an act of negligence could cause and that whilst we could help to recover money for the harm caused, this will not undo the harm which you have experienced. However, making a successful medical negligence claim could help to improve your future quality of life.

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A Guide To Choosing A Specialist Medical Negligence Solicitor

When you have been harmed due to the action of another person or an organisation and are seeking to make any type of personal injury claim, you probably want to know that you have the right team behind you. If you are making a medical negligence claim, having someone who is experienced in conducting this type of claim (which could involve complicated terms and specialist knowledge) could be even more important. Therefore, it is important to take your time when deciding who should conduct your claim.

Below we look at some of the factors which our team recommends you take into account when deciding who will conduct your claim.

Should I Use A Solicitor Based In My Area?

Thinking about where a solicitor is based or looking up local law firms and claims management companies may be one of your first steps. But, is this the way to go? Whilst there may be several solicitors or legal firms in your town or local area, their proximity to you does not necessarily mean that they are best placed to carry out your claim. Working with “medical negligence solicitors in my area” may seem appealing or convenient when you are thinking about who to go with, but a law firm who is based in your area may not have the expertise to succeed in a case such as your own.

Today claims can be conducted from anywhere in the country and in the bulk of cases you will not need to meet in person with your solicitor. From your point of view, it can be as convenient to work with a personal injury solicitor based on the other side of the country as it is to use medical negligence solicitors in Chesterfield. What could have a far greater impact on the eventual outcome of your claim is a solicitors ability to navigate the often complex process of making medical claims. As such, look first at their experience and only later at location.

Injuries May Be Assessed By Our Panel Medical Experts In Your Area

Part of many types of clinical negligence claims is getting your injuries assessed by an independent medical expert. Doing so allows your medical negligence solicitor to have the most accurate and up to date assessment of the harm caused to you, and any long-term effects. It also means you are able to make sure you’re getting the correct treatment.

We work with a panel of doctors across the UK. Those closest and whom may carry out an assessment includes,

David Adamah
Gladstone House,
14 Gladstone Road,
S40 4TE

Sumeet Vohra
Chesterfield Chiropractic Clinic,
14 Gladstone Road,
S40 4TE

Mallika Sahebagouda Biradar
Saltergate Physiotherapy Centre,
98 Saltergate,
S40 1LG

Your medical assessment may be carried out by another member of our panel of doctors and may be conducted at a different location. Please contact us for further information.

Could Reviews Help Me Choose A Solicitor?

Researching and reading medical negligence solicitors reviews could be a good way to learn more about a particular solicitors (or law firms) background. It may help you to learn more about their experience in conducting personal injury claims in general, as well as any background and experience they have in conducting medical negligence claims. This process of comparing and contrasting may also help to highlight the benefits (in terms of experience and ability) of claiming compensation via a personal injury solicitor who specialises in conducting this type of claim.

Examples Of Clinical Negligence Claims You Could Make

In this guide, we do look in a little more detail at some of the most commonly made or searched for types of clinical negligence claims. However, this is not an exhaustive list. For reference, we have also included a further list here of other forms of personal injury claims which you may be able to make through our panel of medical negligence lawyers and solicitors.

Examples of types of clinical negligence claims

  • Deaths caused by fatal medical negligence.
  • Eye injury claims.
  • Hearing loss/ damage/ deafness.
  • Wrong site surgery.
  • Wrong limb Amputations.
  • Nerve damage.
  • Abuse in a nursing or care home.

Medical Malpractice By A GP / Doctor

The doctors, nurses, healthcare practitioners (and other support staff) at your local GP surgery act as gatekeepers to the health service in your local area. They could be the first point of contact you have with either the NHS or (even a) private medical service/ provider. This means that patients need to be able to place a great deal of trust in this part of the healthcare service. Errors or medical malpractice by a doctor in general practice could result in very serious consequences for a patient. There could be serious delays in getting a correct diagnosis or starting the correct treatment. In the case of a disease such as cancer, this delay could have extremely serious or even fatal consequences for a patient.

You can learn more about claiming compensation for errors made by a GP in this guide.

Injuries Caused By A Surgeons Gross Negligence

Negligent care, mistakes or malpractice could occur at any point in your surgical care journey, from initial assessment by a surgeon through to the operation itself to surgical aftercare if for whatever reason you receive substandard care. It could involve errors caused by nursing staff in your pre or post-operative care or be a surgeons’ gross negligence during the operation itself, such as their conducting the wrong procedure or wrong site surgery. Whilst such instances are termed ‘never events’ by the NHS, this sadly does not mean that they couldn’t happen.

To learn more about surgical medical negligence claims, please read our comprehensive guide.

Pregnancy Medical Negligence Claims

When planning for the delivery and arrival of a new baby the last thing that prospective parents want to think about is something going seriously wrong in the medical care of either mother or baby and them being injured. If either the baby or expectant mum is denied treatment due to negligence and they are injured or harmed in some way they may think about making pregnancy medical negligence claims. Whether the medical error happened whilst the mother was pregnant, during the birth of the child, or in the immediate follow-up care, negligence could have very serious and lasting consequences. In some instances errors during delivery could lead to conditions such as cerebral palsy.

Our panel of medical negligence lawyers can offer most claimants a no win no fee agreement. Whilst they understand that making a claim can not undo the injury suffered, it could help to ensure claimants have the best possible quality of life.

Injury Or Illness Caused By A Hospital

If you have been harmed due to the way in which you were cared for at a hospital in Chesterfield (or elsewhere in the UK) our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors could help you to seek damages from the party responsible.

Hospitals conduct a variety of different general and specialist medical procedures on a daily basis and with numerous staff and patients, and with the constant and growing pressures on medical staff they may not be able to conduct their business as they usually would.

Examples of clinical negligence claims against hospitals may include the following;

  • Delays in an injury or illness being correctly diagnosed and the current condition worsening due to no treatment.
  • Delays to diagnosis or treatment caused by a lack of proper processes in place at the hospital and the patients’ health deteriorates.
  • Injuries or illnesses being misdiagnosed and subsequently mistreated which in some cases would mean that the illness or injury could get worse.
  • Failures to treat an injury or illness at all, leaving a condition undiagnosed could mean that the illness or injury gets worse due to no treatment.
  • Not interpreting test/ scan results correctly and allowing a condition to go undiagnosed or the wrong treatment or medication prescribed which could have adverse health affects.

In such instances, a practitioner may be said to be negligent if a peer of the same ability would have not caused the same harm.

Care/ Nursing Home Neglect

Clinical negligence or neglect in a care home could have a devastating effect on a resident (and their family). As such, if you or a loved one has been harmed under the care of a nursing home you may be searching for a nursing home negligence lawyer to assist you with claiming compensation.

Negligent care in nursing homes could take different forms. Residents could be allowed to develop bed sores due to not being moved, or they could be injured if they are not moved and supported in the right way. Harm could also be caused if they are not fed properly or if they do not receive the right medications at the right times. If the case is so bad that the resident passes away due to such neglect you may want to make a claim for damages on their behalf.

Learn more about how a nursing home neglect lawyer could help you in this guide.

Neglect And Delays In Cancer Diagnosis

Receiving a diagnosis of cancer could be a devastating experience. For some people, this experience may be made even worse in cases where they were given the wrong initial diagnosis or where they have experienced serious delays in getting a diagnosis. If treatment for cancer is not up to standard, where tests are misinterpreted or where the disease is misdiagnosed, serious harm may be caused. For some whilst they may be able to claim compensatory damages, the diagnosis or treatment may have come too late.

Two of examples of medical negligence relating to cancer care are negligent delays in cancer care and misdiagnosis. Whether you experienced clinical negligence in the NHS or from a private provider, we could help you.

Dental Practitioner Negligence

If you have been harmed due to the way in which dental care has been provided to you our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors may be able to help you. Dental negligence may be caused by a dentist themselves, by a dental nurse, or your claim may be for dental assistant negligence.

Some examples of dental medical negligence may include,

  • Cosmetic dentistry negligence.
  • Nerve damage/ injury when carrying out a dental procedure.
  • Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of oral cancer which allows the condition to get worse.
  • Negligence in restorative dentistry which causes harm.
  • Periodontal disease negligence.
  • Infections caused by negligent dentistry.

Our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Chesterfield area and could help you claim against a dentist or dental practice.

Data Highlighting Claims Against NHS Trusts Covering Chesterfield

In the table below we look at data (published by the NHS and available here) which shows the number and value of claims made against NHS trusts serving this area. You can see how many claims have been made, as well as how much the included trust(s) have paid out in terms of CNST damages. Figures do not include costs incurred during legal action.

NHS Trust Or Relevant Healthcare AuthorityNo. of claims recievedNo. of reported incidentsCNST Damages Paid
Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust4385,658,042

Data is updated annually and figures included referring to the financial year 2017/ 2018 are correct at the time of publication.

No Win No Fee Clinical Negligence Claims In Chesterfield

Two considerations which you may have when looking to claim compensation for negligent medical care is how much time you have in which to make your claim. This is often called the ‘limitation period’. And how you will fund making a claim. We have included a resource at the bottom of this guide to help you understand time limits in medical negligence claims.

To help fund your claim our panel of medical negligence solicitors are happy to offer claimants a no win no fee service. After we have assessed your case in a no-obligation phone call your claim could be handled on a no win no fee basis by one of our panel of solicitors if they feel you have a valid case.

No win no fee means that there will be nothing at all to pay your solicitor unless (and until) you have won a settlement. Your solicitors fee will be deducted from this, meaning that you never need to give how you will fund your claim a second thought.

Chesterfield And Derbyshire Hospitals

Our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Chesterfield area and are able to help you claim compensation for clinical negligence in the NHS and private hospitals in this area.

NHS Hospitals

  • Chesterfield Royal Hospital.
  • Barlborough NHS Treatment Centre.
  • Walton Hospital.

Private hospitals

  • Alexandria Private Hospital.
  • BMI Thornbury Hospital.

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Information And Resources

Below we have included several helpful resources where you can learn more about healthcare services in the Chesterfield area as well as making medical negligence claims.

Chesterfield Royal Hospital
This is the major NHS hospital serving the Chesterfield area. You can learn more about the services provided here.

Social Care In Derbyshire
Derbyshire County Council is responsible for the administration of adult social care in Chesterfield.

Medical Negligence Claims Time Limits
When making any type of personal injury claim you need to do so within the applicable limitation period. Find out how long you have to claim here.

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