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Medical negligence Merseyside

Medical negligence Merseyside

Every healthcare professional, whether working for an NHS or private facility, are expected to never cause harm to a patient unnecessarily. When they do, this could be classed as negligence. And in cases where negligence can be proven, it could be possible for medical negligence solicitors in Merseyside to process a claim for medical negligence.

The task of proving negligence, and subsequently getting the healthcare provider to admit negligence, requires skill and expertise. Our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors who are based in Merseyside have a proven track record of securing compensation for medical negligence victims.

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Picking A Solicitor For A Clinical Negligence Claim In Merseyside

Are you about to start a search for a suitable legal team to handle your negligence claim for you? Are you daunted by the prospect of vetting a number of different solicitors? Well, we have some advice for you, that will simplify your search somewhat. For example, you could try the following:

  • Talk to your friends and members of your family to ask for suggestions of any personal injury solicitors who they may have used and had a good experience with.
  • Talk to your co-workers and ask for recommendations.
  • Find a reputable online review website that covers legal firms, and compare reviews.
  • Use social networking sites to ask your social connections for recommendations.

These are all good starting points for your search. But of course, it will still take some time to go through the process of finding a solicitor, even using these kinds of shortcuts. We have a much more streamlined alternative for you. We recommend that you speak  to one of our claim advisors on the number at the end of this guide. They will firstly discuss the circumstances surrounding your claim and confirm whether your injury was within the three year claims time limit. They will then explain how our claims service can match you to our panel of medical negligence solicitors who are based Merseyside region.

Why You Do Not Need To Use Medical Negligence Solicitors In Merseyside

There are many questions that you may need answered, before you are ready to choose  the legal team to process your claim for you. For example, are there any reasons why I should use medical negligence solicitors in my area or not? The simple answer to this is no, you don’t need to choose a solicitor that is close by as there is no legal requirement to do so. Rather than use location as a basis for making a decision, you could consider the suitability of the legal firm handling your claim, such as their dealing with claims similar to yours and how effective they will be in doing so. However, if you would rather work with a local firm, our panel of medical negligence solicitors are based in the Merseyside area, and can assist you in making a claim for personal injury.

Should You Trust Online Recommendations Or Reviews

Have you considered using an independent review website to help you choose a solicitor to process your claim? If you can find one that carries trusted, honest medical negligence solicitor reviews, it could provide you with a good starting point for tracking down the right legal team. If you do this, it could be a good idea to check what solicitors have experience in dealing with claims similar to yours. It might also be an idea to check how old the review is, as old may no longer be an accurate reflection of the solicitor being reviewed.

If You Need A Medical Exam, This Could Be Organised In The Merseyside Region

If you have been the victim of negligence, either in a private healthcare facility, or a local NHS healthcare facility such as Royal Liverpool Hospital, negligence alone is not a reason to claim per se. You must have suffered some form of harm due to negligence. This is why in order to make a claim for personal injury, you are required to undergo an assessment with an impartial doctor who will comment on the injuries you sustained as a result of the medical negligence that occured. We work with a panel of doctors who are located in the Merseyside area, this means that if you choose to utilise our panel of solicitors then we will ensure your examination is carried out in a location close to you. Some examples of our panel of doctors can be found in the table below;


Mark Griffiths73-75 Rodney StreetLiverpoolL1 9EX
Sohaib YasinLiverpool Consulting RoomsLiverpoolL1 9EX
73-75 Rodney Street
Altaf ChoudhryFir Tree Medical CentreLiverpoolL12 0JE
Fir Tree Drive South

Merseyside Medical Negligence Claims

There are many shapes that clinical negligence can take. However, in order for a claim to be made, the patient must prove that they have actually suffered some kind of harm as a result of a medical professional providing substandard care. Examples of such are;

  • Mistakes made during childbirth, that cause harm to the mother or baby.
  • Accidents due to negligence in a hospital that injure a member of the public.
  • A mistake is made during a surgical procedure, and this leads to the patient being injured.
  • Wrongful diagnosis causes a cancer patient’s medical condition to worsen.
  • A dentist causes harm to a patient while carrying out a dental procedure.
  • Negligent care in a nursing home results in a resident being harmed.
  • A GP makes a mistake that negatively affects a patient’s health.

These examples all show how a negligent act resulted in harm to a patient, and how this could leave the patient eligible to make a claim.

Surgery Gone Wrong Negligence

It could be cases of medical negligence in Merseyside arise due to a mistake made during a surgical procedure. Negligence during surgery increases the risk to the patients health and could result in avoidable harm being caused. Examples of this are;

  • Wrong sited surgery, resulting in the patient loosing a healthy limb or organs.
  • An anaesthetist administers the wrong amount of anaesthetic, and this causes severe or even fatal consequences for the patient.
  • After the operation, the patient contracts an infection, due to care being lax.

These all show how mistakes during or after surgery, can have a negative effect on the health of a patient, in a way that could leave them with a valid basis to make a claim for surgery gone wrong negligence.

Cheshire And Merseyside Hospital Negligence

Every hospital has to comply with a whole host of rules and regulations aimed at ensuring that patients are never harmed in a way that could have been avoided. When negligence occurs at a Hospitals in, such as Cheshire and Merseyside Hospital negligence, it can take many forms. For example:

  • A test goes wrong, and this means that the patient is unintentionally exposed to a harmful substance.
  • Treatment is administered in a lax manner, and this means that the underlying injury is not treated as effectively as it could have been.
  • Medication is prescribed negligently, and this causes the patient to become ill and suffer with avoidable side effects.

These examples show how negligent acts at a hospital, can harm a member of the public in a way that could be the basis for a Wirral University Hospital negligence claim, or any other hospital.

Negligence During Childbirth

A mother and her baby are always at risk of harm during childbirth, which after all, can be a traumatic process. In the UK we are blessed with highly trained medical staff who are trained to deal with a number of complex birthing scenarios, so the majority of births go ahead uneventfully. However, when medical professionals do not provide a level of care that they are reasonably expected to, the mother, baby or both can end up receiving unnecessary and entirely avoidable injuries. You will see below some examples of medical negligence during childbirth.

  • Injuries to the mother could include:
    • Death in extreme cases.
    • Avoidable internal injuries and preventable 4th- degree tears.
    • Bone fractures as a result of incorrectly using birthing tools.
  • Injuries to the baby could include:
    • Still birth
    • Medical conditions such as Crebral Palsy due to Hypoxia.
    • Incorrect use of birthing tools that have resulted in undue fractures or scarring.

When these kinds of injuries are caused by negligence during childbirth, and it can be proven, then it could be possible for a birth defect negligence claim to be made. Please speak with one of impartial expert advisors today.

Cancer Negligence

Cancer patients are arguably, at the most risk of harm due to simple mistakes and oversight. Cancer is an illness that depends on the patient receiving prompt treatment, otherwise, the chance of surviving the illness could be rapidly reduced. When cancer is misdiagnosed, or the diagnosis is late, then this could lead to the patient’s condition becoming far worse, and in an extreme case, even their death. In cases such as these, it could be possible for the cancer patient to make a claim for cancer negligence. It could be possible for a litigation friend to make a claim on behalf of the patient, if they have become incapacitated due to the delay in treatment. To find out more regarding cancer negligence claims please read here.

Neglect In Residential Care Homes

All residents or a care or nursing home, are protected by rules and regulations that require the home to provide a safe and healthy level of care for their residents. When, through negligence, these rules and regulations are not met, it could lead to a resident being harmed. Care homes are often staffed by carers who are underpaid and overworked, and this can lead inadvertently to negligence. Examples of such could be, failing to frequently turn a bed bound resident which then results in avoidable pressure sores, or abuse. If it can be proven that negligence has occurred and this had resulted in undue harm being caused to the patient, then it could be possible to make a claim for neglect in residential care homes.

Dental Negligence

When a dental nurse or a dentist themselves, fail in their duty of care towards a patient resulting in avoidable injuries, this could be construed as medical negligence, and it could lead to injuries such as:

  • Permanent scarring.
  • A fractured or chipped jawbone.
  • Mouth or gum infections.
  • Damage to healthy teeth.
  • Failure to spot the signs of oral cancer.

If you were to suffer this kind of harm (or other injuries) due to negligence during a dental procedure, our panel of medical negligence solicitors who are based in Merseyside might be able to process a claim for you.

GP Negligence

Acting as your first point of contact for the entire healthcare system, your GP fills a very important role. They make the initial diagnosis, and then decide upon the best course of action. Whether this is to treat the ailment themselves, or send the patient on to a specialist for further tests or treatment.

This is a tried and tested method of providing primary healthcare for the UK population, and generally, it is very effective. However, mistakes can be made, and this can lead to a patient suffering harm. Examples of such GP negligence can be found here.

Reported Cases Of Medical Negligence In Merseyside Hospitals

This table gives details of NHS negligence and medical negligence claims in the Merseyside area:

Healthcare ProviderClaims Received (2017/18) (*indicates less then 5)Number of Incidents (2017/18) Damages (£)
Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust*8116,137

(* means less then 5).

Data for this table was taken from the following online resource:

NHS claims data for 2017/18

Hospitals Serving The Merseyside Region

  • The Royal Liverpool University Hospital
  • Liverpool Womens Hospital
  • Broadgreen Hospital
  • Aintree University Hospital
  • Whiston Hospital

No Win No Fee Medical Negligence Claims In My Region

A No Win No Fee agreement can provide you with a personal injury lawyer to process your claim at a reduced financial risk. It means that your solicitor doesn’t charge when they start a claim, while its being processed, or if the claim is unsuccessful. Your solicitor will only charge when we have received a compensation payment for you, and will take out fee automatically from the money received.

Start Your Claim

Are you searching for a medical negligence lawyer to help you to make a clinical negligence claim? If so, please talk to one of our claim advisors on 0800 652 3087. They will explain how our claims service can arrange for the our panel of medical negligence solicitors, who are based in Mersyside can help you make a claim for personal injury.

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