Liverpool Medical Negligence Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims Guide

Medical negligence Liverpool

Medical negligence Liverpool

By Megan Uley. Last Updated 18th January 2023. You may have found this guide whilst searching for medical negligence solicitors in Liverpool. If so, it is likely that you have suffered due to the substandard healthcare that has been provided to you. You may also be searching to find out how to make a successful personal injury claim. In this guide, we look at how someone could be injured by care provided by the NHS or private sector medical services, how to find the right medical negligence solicitor for your claim and look at clinical negligence claims statistics for NHS Trusts in this area. We will also answer common questions such as “do I need to use medical negligence solicitors near me?

Whether being treated by a surgeon, a general practice doctor, dentist, or nurse, all medical professionals must work to a high professional standard. They have a duty of care to ensure that you receive the best possible care and if you find that during the course of your treatment that these standards were not met and you were harmed as a result of this, you could be eligible to claim compensation.

If your care did not meet the standards which you could reasonably expect and if you were harmed as a result of this, the medical professional could have failed to meet their duty of care. In such cases, our experts could help you navigate the clinical negligence claims process. Call on 0800 652 3087 to discuss your claim with our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors who are based in Liverpool.

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A Guide To Choosing A Clinical Or Medical Negligence Solicitor

At the start of the clinical negligence claims process, one of your first steps will be to find a personal injury solicitor who is able to handle your claim. Whenever you are taking legal action, choosing the person who will be handling your case is an important step. In some cases, the right medical negligence solicitor may be the difference between either making a successful claim or not. Whilst there is no specific rule which says you must instruct a legal representative who specialises such claims, we would always recommend doing so.

Having a legal team which specialise in this area of the law means that they (and you) can best leverage their experience and legal knowledge to improve your chances of winning your claim or getting a better settlement. Our panel of medical negligence solicitors are based in Liverpool and could help you make a claim.

Things to think about when choosing a solicitor

  • Look at the solicitors’ experience. Have they handled claims such as yours in the past?
  • Do they focus on this type of claim, or conduct various different ones?
  • Don’t worry about where they are based.
  • Read medical negligence solicitors reviews, but also trust your gut.

Liverpool Medical Negligence Solicitors – Do I Need To Stay Local?

If you are eligible to make a claim, we would always recommend prioritising the quality of a solicitor, rather than their location. A solicitor can help you with various matters such as collecting evidence or expertise with dealing with your type of injury, which could prove invaluable to your claim.

However, if you are seeking a local solicitor, our expert medical negligence solicitors are in Liverpool and could potentially help you if you’re eligible to claim.

If you are looking for a No Win No Fee solicitor for a Liverpool claim, it could be helpful to use one based locally to you. However, you should still consider the quality of their work – you can assess this using online reviews.

If you are curious about how we could help you in Liverpool, then please reach out to one of our advisers to discuss your injury, and see if you could hire a solicitor now, at no upfront cost.

Reading Medical Negligence Solicitor Reviews And Ratings Could Be Helpful

If you need a plumber to carry out some repairs at your home or are looking to buy a car, many of us will want to know about the service or product you are buying. Asking friends and family members or reading reviews could be helpful. Looking at medical negligence solicitors reviews are an effective way of determining which person or law firm could be right to handle your claim.

Your Injuries Could Be Assessed By Our Panel Of Expert Doctors In Liverpool

Whilst the location of your personal injury solicitor does not impact their ability to successfully conduct your claim, there may be parts of clinical negligence claims procedure, such as having your injuries assessed by a medical professional, which could best be carried out closer to you. At Medical Negligence Assist we have a nationwide panel of expert doctors who could assess your injuries in the Liverpool area.

Our closest medical experts and doctors may include;

Gill Dabek
Crosby Chiropractic Suite,
134 College Road
L23 3DP

Jahanzeb Noor Ali
88 Rodney Street
L1 2TQ

Stephen Grant Charlesworth-Jones
Consulting Rooms Liverpool,
88 Rodney Street,
L1 9AR

If you have been injured in the wider Liverpool area you may be seen by one of these or one of our other panel of expert doctors.

Clinical And Medical Negligence Claims Our Panel Of Solicitors Could Conduct

There are a variety of different ways in which the effects of clinical or medical negligence could manifest and in which harm could be caused. In the following sections, we look at some of the more common forms of medical negligence which our team could provide you with advice on claiming compensation for. However, we have not included every form of medical negligence, nor every way in which you could be harmed as a result of these types. For additional information, please view the other guides on this site, or contact our team.

Birth Injury Negligence Claims

Birth injury negligence could lead to serious consequences for either the mother, baby or both. Negligent treatment during pregnancy or childbirth (and the immediate time after) could result in a variety of different conditions that could affect the mother, child, or both. These effects could include,

  • Group B Strep.
  • Injuries to the mother or the child during delivery.
  • Misdiagnosis of a miscarriage.
  • Negligent fertility treatment.
  • Negligence leading to cerebral palsy.
  • Claims for birth defects.
  • Claims for a wrongful birth.

To make a medical negligence claim against the NHS for injuries during pregnancy or delivery or a baby, contact our team.

Medical Negligence By A Hospital

When being treated by either an NHS hospital or one in the private sector you have the right to both feel safe and happy with the care being provided to you and to trust that you will be properly looked after. If you were harmed due to the way in which care has been provided to you at a hospital, you could be eligible to seek compensation. Ways in which people could be harmed due to medical negligence of hospital staff could include,

  • Misdiagnosis, wrongful diagnosis of a condition or delays to your treatment.
  • Negligent A&E treatment.
  • Errors in blood transfusions.
  • Errors related to anaesthetic.
  • Problems caused by defective equipment.

You could make a medical negligence claim against the NHS or a private hospital for any of the circumstances listed above, or for many more.

Nursing Home Care Negligence

Nursing home or care home negligence is where someone who lives in such a facility is harmed through lack of care, action or inaction on the part of the care or nursing homes staff. Whilst this can manifest in many ways, these could be some of the most common,

  • Misdiagnosis of medical issues, or the failure to identify them.
  • Provision of the wrong medication.
  • Elder abuse on the part of nursing/ care home staff.
  • Care which has caused the resident to develop mental health problems, such as depression or anxiety.
  • Failing to meet nutritional needs, not feeding patients adequately.

To make a nursing home care negligence claim, speak to an expert today.

Cancer Treatment Negligence

Cancer is often called a time-bound disease. What this term means is that the disease needs to be treated within a certain time frame for a patient to be able to recover. If a condition is misdiagnosed or if there is a delay in getting an accurate diagnosis, or in the provision of treatment, the patient may not be able to make a recovery. Cancer treatment negligence could affect those with any of these forms of cancer;

  • Cervical Cancer.
  • Breast Cancer.
  • Prostate Cancer.
  • Bowel Cancer.
  • Ovarian Cancer.
  • Pancreatic Cancer.
  • Melanoma and Skin Cancer.
  • Oral Cancer.
  • Testicular Cancer.

Our panel of medical negligence solicitors who are based in Merseyside are able to assist in making a clinical negligence claim if your cancer treatment was delayed or if you were wrongly diagnosed.

Dental Medical Negligence Claims

For some people visiting the dentist may fill them with dread. Whilst most dental patients will receive a high level of care, there could be times where the negligent actions of a dentist or member of their staff causes harm. Examples of dental negligence could include,

  • Damage being caused to your teeth.
  • Damage to the nerves or to other tissues.
  • Damage to your gums.
  • Illness such as periodontal disease
  • Poor root canal or bad restorative procedures.
  • Errors during cosmetic dental surgery and procedures.
  • Damage caused during teeth whitening.

If you sustained any of these forms of dental medical negligence you can find more information in this dental negligence guide.

Medical Negligence Claim Against A GP

Your GP (and other medical professionals such as nursing assistants at a practice) will often be the first point of contact for many people accessing healthcare services in the UK. Due to the variety of different circumstances and illnesses that a GP could be faced with, there is a corresponding variety in the ways in which negligence could occur. Circumstances could include,

  • A GP not referring you to a specialist doctor when you need further medical intervention.
  • Failing to investigate all your symptoms.
  • Not attending a necessary home visit.
  • Not appropriately acting on test results.
  • Not keeping accurate records.
  • Failing to prescribe the necessary medication.

There are other ways in which you could be harmed due to the action or inaction of a GP. find out more about making a medical negligence claim against GP in this guide.

Surgical Negligence Compensation

Surgical procedures could be carried out due to medical necessity or for cosmetic procedures and your procedure could have been carried out by either the NHS or at a private facility. Negligence during surgery refers to situations where a (preventable) error or a negligent action has caused harm. Surgical negligence could include;

  •  Inadequate pre-operative care.
  • Failure to sterilize equipment.
  • Injury or harm to your organs.
  • Anaesthetic errors.
  • Nerve or tissue damage.
  • Foreign objects left inside patients.
  • Hospital-acquired infections.

These are just some of the different ways in which you could be harmed before, during or after a surgical procedure. To make a surgical negligence claim contact our team today to find out more.

Statistics Showing Medical Negligence At NHS Trusts In Liverpool

The NHS publishes statistics for reported incidents of medical negligence claims which have been received by individual trusts as well as information on how much each trust has had to pay in damages over that year. You can find the full breakdown of statistics and information at this NHS site. For reference, we have used the publicly available information to create this table showing the rate of medical negligence in NHS trusts which cover this area.

NHS Healthcare TrustClaims Recieved 2017/ 18Incidents 2017/ 18Damages Paid (£)
Liverpool Community Health Trust9*100,644
Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital NHS Foundation Trust10042,239
Liverpool Women's Hospital NHS Foundation Trust30*11,561,969
Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust6362,379,913
Alder Hey Children's NHS Foundation Trust1374,136,208
Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust19*78,599

Whether you were harmed under the care of one of the above NHS Trusts, or were harmed whilst under private medical care our panel of medical negligence solicitors who are based in Merseyside could help you to make a claim.

No Win No Fee Liverpool Solicitors

If you have suffered harm due to medical negligence, solicitors in Liverpool may be able to help you with your claim. They could help you gather evidence, and with their years of knowledge and expertise, they could help ensure that you receive the most compensation possible.

If you are looking for solicitors who work on a basis of No Win No Fee in Liverpool, our panel of solicitors may be able to help you with your claim. A No Win No Fee agreement is a way to fund the work of a solicitor, and one from our panel may offer you a specific type of No Win No Fee agreement known as a Conditional Fee Agreement. Some of the benefits of working on a No Win No Fee basis with a medical negligence solicitor in Liverpool include:

  • Not having to pay any upfront or ongoing fees.
  • If the claim fails, you are generally not expected to pay your solicitor for their services.
  • If your solicitor is successful with the claim, you will pay them a success fee. This is a legally capped percentage taken from your compensation.

Contact our team of advisors today if you have any questions about making a claim if you are based in Liverpool and how medical negligence solicitors could help you with your case. After speaking with our advisors, there is no obligation to start a claim.

NHS Hospitals And Clinics In Liverpool

NHS Trusts in this area cover both the city of Liverpool itself, as well as the wider metropolitan area and surrounding towns. There are both teaching hospitals as well as smaller clinical facilities in the area providing care for a large number of patients. NHS facilities in this area include,

  • Liverpool City Centre NHS Walk-in Clinic
  • Royal Liverpool And Broadgreen University Hospital
  • NHS Liverpool OCG
  • South Liverpool NHS Treatment Centre
  • Clock View Hospital Mental Health Clinic
  • Aintree University Hospital
  • Liverpool Women’s Hospital
  • North Mersey NHS Trust
  • The Walton Centre
  • Windsor House Day Hospital
  • Ashworth Hospital
  • Rathbone Hospital
  • Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital
  • Aintree University Hospital
  • Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

If you have been harmed and wish to make a medical negligence claim against the NHS, our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors could be able to help you successfully claim compensation.

Private Hospitals And Clinics In Liverpool

If you have suffered due to medical negligence at a private hospital or medical clinic in the city or wider metropolitan borough, you could be eligible to make a personal injury claim for the harm caused. Below we have listed some of the main private hospitals and clinics serving the wider metropolitan area.

  • Spire Liverpool Hospital
  • Sefton Suite
  • Pall Mall MEdical & Cosmetics Liverpool

If you have suffered harm at any of the medical facilities listed in this guide (or others) you could be eligible to seek compensation.

How To Contact Medical Negligence Assist

For more advice and information when searching for medical negligence solicitors in Liverpool we hope that you choose to contact Medical Negligence Assist. Our nationwide panel of medical negligence solicitors who are based in Merseyside could help you to make a successful compensation claim. Our team of legal advisors could help you in the following ways.

  • We could provide legal advice and assistance to people who have suffered harm due to negligent medical treatment.
  • Organising for one of our panel of medical experts to conduct an assessment of your injuries.
  • All the help and support you need in starting a compensation claim as well as helping you to navigate the clinical negligence claims procedure.

Whether you were harmed whilst under care provided by the NHS, or through a private practice, you could be eligible to claim compensation.

Guides And Resources

In addition to the information in this article, we have other guides across our site which may provide you with further insight on how much compensation you could claim and how long you have to make such a claim.

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