Severe Medical Negligence- Hospital Fails To Diagnose A Cancer Patient Leading To Death

This case can only be described as a case of severe medical negligence.  The daughter of a woman whose cancer went undetected by medical practitioners is outraged. The daughter of the deceased believes that her mum was robbed at any chance of surviving cancer, because her diagnosis came too late as a result of severe medical negligence. The woman died in February of 2011, from Hodgkins Lymphoma, a condition that could have been discovered and treated, if medical practitioners had paid closer attention to the patient’s symptoms.


Are Medical Staff Members Responsible For This Grandmothers Death?

The grandmother, who tragically passed away, due to cancer, was diagnosed with the condition, weeks before she died. Her diagnosis came too late. In fact, she had previously spent seven months in an in-patient facility, and her condition was not found at that time.  The grandmother could have gotten proper care, if medical practitioners would have acted according to protocol.

The grandmother of nine grandchildren was initially admitted into a facility in July of 2010. At the time when she was admitted into the hospital, she was suffering from jaundice, night sweats, vomiting, and weight loss. However, at the time when the grandmother was admitted, there was no diagnosis made, despite the fact that there were a wide variety of tests performed.

In September, a routine X-ray revealed some disturbing news. The X-ray was a cause for concern. However, instead of the x-ray being properly followed up on, a CT scan, which was recommended after the x-ray came back showing adverse health signs was never performed, as it should have been. It was not until the grandmother had been referred to a different facility that a biopsy of her lymph nodes was performed, which revealed that she had cancer.

Were The Proper Tests Performed To Help Find A Quick Diagnosis?

By the point that the woman was diagnosed with cancer, her condition had worsened to the point that there was nothing that could be done to help her.  The patient was in poor health, and was unable to withstand chemotherapy treatments. Therefore, all that could be done for the patient was one thing. Doctors were forced to have to watch the cancer that was taking over the patient’s body engulf her.

The grandmother’s family members are outraged by what occurred. They believe that she was never given a chance to fight off her affliction. Had the proper tests been performed in the first place, the woman would have received an earlier diagnosis. An earlier diagnosis could have saved her life, and allowed her to be strong enough to undergo the necessary treatments that are put into place to help her get better.

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